Hunting can be enjoyable, but not when you don’t have all the required tools out there in the wilderness. Naturally, we thought today is a good chance to talk about Elk Ridge Knives and how their collective sets can be of great help to all the hunters and outdoorsmen.

Enthusiasts may already be familiar with the Elk Ridge knife brand, which is well-known for its outstanding hunting knives made with top quality material. But in case you didn’t know, you definitely need at least one hunting knife set by Elk Ridge at your side while out on your hunting trip.

At KnifeImport.com, you will not find just one but a large amount of hunting knives for sale. We assure you that you will get the best hunting knife set as per your needs. So, take your time perusing through our vast wholesale knives collection until you come across the perfect one.

If you are more interested in finding out why and when someone should buy a knife set instead of a single blade, then you may skip to the end of this blog? Otherwise, you will first be reading about the 7 outstanding Elk Ridge knife sets you can buy for cheap online.

Top Elk Ridge Knife Sets

We think we have already spent enough time with the knife brand’s introduction that we should go ahead and start talking about some cool knives now. Don’t you agree?

1. Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Set with Natural Pakkawood Handle

assets/images/Blogs/1 Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Set

This is a special one! Its refined and sleek looks leave every other knife set pale in comparison. The smooth finish on the pakkawood handles, tinite coating on the bolsters, and 3cr13 stainless steel construction of both hunting knives are impeccable.

One can only fall in love with this amazing elk ridge knife set, as it contains a small drop point blade and another gut hook knife.

Overall Features:

  • 2 fixed blade hunting knives
  • 1 gut hook blade measuring 3.75” with 4.25” handle; total length 8.”
  • 1 small drop point blade knife
  • The leather sheath comes within the affordable wholesale price of $27.29

Best Uses:

  • Being top-quality blades, you can use them for hunting and filleting.

2. Elk Ridge 2 Hunting Knife Set - Fixed Blade and Folding Knife

2 Elk Ridge 2 Hunting Knife Set

It is definitely a great option for you to buy because you will have a fixed blade and even a folding pocket knife to take care of smaller tasks. All hunters prefer having at least two knives with them at all times. Perhaps, you should not sit out and take this great deal already. Why? Because we are offering both the fixed blade and pocket knife for $16.49 only!

Detailed Qualities:

  • Fixed blade and folding hunting knife set
  • Fixed blade with gut hook measuring a total of 8.5.”
  • Closed length of folding blade 4.25.”
  • Pakkawood handles
  • Combo nylon sheath included

Top Uses:

  • These Elk Ridge knives can help you with gutting, skinning, filleting, and chopping up the meat of your hunted game.

3. Elk Ridge 2 Piece Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Set

3 Elk Ridge 2 Piece Set Fixed Blade Hunting Knife

Most people buy blades because they are a means to an end. However, this cool Elk Ridge knife set has blades made out of 3cr13 stainless steel and topped off with a beautiful satin finish. This means you get cool knives having both style and high effectiveness.

Often nice looking blades aren’t just as useful but, have no doubt, this is one of the best hunting knife sets on this list. You might want to purchase it by now, so let us tell you that we are selling this pair for just $16.99 at wholesale price. Aren’t these the cool cheap knives you have seen?

More Features:

  • 2 fixed blade knife set
  • Small knife blade measures 3.75” in length
  • Bigger gut hook blade measures up to 4.25.”
  • Blade thickness of 0.118.”
  • 3cr13 steel blades with a satin finish
  • Brown pakkawood handles (4.5” long for the small and 5” for the long blade)
  • Comes with a nylon sheath

Prominent uses:

  • Like any good hunting knife, you can utilize them for gutting and skinning.

4. Elk Ridge 3 Piece Hunting Knife Set with Rubber Handles

4 Elk Ridge 3 Piece Hunting Knife Set

You cannot refute the fact that many people avoid buying cheap blades because they believe: “if something is being sold at such a low price, then it must be made with low-quality material!”

Well, that’s not the case with the amazing 3 Elk Ridge hunting knives in this set. Their quality is ensured as its famous manufacturer never compromises in such matters.

