Bowie Knife

You cannot call anyone a real knife enthusiast unless they know about the bowie knives. Basically, any long blade with some handguard and a clip point is classified as a Bowie Knife. But what you might not know is that the blade’s shape and size were never the same as Jim Bowie, the man responsible for these big knives' popularity, changed them over time.

History of the Bowie Knife

Allegedly, Jim’s brother Rezin or a knife maker named James Black made the bowie knives. But the history behind the long blade is shrouded in mystery and confusion. So, everyone calls these knives for sale by the name Bowie because of James (or Jim) after the infamous Sandbar Fight that occurred back in September 1827.

After the fight, both Jim and his fighting knife gained fame worldwide as local newspapers were filled about the affair. The rumors about the bloody brawl and ‘Bowie Knife’ even reached as far as Great Britain. You can say the baled, and its wielder became a household name ever since.

Even to this day, the bowie knives for sale are searched for and bought every day. You should know that has been offering the awesome blade through its large inventory of wholesale knives, along with all other types of blades and swords for sale. So, you can always look around for the best blades made with high-quality materials at the cheapest price quite easily on our platform!

Bowie Knives Featured in Movies

Being the most iconic American knife, you can see the bowie style blades featured in many great Hollywood movies. Perhaps the best example back from the days is Rambo. But that’s not all, because many recent films have shown the latest types of bowie knives as well.

We think you will best remember The Hunger Games, for it was a great hit. You might have seen Peeta (one of the main characters) carrying a big bowie knife at the end of a long stick in the series's first film. If you haven’t noticed, then at least now you know where to look for a cool fixed blade knife.

Surely, many other movies have included a bowie machete knife to give the wielder an even higher impact on the viewers. Also, we don’t think this trend is going to end anytime soon. Because a survival fight scene requires an original bowie knife, in case, they can’t use something bigger and better than it.

Cool Bowie Knives for Sale Online

Talking about awesome blades always makes enthusiasts go a little wild. You might be feeling an urgency to get your hands on a few fixed blade knives yourself. Let’s help you with that by presenting three top bowie knives for sale in the market right now.

We reckon you will like them, so read all the options you got till the end. Here’s our list:

1. Survivor Military Bowie Survival Knife

Bowie Survival Military Fix Blade Knife

You know it’s a cool blade when it’s totally black, has a dual-edge, clip point, and a serrated blade to add to all its existing features, just like this Survivor bowie knife. There’s not a single thing about it that you will not be happy about. The best thing though you can buy this cool knife for just $4.99 from Knife Import at the lowest wholesale price!

Other features you should know about include: a rubber handle, high-quality stainless steel construction, nylon sheath (without any extra charge), an overall length of 12 inches.

2. Jumbo Survival Knife

Inch Big Jumbo Size Fixed Blade Survival Bowie Knife

Another fixed blade with an extremely cool design and longer overall length of 15 inches, making the blade about 9.5-inches in measurement. Simultaneously, the handle on this thing is made out of quality pakkawood and gives you an awesome amount of control over the jumbo bowie knife. Many people might mistake it for a machete; we will too if we didn’t know any better!

You can buy this particular bowie knife for sale at around $13.99 at the wholesale rate. Looking at the size of the blade, the price seems really affordable! Don’t you think? Remember to check out such large yet cheap bowie knives if you want to get the best quality blades at the cheapest cost.

3. Stylish Monster Bowie Knuckle Knife

Monster Bowie Knuckle Handle Fixed Blade Knife

You might have come across this article while looking for cool knives, so this one blade will really catch your attention because it looks like it has come out of a fantasy. Knuckle knives are already popular. It became even more impressive when coupled with a bowie style blade and awesome reverse serrations in this product.

Therefore, you must look take a look at this fantasy fixed blade knuckle knife that is being sold at the wholesale cost of $23.99 only. It has a number of features, such as a 5.75-inches long handle with finger grooves and curved spikes, a 9.25-inches bowie knife with a reversed serration blade, and a total length of 15 inches.


In our opinion, no fairer conclusion exists about the bowie knives other than this one: “The bigger they are—the better.” Now, you can agree with us or disagree as you like, but we know we will always prefer big bowie knives for sale over small ones.

Lastly, we hope you liked our latest blog. At the same time, you ask you to keep visiting our website regularly. As we make sure our readers get to read new interesting pieces about cool knives and swords daily.

Thanks for reading until the end. But for now—goodbye!

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