Brass Knuckles for Self Defense

No doubt, the world of self defense products is gaining popularity and in an assortment of merchandise that is offered. Almost anything that can be found such as a baton, pepper spray, stun guns, and knives can be used as defensive weapons. However, Brass Knuckles are one of the best self defense weapons that you can own. Due to the knuckles, you can control the situation and easily defend yourself in danger.

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A Brief Introduction to Brass Knuckles

In General, brass knuckles are the defensive weapons and also known as knucks, knuckles, and a knuckle duster. Invented during the American Civil War 1860s, the knuckles are typically composed of metal which is the most lethal material.

In addition, there was a time when the renowned Mark-1 brass knuckle knife was made and almost everyone owned it. These types of knives were majorly used during World War l and ll. In these eras of trench wars, hand-to-hand self defense weapons were commonly used in order to fight against enemies. The knuckle knife was the ideal choice as a defensive weapon at that time because people didn’t have rifles and guns. Moreover, the knuckle handle helped to throw punches which also involved in the fist-fight with opponents.

Nevertheless, with the passage of time, the designs and features of knucks have been modified but the key purpose is still followed. Modern brass knuckles have a soft skin that is made to accommodate all hand sizes. You just need to insert your finger and close your fist to the opponent and you are ready to fight in trouble.

The Most Popular Uses of Real Brass Knuckles

Though brass knuckles have a rich history, many experts said that they got fame because of Roman and Greek fighters. The first use of knuckles was in the form of Roman hand gloves or guards (named Caestus). However, you will be amazed to know that these days, knuckle duster is not only used as a street self defense weapon but also used as a fashion accessory in many industries.

Fashion Accessories: Fashion gurus have come with brass knuckle jewelry such as necklace, and earrings, etc. T-shirts also have beautiful knuckles designs. Moreover, you can also find knuckle duster bags, mugs, and many more accessories if you search for them in markets.

Automobile Industry: Apart from using them as human fashion accessories, you can also see them in the vehicle industry. Young people use knuckle-designed parts in the replacement of original car/bike parts in order to give a trendy look to their vehicles.

Movie Industry: The movie industry also has a great role in the popularity of real brass knuckles. They have been used as cool weapons to fight in numerous movies. Wanted is one of the most popular movies in which the superstar Angelina Jolie had a fight by wearing a knuckle duster. Further, another movie named Constantine also had a scene in which John Constantine wore knucks to fight with his opponent.

Self Defense Weapons: Being a light-weight and durable weapon, brass knuckles are widely used as the best self defense weapon. They are quite easy to carry and use, as well as, are inexpensive.

What Makes Knuckle Duster the Best Self Defense Weapon?

It is true that brass knuckles are getting popularity as self defense weapons as they are helpful for everyone who wants to achieve their purpose in a self defense matter. Below are some important features that make a knuckle duster an effective self defense weapon.

Easy to Use

They are easy to use. All you need to do is to wear a knuckle duster and close your fist to give a punch to your close combat. However, it’s not always easy to throw a punch to your target. You should do some practice on your own or you may get some professional training if you are a serviceman in a defense department.

Easy to Hide

Due to their small size, you can easily hide them in your pocket or purse and bring back at the time of need.

Wide Variety Available

Nowadays, a wide range of real brass knuckles can be found online. They have different designs, shapes, styles, and colors as well. Therefore, you can easily get the one that suits your particular needs.

Is It Legal to Use Brass Knuckles?

We are sure, you will have this question in your mind. Well, different US states have different views on this question. In some states such as Texas, Vermont, Michigan, California, and Illinois, knuckles are banned for any purpose (possession, buying or selling).

Nonetheless, in most states, the possession, sale, and use of brass knuckles are legal. For instance, in southern California, you can’t own a knuckle duster if your intention is to commit a crime. For self defense purpose, you can have it. Further, in some states, they are treated as weapons. Thus, you have to get permission from a local law authority if you want to have them with you.

Real Brass Knuckles Safety Tips

  • Always follow your state laws regarding the brass knuckles. Even though if they are not banned in your state, you should use them with the utmost care.
  • If you are not in your hometown and want to use them, you should check the local and state laws followed to use of knucks.
  • We are sure you know that knuckles are deadly self defense weapons and can hurt others seriously, whether you do it with a purpose or accidentally. But, did you know that if you hurt someone or damage his property using a knuckle duster, you could be legally responsible in a civil lawsuit or you may pay some charges in a criminal court?
  • Avoid using them while taking some drugs or alcohol.
  • Also, take a look at your children; they never play with these harmful weapons.


Brass knuckles are one of the effective self defense weapons and people are mainly using them for their safety purposes. So, if you want to buy the one, you can simply search for it online. Hence, if you want to save a lot of money, then just check out Knife Import right now! You will definitely find your required knuckles on cheap wholesale rates.

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