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Once you are out wandering the wilderness, you can assume, you are the only human living on the planet. While, everything else out there such as plants, insects, animals and even mother nature itself is out to get you. Under these circumstances, only one thing can help you keep you alive and it is—your survival gear. We did not do all the drum roll thing, but we deemed it unnecessary as you are reading this blog and its title clearly mentions which things you should pack for an outdoor survival gear kit.

Now, without wasting any of your precious time, we want to inform you that you can find all types of survival tools on Knife Import at cheapest wholesale price in the market. Basically, we help save your life and money, both at the same time. But, as we should not brag, so we won’t!

What Should You Pack for Your Outdoor Survival Gear?

As most probably you are going on hiking, you will be scaling hills and mountains. During this time, you can encounter any sort of unexpected situations. No! We are not exactly talking about coming across a Yeti on a snow covered mountain. But that’s how something unexpected can happen to you or anyone.

This is why the best survival kit should include the following tools or gear at any cost, while you can throw out the thought of packing something regular like band aids.

  • Fire starters (something storm proof, ferro rod and scraper.)
  • Portable water purification system
  • First aid items (e.g. triangular bandage, different sizes of guaze, antiseptic cream and pain killers etc.)
  • Signaling equipment (signal mirror, whistle etc.)
  • Fixed blade survival knife (remember two blades are better than one so, if possible, it’s best to have a fixed blade along with one of the spring assisted knives for menial tasks.)
  • Shelter Items (like an emergency blanket, light jacket and include other similar items)
  • Food procuring items (such as fishhooks and fishing line etc.)

Without the above mentioned items, you must never even think of stepping into the wild, otherwise you will be risking your life for no real reason!

Fixed Blade Knives Always Make into the Best Survival Gear

Through our research on tools most common in a survival gear kit, we found out that fixed blade survival or tactical knives included each and every one of them. You may be aware that many people have written articles on how survival neck knives saved their lives under drastic situations where, without the knives, they would have definitely met the end of their life span earlier than expected.

Exactly the reason why all survivalists and outdoorsmen should include at least one fixed blade and one folding pocket knife in their outdoor survival gear.

Keeping the Kit Light Helps More than You Might Think

When you or someone starts packing for their trip into the wild, especially for the first time, they make the mistake of putting too much in their wilderness survival kits. This can make it harder or even impossible for them to move quickly and swiftly, given the unknown terrain that can be extremely dangerous. So, always keep your survival gear kit as light as possible and equipped with only the most necessary survival tools that you may require outdoors.

Having Cool Survival Gear Doesn’t Mean It’s Best

You must not mistake cool gear with efficient tools that help save your life, or the lives of the people with you. Having a great and cool looking tactical survival gear that doesn’t have all the right and necessary equipment can prove to be completely useless under duress. So, always choose the best survival tools for your personal kit to keep you safe and alive in the wilderness.

Buy Wholesale Survival Gear to Save Money

We recommend that you should buy things on wholesale rates to save money on your survival gear box. Because it’s not that you are going to buy a single item but a number of them, such as the ones listed earlier in the blog. Thus, it’s best to buy the outdoor survival gear equipment at cheap wholesale prices to make your safety a tad bit lighter on your pocket.

Tips to Help You Where Your Outdoor Survival Gear Kits Cannot

Out in the wilderness, many a times, there are moments where even the best survival kit cannot help you. So let us give you some tips, and guide you, for such circumstances:

Getting Lost in the Woods

It’s very easy to lose your way when you are in the wild and trying to live in places where people usually don’t go! However, getting lost is not what endangers you, but it’s what comes after you go wandering around. You can end up having the following symptoms, and even your outdoor survival gear can become ineffective:

  • Choking
  • Upset stomach or Nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Feeling lonely and detached from the world
  • Pain in chest and heart palpitations
  • Shaking and trembling (caused from feeling extremely cold, nervous and scared)

Coming Across Nasty Weather

Another common occurrence when you are living under the open sky is that you can come across nasty weather situations at any time and without any warnings. You could be sitting sipping on some tea on a clear day when suddenly mother nature can become violent and turn your surroundings into the insides of a washing machine, where everything is flying around and you know about nothing but getting wet and blasted with the pouring rain. What can you do? Will your survival gear help you out here? The answer is both yes and no! Because normally the outfit you done is a part of your survival tools and if you don’t pay attention to what you are wearing then it could affect you pretty badly on your long trip. So, in this regard, it’s a must to keep a few things in mind that are as follows:

  • Sporting the right hat or cap (according to the hot or cold weather.)
  • Wearing goggles or sunglasses.
  • The right top and bottom attire, such as full sleeve polyester upper for varying temperature, extra jacket for when it gets colder than expected, no cotton jeans as it could induce hypothermia if you get wet while wearing it.
  • Bring a rain coat or an alternative gear to protect you from a heavy downpour. (Add this item to whatever expensive or cheap survival gear you have!)
  • Put on the right shoes or you can risk injuring your feet and remember to bring some extra pairs of socks, made out of wool or a similar material, so you can keep warm.

We are now going to assume that you have got some understanding about the various things you must include in your survival gear for trips into the wilderness. While, we hope that you will buy the best survival kit to increase your survival chances, which can be dropped down to zero with some of the outdated survivals tools still available in different stores. The ineffective tools that are being sold by human beings, one of the most dangerous mammals on the planet. Therefore, just be as careful as you are in the wild while buying your outdoor survival gear kit from stores near you. Best of luck!

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