Bow Satff for Sale

A lot has changed since the beginning of time. Earlier, people did not have a lot of options when it comes to defending themselves. Access to firearms was almost impossible, and there were no weapons one could use to defend himself. In case someone was getting robbed, he had no choice but to give his precious belongings to the robber. However, that is not the case now. With so many weapons to defend yourself with, you can show robbers how they chose to rob the wrong person. One of the most effective weapons to defend yourself has to be a Bow Staff. People in martial arts have been using it for many years, and it remains the top choice for many people. But why? What makes it so effective? Let’s have a look:

Introduction of Bo Staff

Before we get into details, kindly keep in mind that bo staff is different from a guiding staff. Growing up, you must have seen this kind of staff weapons in movies and cartoons. Whenever Ninjas had to fight bad guys, they would pick up this staff to fight opponents. The origins of this staff are not known clearly. However, it is said to be originated from Okinawa, Japan. To protect their crops from being ruined by animals, farmers were the first to use this staff. 

While they could have opted for another weapon, they couldn’t. The government banned other weapons. So, the farmers decided to make something from oak wood, and thus, this staff was born.

Perhaps you might remember this staff from the hit cartoon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. All four turtles in the cartoon have different weapons. Donatello used a wooden staff to fight against enemies. There are a lot of benefits linked to the staff. First of all, learning how to use it would help you learn other single-pole based weapons too. If you have taught yourself how to use it, then mastering other such weapons would not be difficult. Secondly, a martial arts staff happens to be such a weapon that you can pretty much carry anywhere. 

Even in places where they don’t allow any weapons inside, you can always disguise it as a walking stick. Finally, learning how to use the weapon is fairly easy. Although it takes a long time to master it, just learning it enough to defend yourself is easy, and with a little bit of practice, anyone can do it.

How to Choose the Best Bo Staff:

There are a few factors you should consider before buying the best bo staff. The best thing about them is that you can find a staff of different kinds in the market. It gives you the option to select the staff that you find suitable for you.

The first thing you should identify is how long the cheap bo staff should be. And the proper length depends on how short or tall your height is. Generally, people use a trick to find out the best length of staff for them. Stand upright on the ground, and the Bo should be of the same height as you. However, if you want to take things up a notch, you can always select a shorter staffer than you.

Another crucial thing for you to consider is the weight of the staff. If you wish to train with a staff, you must buy a heavier staff. Originally, the staff made out of oak wood and hardwood were used. Traditional staff is also manufactured out of the two aforementioned materials. Whether you are training or not, it would help if you always used them when a supervisor is present. There is another staff too, which is relatively lighter and made out of materials like bamboo.

The final important factor you should consider is how you want to use the weapon. If you want staff for a competition amongst friends, then choose a lighter one. On the other hand, for practicing purposes, heavy staff would be the best. There is two-piece staff available in the market too, but we would not recommend buying that one as it can be uncomfortable to use.

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Where Can You Use A Bow Staff?

Different types of situations require you to have staff. The first place where you might need martial arts supplies is when you are training. Since you would be learning different forms, moves, and techniques with a staff, remember to buy one which does not weigh a lot. Also, make sure that it is easy to use. You will be easily able to train with such staff without putting much effort into it.

Once you are done with freestyle training, it might be time to move towards the next stage, traditional training. Before entering a competition, make sure to train traditionally first. Try to establish your upper body strength first. In such a situation, go for a wooden bo staff that is made out of oak wood. It should also be robust and heavy.

Now that you are trained in using ninja weapons, it might be time to enter a competition. Participate in low-level competitions first and then move towards the upper level. After you feel like you have conquered those competitions, there is no stopping you from participating in world championships. You can always use the weapon to train. But don’t train with a wooden one, especially if you are a beginner. It is bound to hurt someone. For such purposes, go for a foam bow. You can easily train with one without having to worry about hurting someone else with it.

Top Picks Staff Reviewed

  • Burned Carved Rattan Staff - 6 Foot:

This staff has a burned carved design, which is sure to make you popular amongst friends. The staff's height is 72 inches, which is great for people who are 6 feet tall. Shorter people can buy this staff too, although it would be uncomfortable for them to hold it.

  • Plain Rattan Staff with Skin - 6 Foot:

If you don’t want a fancy print on your bow staff, you can always go for this one, the simpler one. It is also 72 inches tall, which makes it perfect for tall people. One of the benefits of buying this staff is that it can be easily disguised as a walking stick.

  • 50" Tapered Red Oak Wood Jo Staff:

If you are looking for martial arts weapons to practice with, this staff might be best for you. It has a length of 50 inches only, which makes it ideal for people of different heights. It is made out of red oak wood, which is proof of how durable this staff will be.

Looking For a Bo Staff for Sale:

Now that you have read our comprehensive guide on different kinds of staff, we hope it would be easier for you to decide on finding a bo for sale. You have to work your way through some factors. That is the difficult part. Buying bow staff for sale is the easy part, especially considering how many staff is there in the market. Don’t be surprised when it comes to where to buy a bo staff. So, buy your staff today and never be afraid of getting robbed again.

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