Offered Features:

  • 3 piece set
  • A gut hook knife measuring 9.25.”
  • A fillet knife has an overall length of 10.”
  • A small fixed blade knife
  • All blades are made with 440 stainless steel.
  • Black rubber handles
  • Set offered with nylon sheath at the lowest wholesale price of $12.99 only!

Best for:

  • Having different blades to choose from
  • Elk Ridge gut hook knife for gutting animals and chopping their meat
  • Special fillet knife for filleting fish on your fishing trips
  • Extra small blade to slice your food or even pick your teeth (if you are one of those daredevil types)

5. Big Game Hunting Knife Set (8 pieces)

5 Elk Ridge 8 Piece Big Game Hunting Knife Set

If you get this one, we don’t think you will ever need to make another kit for your outdoor excursions. This set has everything you need and more! 8 different pieces to assist you in various tasks on your hunting trip. You can easily go after a big game when you have all types of knives to prepare and cook large animals such as deer, elk, and moose.

Now wait a minute, there’s more! What do you think it will cost you to get these great Elk Ridge knives set for sale online? You might not believe it, but you can purchase it for $34.99 only! It offers the following features:

  • 8 piece outdoor kit for a big game
  • 4.5” gut hook, 3.5” caper knife, 6” chopper, 6.25” saw
  • 3cr13 stainless steel construction
  • Camo coating
  • Double injection handle (black)
  • The remaining 4 pieces are a pair of gloves, cutting board, sharpener, and nylon carry case

Helpful for:

  • Cutting through bones of the big-sized animal using the provided saw
  • Chopping up big chunks of meat easily with the chopper
  • Gutting your prey with the gut hook blade
  • Caping a game’s hide to keep it as a trophy using the small caper knife
  • A sharpener always comes in handy as it allows you to keep your hunting knives in tip-top condition
  • The cutting board will provide a clean space for cutting up a small piece before you prepare your food
  • Gloves provide the perfect protection for your hands while you carry out all the above tasks

6. 2 Piece Hunting Knife Set with Jungle Camo Handle

6 Jungle Camo Handle Elk Ridge Hunting Knife

Our list definitely needs to have this cool and cheap knife set! It contains a 4mm thick fixed blade and a 3mm thick folding pocket knife, just perfect for making them the best hunting knives as a set. What makes this 2 piece set even more tempting to add to your knife collection is that it can be bought for as low as $13.99 from Knife Import.

All Features:

  • 4mm thick fixed blade measuring 8.5” in total length, where handle takes up 4.25.”
  • Blade thickness 3mm and closed length of a pocket knife is 5.”
  • Length of blades: fixed 4” and folding 3.75.”
  • Jungle camo handles with lanyard holes
  • Comes with a combo nylon sheath

Usage Advice:

It would help if you used the fixed blade to carry out hard tasks; while secure your folding hunting knife by occasionally taking it out for menial jobs.

7. 3 Piece Wholesale Hunting Knife Set

7 Wholesale Hunting Knife Set Elk ridge

In case you are looking for a compact hunting knife set with a few blades to cater to all your needs. Perhaps then all you require is this cheap wholesale set of Elk Ridge skinner knife, gut hook, and caper blades. It will help you with almost all your skinning, gutting, cutting, and chopping out in the wilderness.

What are you getting?

  • 3 piece fixed blade hunting knife set
  • 3cr13 stainless steel construction
  • Gut hook, caper, and skinner blades
  • Injection-molded rubber handles
  • Nylon roll case included in the unbelievable wholesale rate of $22.99 only!

Why Should You Buy Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Sets?

After reading a whole blog about high-quality knives manufactured by the Elk Ridge, we are sure you get our gist. Where else can you buy 4, or even 2, amazing knives at the price of one? Nowhere!

That’s why you should buy sets of Elk Ridge knives, as you will be getting high-quality blades for the least possible price.

In the end, let us remind you that all previously mentioned items in today’s blog are available at cheap wholesale rates at Knife Import. You can check out our never-ending list of wholesale knives for sale at any time!

While we ask you to keep frequenting the website to read more interesting blogs on various topics discussing cool knives and swords for sale, we post a new blog almost every day so that you can look forward to some awe-inspiring content.

However, that will be all for today. Take care-- we will see you next time!

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