Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles have various names that are used in its stead such as knuckle duster and knucks are the popular ones at times. These weapons are usually made up of varying metals, even though it’s named Brass Knuckles, and shaped to fit around your knuckles. Constructed to serve one purpose—enhancing your punching power.

If you look at the weapon’s design, you will notice that a knuckle duster is made to contain and concentrate a punch’s force into a smaller but harder contact area. One can imagine getting hit with it might cause tissue disruption and increase the chances of having bone fractures upon impact. Brass knuckles also support a rounded palm grip that allows the user to make his/her attacks without hurting their own fingers.

In the past, they were seen as a horrible thing to possess. However, a large number of people currently use them as self defense weapons. Does it make them legal for you to buy one then? Not exactly! Keep reading to know more about the legality of these weapons.

Brass Knuckles for Sale Online

You can easily find some brass knuckles for sale through the world wide web. Actually, has a huge collection of cheap brass knuckles that you can buy right now. All you need to do is go through our inventory to come across hundreds upon hundreds of these self defense weapons for sale. We offer them the lowest wholesale prices, so you will definitely end up getting one for yourself. Still, it’s best that you should know whether you can buy knucks legally in your state or not.

Are Brass Knuckles Illegal in the US?

As we have mentioned before, you might be living in a state that does not allow you to buy, sell, possess, or use the knuckle duster. The states that have made them illegal include Vermont, Michigan, Illinois, and California. It might come as a shock to you but Texas, the one state which is known for its lenient weapon laws, has made it illegal to possess, manufacture, and putting up brass knuckles for sale in any shape and form.

However, don’t lose heart as they are still legal in most states. As an example, you can consider South Carolina that only deems a knuckle duster illegal when used with the intention of committing a criminal offense.

Many states classify the knuckles as a concealed weapon. That allows you to carry them after getting a permit, while this law stands for all concealed weapons and not just the knucks. You might just need to be of a certain age to attain a relevant permit.

Different cool knucks are found in the form of accessories and jewelry items. You should know that brass knuckles legality by the state for such articles can vary. Actually, there are some companies that manufacture and sell belt buckles or novelty paperweights resembling the weapon’s external features, for entertainment purposes as well.

So, always do a little digging into all angles before buying knuckle dusters for sale in your area!

The legality of Brass Knuckles Around the World

This best self defense weapon faces legality issues all over the globe. That’s why we ask you to kindly bear with us while we mention the countries where knucks are illegal: United Kingdom, Canada, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Republic of Ireland, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bosnia, Croatia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Israel, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Let’s talk about Australia, where the import of real brass knuckles is illegal unless a government permit is secured beforehand. The permits only allow the law enforcement authorities and film products to import and use self defense weapons accordingly.

In Canada, they are completely prohibited in all forms and their use can be seen as a criminal offense. However, plastic knuckles are an exception to this law and deemed legal for use. Russia and Australia apparently have similar laws instituted in their own legislations. Brazil allows total freedom over the acquisition and selling of best brass knuckles, where they are called Soco Inglês that literally means English Punch.

France has ruled them illegal for the past 20 years or so. You can buy some in the country but only as a collectible item and even for that you have to be of legal age (18). Otherwise carrying or using real brass knuckles, for all purposes including self defense, is completely forbidden. The French have named the weapon “poing américain,” which translates to American fist.

If you are living in Italy or Mexico, and over 18 years of age, then you can openly purchase and sell these self defense weapons. Still, carrying them around is illegal. Serbia allows people over 16 years to buy or own a brass knuckle set, which is referred to as “boxer” in the native language.

Even though it’s legal to purchase and own this weapon, for people over 18, yet it's not allowed to carry or put up knuckle dusters for sale in Sweden. Carrying this self defense weapon is similar to carrying a knife in public and implies the same laws. While in Swedish, a special term for the weapon is used that literally means knuckle iron.

According to Taiwan's law, owning and putting up is illegal. They are considered to be weapons much like any other i.e. guns and knives. Thus, one will be breaking the law if he/she is involved in the manufacturing, selling, transporting, buying, and displaying of any types of knuckles without the permission of the Central Regulatory Agency (CRA).

History Around the Brass Knuckles Ring

Similar looking weapons have been used for many centuries. History tells us that in the 18th century, the Nihang Sikhs used a variation of knucks known as the Sher Panja. Another example originates during the time of the American Civil War, where soldiers would buy metal knuckles or carve out wooden ones themselves; in case they couldn’t purchase the actual ones.

Some variations came with rounded rings, spikes or sharp/cutting edges. That could mean horrible injuries and wounds to the person being attacked. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, its variants such as the Apache revolver (brass knuckle gun) and the trench knife (knuckle knife) were introduced.

By the time WWII started, the brass knuckle knife was quite popular among American and British soldiers. While the British commandos were known to carry special knives with skull shaped handles.

Can Knuckle Duster Punches Be Lethal?

People often wonder about the effectiveness and/or lethalness of this best self defense weapon. One thing can be said for certain that if you know how to punch with brass knuckles properly then it will really do some serious damage. You can render someone unconscious and fracture bones rather easily using this simple but effective weapon. So, it’s highly recommended that you use it for protecting yourself in extremely dire situations and with restraint.

Knowing the correct way to punch using a knuckle duster is most beneficial; as it will not only allow you to deliver a powerful blow but to protect your own fingers from all kinds of damage. So, practice punching with the first two knuckles of whichever hand you might use. Otherwise, you might just end up hurting or breaking your middle, ring, and/or pinky fingers.

Types of Brass Knuckles You Can Buy in 2019

Over the years, the self defense weapon has evolved and taken various new forms or shapes. People are often seen buying self defense knuckles for personal protection as they have become smaller and lighter, which makes them an ideal choice.

You will be amazed at the sheer number of brass knuckles for sale and its variations Knife Import is offering to its customers. So make sure that you look around for the types of knuckle duster weapons that interest you among the following:

1. Self Defense Keychain & Ring

These are quite popular items in this category as people love to buy cute cat brass knuckles and similar self defense keychain weapons. It’s possible because they have all the right reasons for brass knuckle keychain is small, easily conceivable, highly effective, and only costs a few bucks. You should get some as well!

2. Brass Knuckles Belt Buckle

It is another great variation that you can opt for your safety; as you can wear a belt to almost every event. In this manner, you can have the best self defense weapon on you at all times.

That will be all for today’s detailed blog on buying brass knuckles legally in the US and various other countries around the world. Hope it will help you to stay out of trouble with your local authorities. Just remember the laws for any state or country can change at any time. Therefore, we advise you to always keep an eye out for changes in the respective laws of your area before buying, keeping, or selling this weapon.

If you liked this piece, we think you will enjoy all our future blogs regarding various self defense and survival tools such as a baton, self defense keychain, and survival knife. For more awesome content, keep visiting Knife Import on a regular basis. We expect to see you soon, until next time, farewell!

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