You might have heard about many kinds of knives. Pocket knives, tactical folding knives, tanto blades, and so on. And they all sound familiar. Let us get you acquainted with something different, and that is the Spring Assisted Knives. You might be having many questions in mind like what are these and how can they be operated, where can you find them, etc. Well, hold on. Knife Import has got everything covered.

Spring assisted knives are the one that is closed, but when you press the stud button with your thumb, they open up quickly with the help of a spring attached within. These cool knives can be refracted back after usage with the slight press of the thumb. So actually, spring assisted pocket knives to use spring-driven mechanism. There are even two types of assisted opening knives, the one with a side opening and the other with a front opening.

Spring assisted pocket knives are quite handy for the user and even very safe. The bare knife might hurt when carelessly handled, but when the knife is packed safely and well-folded, chances of getting carelessly wounded reduces to 99%.

Knife Import has some fine quality assisted opening knives. You would surely love to have one of them. Have a look at the collection of spring assisted knives:

Elk Ridge Ballistic, 5 Inch Spring, Assisted Opening Knife

Looking at one of the best spring assisted knives. Its blade is small, around 3.5-inch in length but highly efficient. It has a razor-sharp blade and a needle-like tip to cut through. It’s handy enough to be carried anywhere you feel to have the assistance of a smart weapon. With a grey outdoor camo, the knife is coated with nylon fiber. And also, it includes a pocket clip to attach with.

Rainbow Steel Cleaver Blade Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

If you like to have cool knives with unique designs and colors, this is one example. It’s a cleaver blade knife. It has a different shape from the usual ones. For situations when you need a thrifty weapon with the best efficiency, pick this one! Its blade is longer as well, 3.25 inches, and the handle stretches to be 4.5 inches long. This spring loaded knife has blue titanium coated color. It also comes with a clip that can be used for boots or pocket.

MTech Bottle Opener Handle Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Usually, the knives offer a single function to cut like a knife (obviously). On the other hand, this is a multi-function knife. This assisted opening pocket knife has a small blade and a bottle opener. The knife's opening mechanism is also very efficient as it opens with lightning speed in the blink of an eye. The knife's total length is 5.25-inch, which might sound small enough, but it’s deadly! 2-inch steel blade with a 3-inch anodized aluminum handle.

Tac Force Tactical LED Light Assisted Opening Folding Knife

Want something more extra? So, here we are providing you a spring loaded knife which has a LED light within it. Now you don’t have to be afraid of using a knife in the dark, turn on the LED light, and there you go. It’s best for emergencies. But wait a minute, we aren’t done here. This assisted opening pocket knife also has a glass breaker and seat belt cutter designed within it.

You wouldn’t need to pack different self defense weapons within you anymore as this single knife is enough to cover all. It has a 3.5-inch stainless steel blade. And the total closed length is 4.25-inch. With a smart tactical handle, it is effortless and safe to use. It also consists of a pocket clip within it.

Knife Import always keeps its promise of providing the best quality wholesale knives at the lowest possible price. With such an amazing variety of spring assisted knives for sale, you don’t need to go anywhere else to buy a good spring loaded knife. We are the wholesale distributors of knives and swords so that you can get high-quality products and cheap prices. You can also get additional discounts if you buy pocket knives or any other weapons in bulk.

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