If you have any kind of weapon or tool, you need to know how to use it properly. Usually, most tools would be easier to handle than others but they all are specifically handled. In the case of brass knuckles, a lot of the time people don’t know how to use them or how to keep them. It is a simple situation as brass knuckles are hand-held weapons that don’t take much management. There is, however, a decorum to how you can manage them well and keep them out of trouble. Even if they are common now, brass knuckles are still novelty weapons. They have been around for centuries, so they continue to be used nowadays as well. But there is and always has been a certain decorum to use them, especially when you are out. Can you carry brass knuckles in public places? If you are not using them for intimidation or threatening someone you can use them.

You have to check your state laws on what the policy is for using brass knuckles. There are some states that consider them to be weapons and do not allow their public use. In other states, brass knuckles are associated with gangs and violence, so they are banned from possession in public. If you have a brass knuckle and you take it out, make sure you are abiding by the law in your own state. On a federal level, the sale and purchase of brass knuckles are allowed but public possession may rack up charges.

History And Origin Of Real Brass Knuckles

If you look at the way brass knuckles have been embedded into our culture, you will see a trail. They have been around for so long it is hard to imagine a time when they were not invented. One of these times is the Roman empire when brass knuckles were used by gladiators and soldiers. Whether it was animals or other enemies across the border, these weapons were crucial for fighting. Other than swords and shields, these knuckle weapons provided protection in face-to-face combat. Next, we see a trail of knuckle weapons that originated from South Asia. Due to the shape of the knuckle weapon, it was known as the Lion Claw. It was considered to be a powerful and sturdy weapon that provided extra protection to soldiers during battle. It also obviously gave them more force to fight with and utilize both their hands for fighting. This kind of knuckle was in use for as long as people fought battles with hand-held weapons. After that they became treasured heirlooms, being passed around from one generation to the next.

After all those years, during World War I, the brass knuckle resurfaced as a reinvented weapon once again. This time, the Americans decided to attach it to a blade and make it into a brass knuckle knife. This version was also known as the trench knife and was used to fight in the trenches. These were self defense weapons in direct combat and made quite an impact.

Nowadays, the knuckle duster is still around, partly as a popular gang weapon and partly as a novelty. You will find multiple modern versions of this weapon that continue to impress people. Even though they might not be in use as much as they were before, some people still use them as weapons.

Modern Uses Of Brass Knuckles You Didn’t Know

If you are not a particular knucklehead, you may not actually know about brass knuckles too much. For someone who doesn’t use them, they are after all some classic weapons that aren’t in use anymore. The truth is very far from this, and the evolution of knuckles has been quite impressive. There are actually many different ways that people have modernized and reimagined their use.

  • Firstly, then you think about knuckles, they also appear as tools in the house. They can be used to crush ice, pound meat, and get into heavily packed boxes. If you are struggling with a jammed cabinet you can also use them.
  • In rescue and first aid, the force of the brass knuckles is actually quite useful. They are utilized by firefighters and medics to smash through windows of cars and burning buildings. They are also useful for breaking the glass to extract fire extinguishers and break down jammed doors to rescue trapped people.
  • Believe it or not, brass knuckles are very popular as accessories and fashion trinkets. Musicians and particularly rappers wear them for a tougher persona. You will see gold brass knuckles being sported by multiple rap celebrities. There are also multiple buckles or shoes, jackets, and belts that feature brass knuckles.
  • For home decor, knuckles make excellent eccentric pieces for your interior. They work well as paperweights because they are heavy and also shiny. You will find modern versions of these knuckles that have different colors and designs you might like.
  • More often than not, many weapon collectors go for things they can collect in little money. Weapons are expensive as collectibles unless they are brass knuckles. Given that you can get classic and modern cool brass knuckles for the show is attractive to collectors.

Getting Cheap Brass Knuckles In Good Quality

There are more than enough reasons for you to believe brass knuckles are worth investing in. If you see any of the reasons above, you can still get them in the market. The question is, where to find these cheap brass knuckles that are affordable, yet snazzy. You will find them at local buckle stores and different ornament stores. If you want proper variety you have to check out online stores that have reliable and quality weapons.

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