Introducing you to Knife Import that provides cool pocket knives at wholesale rates. Pocket knives that are best for various purposes are available at cheap prices and in many different styles, all for diverse tasks. These knives are life-supporting and extremely reliable. Whether you are an adventure lover who is often out for a hunt or someone who has tough tasks and needs handy tools, these cool pocket knives will be the best thing among your accessories!

Let’s look at these best pocket knives that Knife Import has to offer, but first, let’s get to know why one should carry a pocket knife.

Why Carry a Pocket Knife?

You would be wondering, such a tool that is mostly used in the kitchen, how could it be useful other than that? Well, gone are the days when knives used to be only limited to as kitchen tools. As activities have changed, so have different tools; pocket knives are an iconic tool. Especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who likes to thrill in the woods, then the pocket knife should be a part of essentials, not accessories. Pocket knives are very efficiently functional and best for self-defense.

Best pocket knives are usually carried by craftsmen, military personnel, outdoorsmen, and even responsible citizens. Cool pocket knives can be used for a number of activities like opening cartons and adhesives, fishing, hunting, camping, self-defense in threatening situations, peeling raw fruits and vegetables, removing splinters or thorns, opening canned objects, cutting rope, etc. and so on.

Want to Know What are the Features of a Best Pocket Knife?

Knife import has an amazing variety of knives to offer which have exceptional features such as:

Manageable: easy to use and carry, very handy as well

Compacted: easily fits within the pocket.

Long-Lasting: reliable enough for long term use

Strenuous: provides the best operability whenever needed

Light-Weight: can be easily carried because of being as lightweight yet highly functional.

Ergonomic Design: best for heavy-duty tasks as well.

Now that you know how handy pocket knives can be, let us acquaint you with some of its types:

Karambit Pocket Knife:

Karambit knives have the same design as traditional ones; multiple edged karambit knives are hooked or curved just as tiger’s claws. These are used for tactical or utility environment usually. Such knives are used for cutting dense foliage or heavy material. It allows deeper penetration and cut in a single swipe. Due to its inherent safety features, karambit folding knives can be used in many environments, but exceptionally best for tactical usage; during self-defense, this knife's proper usage can easily disarm opponent easily deeper cut will cause maximum damage.

Military Pocket Knife:

When it’s a matter of life and death, you need durable defense tools with non-complex designs and easy operation. Military pocket knives by knife import are best for such situations. These knives are not huge but are designed to provide easy operation yet swift enough to protect you from harm.

Italian Stiletto Knife:

The Italian stiletto is a knife with a long slender blade and needle-like point. It is primarily used for stabbing purposes. Its narrow cross-section reduces friction upon entry. Italian stiletto knives can be used to cut or slash a needle-like point with a minimal cutting surface. Though many people use it for normal chores, stilettos can also be used to open locks and cages and quick assassins (both illegal in nature until life-threatening situations occur). Some people also use a stiletto knife for gardening purposes (Whatever suits the need).

Straight Razor:

Are you at a remote place where you need a shave but don’t have a razor? Well, you don’t need to worry if you have a straight razor that is multi-purpose. It will not only provide you a fine clean shave, but also you can use it for safety purposes. It is smart and composed, easily operated when needed. It’s not only a good choice for gentlemen who want an amazing shaving experience, but also adventure lovers who are often out in the woods exploring something thrilling. Even if you have to cut the throat of an animal (for consumption and survival purposes), a straight-edge razor is the best option!

Rainbow Pocket Knife:

With a sleek design and shiny surface rainbow, pocket knives have an exceptional look and very hot selling pocket knives. They don’t only look pretty but also perform pretty well at times of need. For cutting ropes and other hunting purposes, rainbow pocket knives are a good choice if you are looking for a multi-purpose weapon.

Why Choose Knife Import?

Well, after knowing the types of pocket knives offered by knifeimport, you would surely be pleased. After all, a wide collection of knives with different designs and styles are available here at a one-stop-shop. That is the best convenience one can have. But you know what else is amazing about buying these knives from Knife Import? You can get them at a wholesale price easily, and the quality won’t be compromised at all! Moreover, being retailers could be selling them at a higher price and making easy money out of our knives.  

Not only that, if you are keen about your and your family’s safety, then there are other weapons available as well. Like guns, swords, modern knives, and smart weapons stun guns that are easy to use. Once you buy Knife Import weapons, you won’t regret it as durability and top-notch quality is the utmost priority. So what are you waiting for? Place your order online and enjoy using your sleek weapon!

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