Brass Knuckles for Sale

No matter if you are a school going child, an office is going person, or even just a traveler, the Brass Knuckles for Sale is the weapon to look out for. Similarly, it also does not matter if you are old or belong to a different gender; the weapon is meant for everyone regardless of who they are.

The Brass Knuckles are a weapon that is worn on the real hand. Once you wear them through the holes, you can deliver hard punches instead of your knuckles, and it will be the metal weapon that hits the opponent. They are comfortable to wear, easy to carry, and easy to use.

In different places, the weapon is known differently. They are called the knuckle duster, knuckle busters, and even are known as knucks. With a modern touch, today, you get the weapon in a couple of cool styles and designs, which is also good to show off.

The weapon can be used in many exciting ways, apart from fighting or reading. Reading this informative piece of article will get you acquainted with the cool weapon in detail. Without wasting more time, let us jump in.

Types of Real Brass Knuckles

With a touch of modern looks, the weapon has taken demands to a new height. The varieties being offered for the weapon are next to none in the market. The following are the cool brass knuckles you will find often.

  • Spiked Brass Knuckles

Spikes of any sort are dangerous, and having them on knuckles makes the weapon even more deadly. One right hit of the spiked brass knuckles can do the job for you. They can tear apart anything that comes their way, be it a human or a wild animal.

  • Cat Brass Knuckles

The cat brass knuckles are fancy knuckles that have two holes, unlike other knuckles that have four. They are incredibly light in weight, come with a cool cat design, and usually have a keychain along. All of these qualities make them an excellent weapon for females.

  • Designed and Engraved Knuckles

The designed collection of knuckles is pretty cool as you get different things designed on the weapon, or you get to buy the weapon in various different colors. Example of the designed weapon includes the bullet and the gun knuckle which have a bullet and gun on top respectively. The colored weapon variety is also pretty impressive for you to check out.

  • Branded Knucks

Branded knucks are worth checking out if you love brands. They consist of weapons from MTech, z –hunter, and many more. The advantage or benefit of using branded knucks is that they last for quite long due to their impressive quality.

What Does Brass Knuckles Mean?

A knuckle that is made up of brass and is worn over real knuckles is known as the brass knuckle. It is a self defense weapon that is used for delivering hardcore punches to the enemy. This is where the weapon takes its name from.

Do Brass Knuckles Hurt Your Hands?

One common question that is widely asked is as if the weapon hurts your hand. Well, the weapon does not harm you at all, as it is meant for your safety. The punching style could be one reason that might get you hurt; however, you always need to punch from a rounded hand, not a straight hand. This way, you won’t get hurt.

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Uses of the Best Brass Knuckles

The best brass knuckles are called best because they give you endless opportunities for using them. You can use them for self-defense because of their easy to carry and use design. You can travel with them or can keep yourself safe by keeping them on your bedside table.

At the office or any work station, the weapon can be used as a paperweight. You can place it on any paper or document so that they don’t fly off. Alongside putting it on paper, the weapon will also give a cool look when placed on your table.

Buying the weapons for collection purposes is another wide use of the knucks. Just like collecting any antique or weapon, the knuckles can add life to your entire collection because of the coolness they have in them. You can even have a loved one’s name engraved on them and can gift them the weapon.

Using the weapon for movies, cosplay events, and costume parties is another renowned use of the weapon. Being great in quality and cheap in price, the weapons are the right choice for being used as such. They give the exact look of a real weapon that can leave people thinking.

Brass Knuckles for Sale

Is Having Brass Knuckles Illegal?

Weapons of any kind are considered to be lethal and, thus, are dangerous. Although, in most of the cases, the weapon is not made up of foam and may not be dangerous, however, brass knuckles of all sorts fall into the illegal category.

How Long do You go to Jail for Brass Knuckles?

Having the weapon in possession can lead to different charges against you if caught, and using them for punching could lead to a separate charge. Along with the sentence, you may even be subject to heavy fines.

Benefits of Knuckles Over Other Self Defense Weapons

Self defense weapons of all kinds are thought of as great weapons because they vary in functionality. The only disadvantage of the knuckle weapon is that it is not a long-range weapon like the throwing weapons or the gun.

The weapon has many advantages; first of all, is the lightweight it has. The feather weighted weapon is the best to carry in regard to the weight it has. Additionally, the weapon is the size of your palm, which also makes it very easy to put it in your bags, pockets, or even to walk with it in hand.

The use of the weapon is as simple as making an egg, you need to wear it tightly on your knuckles, and you will be ready to go. The punching style will be mattering a lot. While punching, never delivers straight punches; instead, go for rounded punches. The reason is that straight punches might get your fingers injured, whereas rounded ones hit hard and are safer for your own hands.

The weapon is also the safest of all self-defense weapons as it may only cause minor external injuries, whereas other weapons could end up taking a life. With the weapon, you can escape or can get the authorities to catch the trouble maker. All of the mentioned features make the weapon a worth buying weapon.

Where Can I Buy High-Quality Brass Knuckles in the US?

The high-quality knuckles can be bought from various places in the US. You can check them out at official brand websites that offer the weapon, or you can find them at online weapon stores. You also have the option of buying them physically from a weapon store near you. When you purchase them online, you can even go for the home delivery option and can have the knucks delivered to your place.

Buy Brass Knuckles and Upgrade Your Safety

Are you looking to buy brass knuckles? Well, with all the knowledge from this informative piece regarding the types, benefits, and uses of the weapon, you can easily buy a top-quality weapon for yourself from Knife Import. But before you set out to buy, there is one more thing that you should know, and that is the pricing of the weapon.

The weapon is being sold at discounted rates. Yes, you heard that right, whether you buy the cheap brass knuckles for personal use or giveaways, or if you intend to buy the wholesale brass knuckles in large quantities, it will be you who will be making the most out of them either way. You can buy them at low prices when buying in large quantities and can then sell the weapon for higher prices at your end.

Throughout the US and even most of Europe, the weapon is available at every arms store where you can go in physically and can purchase the desired type. The stores also offer a delivery option that you can go for if you want the weapon to be delivered directly to you.

With the comprehensive knowledge given above, you will have the best brass knuckles for sale in hand.

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