Brass Knuckles

Are you wondering whether or not you should invest your hard-earned money into the best self defense weapon such as Brass Knuckles? If that is what you are trying to decide, then you need to read this whole article from start to finish. It is possible that you are already dealing with such kind of self defense weapons and trying to find out cool brass knuckles for sale at cheap prices. In each case, it will be a very informative piece of content.

So, let’s start discussing why you should invest in real brass knuckles and how you can get them at cheap prices and make loads of money through this investment.

Brass Knuckles for Sale - How to Make Money?

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Reasons Why to Buy Brass Knuckles for sale

Knuckle duster or knucks are the other popular names of brass knuckles. Originally made of metal, plastic, or carbon fiber, they are composed of rings to fit over the knuckles in order to deal with close combats. They have an awesome power of making you able to give a good solid punch to the attacker at a short distance. All you need to do is to put a knuckle duster into your fingers, close your fist, and then ready to action! Keep in mind that punching with knucks can cause serious injuries, such as tissue disruption and even bone fracture.

In the present time, knuckle duster is one of the most selling self defense weapons and it is because of that it has several other uses. Certainly, its leading purpose is to throw a powerful punch but you will be amazed to know that people are now using it as a fashion accessory or even as an auto ornament. So, it is in huge demand these days and if you purchase it for re-selling purposes, it will definitely a favorable investment for you.

Let’s have a look at numerous uses of knuckles, which make them a hot product for sale!

• Best Self Defense Weapon

As we have told you above that the prime purpose of brass knuckles is to use them for self defense. They might be deadly as they can inflict a serious injury on the mugger’s face. Furthermore, they are easy to carry. You can simply place them in your pocket or purse. So, this is what makes them the best self defense weapon.

• Used in Street Fighting

Traditionally associated with street fighting. It means that knucks are preferably used for getting an upper hand in a street fight. As you know that guns, knives, and other weapons are illegal to use in street fighting, so brass knuckles are the most useful and effective street weapons because they are legal to use in many states for survival purposes. By wearing a knuckle duster into your finger, you can simply give a couple of solid punches to the attacker to win a street fight.

• Fashion Accessory

It is a famous luxurious accessory as fashionable gangsters, celebrities, players, elite, and hustlers are using knuckles in many ways. For instance, they are featured in several fashion items including necklaces, rings, and bracelets, etc. They also come with studs that are used to make the buckles of belts. Moreover, you have also seen people who wear shirts and shoes with knuckle prints and ornaments.

• Auto Ornaments

These days, knuckle duster is being widely used as auto ornaments. Particularly, some bikers prefer to put it to their handles and wheels as well in order to make their bikes’ look more appealing. Likewise, the car owners also give preferences to use fancy knuckles as trendy ornaments for their cars. There are various ways through which you can use them as custom ornaments for cars. For example, you can mount them on steering wheels, use them as door handles or also replace the brake handle with a beautiful knuckle.

• Breaking Glass

There is no doubt brass knuckles are one of the effective survival weapons and you will be happy to know that they are not only used against muggers, you can also use them in emergency circumstances. For instance, if there is a fire in your building, you can punch the window glass with them to break it, and then you can run away to keep yourself safe from this harsh situation.

• Used as Props

Another interesting usage of knuckles is that they are used to make fantastic props for theater and entertainment departments. Such as, actors, musicians, comedians, magicians, and public speakers really like to use them in different ways in order to be creative.

• Used in Wrestling

If you are a wrestling fan, you have seen that John Cena and other wrestlers often use brass knuckles in hardcore fights at different wrestling channels. Hence, because they are brutally used in wrestling, all the wrestlers first signed a contract that only they are responsible for this act.

• Military Use

Basically, a brass knuckle knife is used in military departments. Such knives have knuckle rings as the handles. They offer a solid grip to knife users.

• Used in Film and Music Industry

Knucks have also been used in numerous Hollywood and Bollywood movies for action scenes. You can see their usage in one of the popular movies named Band of Brothers. Apart from this, knuckles are also popular to use in hardcore music.


We are sure, we have given the answers to all the questions you have in your mind about brass knuckles. Now, don’t wait more and start buying them in bulk on cheap wholesale rates from Knife Import. So, you can resell them at higher prices and make a huge amount in return. Don’t miss out on cheap brass knuckles for sale to attain maximum discounts!

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