Brass Knuckle Knife

A knuckle knife typically refers to a type of tactical knife that was formerly designed for use in the military and combat but has since adapted to other uses. It is created to make it an ideal close combat weapon for soldiers to strike on their enemies. It also comes in handy when setting up military tents, clearing paths, and cutting tree leaves and branches. These are some main reasons that prove its quick rise among civilians such as campers or hikers who acknowledged its importance in building up camping tents. Thus, a Brass Knuckle Knife has become the best tactical knife that people love to opt for. To know more about it, continue reading the article till the end!

Introducing the Brass Knuckle Knife

It is a distinctive one not only by its looks but also working too, and the key reason is that it has a knuckle-style handle. In this way, it is designed with comfort and ease, along with durability in mind. You may observe that the knuckle knife provides the owner with a secure grip as he needs to insert his fingers into the knuckle handle so that you can get a safe yet powerful control to use it effectively.

Charming History of Brass Knuckle Knife

When you look into the history of this popular weapon, you will know that it dates back to World War I when the US Army introduced Mark I trench knife, which possessed a full-tang design with a double-edged blade knuckle duster shaped handle. It was made to use as a close combat weapon for soldiers who needed to make attacks on enemy trench lines. At that time, these knives were also built in England, and the British soldiers purchased them privately. Then, by World War II, they got fame among both American and British soldiers. Not only were they used by American paratroopers, but the British commandos even had possession of the “Death’s Head” knife that featured a skull-shaped brass knuckle handle.

It is important to understand those knuckle knives were customarily created as weapons for use in close combat, something that was relatively common in the wars of times past before the arrival of missiles, bombs, and guns. The knife would be used to placate an enemy combatant. As wars started to let down the opponents and armies focused on using weapons that needed very little proximity to an enemy soldier, the need for a brass knuckle knife as a weapon on the battlefield was essential to fight.

Nevertheless, it did not mean that it was no longer required at all by soldiers. Relatively, many military units still provided their soldiers with these cool knives. Still, their purpose was now more to do with general use on the battleground rather than using them for actual fighting. They were being used in defensive close-quarters trench warfare, and for this, some variations were made in the existing designs.

Modern Designs of Brass Knuckle Knife and Its Uses

When it comes to civilian use, perhaps no other group of individuals has found greater use for the knuckle duster knife than camping enthusiasts. But it is also used by hunters, hikers, and other outdoorsmen. These best knives are often sharper than ordinary knives, and how one handles the knife is important to make sure the safety of both the person holding the knife and the people around him or her. Mostly, they come with a safety sheath and can also be clipped to the pocket or belt bucked under the pants.

Other than the different kinds of brands, knuckle knives come with different functions that can be used to classify them. For example, some come with a fixed blade, while others use a folding blade. Whether you choose a folding or fixed blade knife, it typically depends on what you intend to use it for. If you need camping and use it outdoors, it is more convenient to pick up a folding brass knuckle knife since it is easier and safer to carry around. Conversely, if your goal is hunting or other activities that will require a great deal of cutting, then a fixed blade will be the better option.

Another way of classifying these knives for sale is by use of the blade. Some of them have plain blades, while others feature a serrated blade. The straight blade is used for general purposes like cutting and slicing since it produces a clean cut. Simultaneously, serrated blades are good for cutting rough surfaces such as tree branches and where the cut does not have to be a clean one.

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Don’t Miss Out on Brass Knuckle Knife Safety Tips.

  1. Please don’t take your knife out from the sheath until you need it. If you do, you may end up slashing yourself.
  2. When using it, cut away from your body parts. As well, don’t cut while dragging the material at the same time. In this way, there are chances that it will come towards you and what will happen next, you can imagine it by yourself.
  3. Don’t bring your thumb too close to the blade. When gripping it, make sure that the thumb is far away from the blade.
  4. Keep the focus on the blade and look at where it goes when using the knife.
  5. Could you not throw it on a hard surface? It might be a bounce back to you and cause any damage.
  6. Keep it properly cleaned by washing and drying it after every usage.

Final Words

Thus, a brass knuckle knife is a must-have tool for all outdoor persons, as many models have been designed for tougher tasks. Having one is important for all your outdoor adventure needs. It will be a long term investment decision that you will use for many purposes during an adventure expedition.

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