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With a new day, we come with another interesting blog, and it’s all going to be about the past, present, and future of the Brass Knuckle Knife. As we will be discussing its history soon enough, for starters, let’s explain the knife's physical features that entails a long fixed blade with brass knuckles. The blade is usually durable and strong enough to withstand harsh combat and battles, and other rough uses.

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Invention Story of the Brass Knuckle Knife

As you may be aware that brass knuckles are deemed one of the best self defense weapons, there are still some of its variations that can leave you baffled and even scared at their extremely offensive features. One such variation brought into existence the brass knuckle knife for sale you can find in stores and markets nowadays.

During World War I (WWI), American soldiers had to fight close combats in deep or shallow trenches. Then came the trench knife, also known as the knuckle duster knife, which was used to deliver fatal wounds to the enemy with its narrow three-sided blade. While its guard protected the soldier’s hand from any advances of the enemy and also helped them punch their attacker before they could stab them. However, a real brass knuckle knife these days has a bowie style blade fixed to its knuckle duster handle.

Due to the brutal effects of the weapon and the high loss of life in its victims, the trench knife cannot be used any longer—even in conventional warfare ever since the end of WWI.

Best Brass Knuckle Knife for the Money

As you step into the market, you will come across many folding and fixed blade knives. But this doesn’t mean you will be getting the best product for your money. If you want to get a great yet cheap brass knuckle knife, then you can read about some of them later in the blog. As we are going to tell you about a few of the high-quality knuckle knives for sale available in online stores at low prices:

1. MTech USA Fixed Blade Army Brass Knuckle Knife

As soon as you look at this cool knife, you know it’s made for performing well with its durable blade that supports grooves like serrated blades on its spine. It’s simple and plain-looking, but very effective. To know more about this MTech knuckle knife, read all its feature, which are as follows:

  • 10.5” length when fully opened
  • 5mm thick and 5.6” long black stainless steel blade
  • Green Army tank wheel design on knuckle duster handle
  • Glass breaker at the pommel

2. Tac Force Speedster Model Spring Assisted Knuckle Knife

Yes! Thanks to modern technologies and the Tac Force brand, you can quickly get a tactical folding brass knuckle knife anywhere and at a low cost. So, surf around the internet to know how many other folding knuckle knives for sale are available in stores near you. Following are the features of this Tac Force speedster model:

  • 5” closed length
  • Black blade made out of stainless steel
  • Blade length measuring about 3.5.”
  • Aluminum knuckle handle
  • A black pocket knife clip is also provided with the blade

3. MTech Bowie Style Brass Knuckle Knife

You can judge right away that it is a bowie style tactical fixed blade knife with a knuckle handle made out of a metallic substance with its outer appearance. If you have got this blade, we don’t think you need to look for any other knives for sale in stores. Keep reading to know about its various qualities given below:

  • 15” total length
  • Has a long 10” black Finnish stainless steel blade
  • Black rubber handle with metal knuckle style guard
  • 4mm thickness
  • 1/3 serrated blade
  • Comes with black leather sheath

4. Dark Side Blades Spring Loaded Knife with Knuckle Handle

If you are a knife enthusiast, you must know how much dark side blades are revered for their cool and intense aesthetics. If you want, you can get this cool dark side blade whenever you feel like it! For it is available in stores near you and online with the following features:

  • Spring Loaded Pocket Knife
  • Closed length measure 5.25.”
  • Stainless Steel blade measuring 3.5” in length
  • Etched Skull on 3.5mm thick black blade
  • Digital desert camo design on the aluminum handle
  • Pocket clip included

Future of the Brass Knuckle Knives for Sale in Stores

People are always on the hunt for unusual looking cool pocket knives for sale in markets. Therefore, we think that such excellent and tactical knives for sale will remain available for a long time to come. However, we have to accept that a brass knuckle knife can be quite dangerous for the person being attacked. So make sure you are ready to handle an offensive weapon of this magnitude before buying a knuckle knife from a market in your vicinity or a store online.

As long as you have done your research correctly about your state laws regarding brass knuckles and its variations. You have a good chance of not getting bothered by the law enforcement agencies once you buy, keep and/or carry a brass knuckle knife for sale or personal uses.

To keep on reading more interesting blogs on the knuckle duster knife and buy them at cheap wholesale rates, make sure to visit Knife Import regularly. Thanks for reading till the end!

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