Knife, the essential tool used in the kitchen and other defensive purposes, has many shapes and sizes. There are many kinds of cool knives, though, designed specifically for various functions. One, you use in the kitchen, is manufactured for cutting, chopping, filleting, etc. Other than that, adventurers also use knives for survival purposes. Many people like to keep themselves equipped with small pocket knives all the time for self defense purposes. Once you start searching, you will surely find many different shapes, sizes, designs, and knives' functions.

However, a good knife should have certain characteristics. Some of the important ones are highlighted below:

  • Sturdy: To withstand the harsh and rough use, make sure the knife you buy is sturdy enough. That is made up of good quality steel to ensure durability as well.
  • The Blade Should Complement the Handle: We are not talking all about looks here. It’s about the quality of material that the handle is made up of. The handle should be firm enough to interlock the blade deeply.
  • Reliability: If the above facts are taken care of, the knife will surely be reliable for long-term use.

Enough with the talking; let’s see the different kinds of Cool Knives for Sale we have right here at Knife Import!

Pocket Knives

Pocket knives are highly popular and very functional too; not only are they small enough to adjust in your pocket, but they also perform a variety of tasks, including self defense, which is most important. To give you a better idea, we have jotted down one of the cool pocket knives with amazing features by Knife Import.

7 Inch EDC Manual Pocket Knife Gray Aluminum Handle

With the most stunning look and fine blade, this pocket knife is the best choice for you. It is overall 7 inches in length and made up of a stainless steel blade. The blade is measured to be 3 inches, razor sharp-enough to cut anything in a single strike. To keep the security under consideration as well, it has a back lock too. The pocket clip can be used to attach the knife to the shirt’s or jean’s pocket. This is not only pretty enough but also the best pocket knife at what it does!

Fixed Blade Knives

Fixed blade knives are non-folding knives. The best fixed blade knife is used for hundreds of applications, such as for survival purposes, hunting, fishing, throwing at the prey, and much more. One of these cool knives' key elements is that you don’t have to fold or unfold them; grab and use them whenever you want them. Though many companies offer the best tactical fixed blade knives, Knife Import has some exceptional ones. One of them is listed below:

MTech USA Fixed Blade Full Tang Hunting Knife

The stunning combination of black and red speaks of itself for sure. This knife is 9.25 inches overall. The knife's blade is made up of stainless steel, sturdy and sharp enough for any use. The handle of the knife is made up of nylon fiber. Pointed from the tip and the rest of the blade’s body is slightly curved to provide vast functionality. A nylon sheath also comes along with the best fixed blade knife to cover it.

Spring Assisted Knives

Generally, spring assisted opening knife is a folding knife that uses an internal mechanism to finish the blade opening once the user has partially opened it. Spring assisted knives are handy, especially in situations that call for immediate self defense. There are also many kinds of assisted opening knives in the market, in different styles and sizes. One can pick up according to what best suits the need. However, below is a spring-loaded knife that you should have a look at.

Full Blue Steel Cleaver Blade Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

This smart spring loaded knife is precisely designed with a fast opening and closing mechanism. The overall length of the knife is 7.75 inches. The length of the blade measures to be 3.25 inches. The blade is made up of steel, which is coated with blue tinite. The whole body (handle and blade) is similarly colored to make it camouflaging. This knife also comes with a pocket clip, which can also be used as a boot clip.

Hidden Blade Knives

Hidden blade knives are actually concealable hidden blades channeled into a mechanism, such as a lipstick or a necklace. Depending upon the user and the usage method, a spring loaded mechanism can extend and retract the blade from its position. Such real hidden blade knives are mostly used in fights and as certain movie stunts.

We hope you feel much enlightened about these cool knives for sale now. The amazing thing is that all these knives are available at wholesale rates. Yes, it is right. You can buy wholesale knives at very cheap prices from Knife Import. Not only the knives, here you can buy real swords, airsoft guns, self defense weapons, and various martial arts & ninja weapons and all these are available for sale at low wholesale price.

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