Cool Weapons at Wholesale

Knife Import is one of the leading wholesale online stores. We have been providing cool weapons to our customers for a decade now. Our products are reliable and durable and won’t let you down, no matter what. Most of the products, that you will find at Knife Import, come with protective sheaths or covers so you don’t get harmed. The best thing is that all the weapons are available at cheap wholesale rates which opens up great money making opportunities for you. For example, if you buy cool knives, swords or any other weapons from in bulk, it will save move more money of you and you can get handsome profit by selling them out at normal retail price.

We are not limited to knives and swords; we deal in a wide range of products which we will be talking about. Cool weapons that will benefit you the most, are listed below:


Knives for Sale

Knives are one of the important daily life products. They are mostly used in the kitchen, forests and even used in your daily routine life for self defense. Knife Import stocks a variety of cool knives for sale on wholesale rates that you surely need to have. These cheap knives are remarkable when it comes to functionality. Different types of knives that we stock are capable of performing different functions. Most of them come with protective sheaths and multipurpose elements too.

Recommended Knives: karambit, pocket knives, fixed blade knives, spring assisted knives, brass knuckle knife

Self Defense Weapons

Brass knuckles self defense

Self defense has become an important factor in today’s world. To remain vigilant, equipped with the best self defense weapon is equally important. Knife Import offers a variety of self defense weapons for sale that you will like. All weapons on board are capable of saving you and your loved one’s.

Recommended Self Defense Weapons: brass knuckles, pepper spray, stun gun, self defense keychain

Martial Arts & Ninja Weapons

Martial arts Ninja Weapons

There are people out there who love practicing art and skills. Similar is the case with ninja martial arts. Although ninjas were found in ancient Chinese traditions, however, martial arts are still practiced worldwide. Knife Import will turn you into a complete ninja with the exceptional ninja weapons that we offer at cheap wholesale prices.

Recommended Martial Arts & Ninja Weapons: ninja star, ninja sword, nunchucks, sai, bo staff

Outdoor Gear


If you are a person who loves adventures or to explore the wild’s life, we got you covered. Our outdoor gear in stock will make your adventures easy and full of fun. Moreover, we are not limited to guns only, instead we also stock traditional weapons such as the tomahawk axe, crossbows and many more.

Recommended Outdoor Gear Products: blowgun, crossbows, tomahawk axe

Novelty Gifts

Novelty gifts

Gifts are something that bring people closer. Knife Import stocks a variety of novelty gifts that are not only good for bringing people closer, instead they are also useful. Some of them make up good decoration items, whereas some are good for reducing stress. Try out these amazing novelties from us.

Recommended Novelty Gifts: fidget spinner, letter opener, lock pick set, home decor, medieval knight armor


Swords for Self defense

Now, this is the part that everyone loves. It doesn’t matter whether you are a sword collector or someone concerned about his safety, the swords that you will find here at Knife Import are exceptional in make and functionality. We stock a variety of swords for sale that come from different cultures and are designed to cater everyone’s interest.

Recommended Swords: samurai sword, ninja sword, wooden sword, medieval swords and fantasy swords

Acquainted with some of our top selling items? Well, the sole purpose of getting you familiar with the weapons is to guide you on which are good for making money. The deal is simple. Simply buy any of our cool weapons in bulk and sell them ahead at a higher price. All weapons are not only good in quality, but they are also available at cheap wholesale prices. So, don’t wait and place your order today before we run out of stock.

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