Best Self Defense Weapons

Life is all about survival. Ever since the first human beings walked this earth, they needed to protect themselves, sometimes from wild animals and other times from one another. The current times are even darker. However, you can protect yourself way better with modern-day Self Defense Weapons. Unlike the old days, when sticks and stones were all people had for defending themselves or their loved ones.

So, today we have thought why not write a blog about the best self defense weapons for sale you can find online and/or in stores near you. Yet, before anything else, please know that you can find all sorts of self defense tools at extremely low wholesale prices from Knife Import. Thus, in case you want the best self defense weapon for yourself, you must go through the platform every once in a while as our website keeps on adding new self defense products in its inventory on a regular basis!

Best Self Defense Weapons for Sale at Cheap Prices

We will be mostly discussing non-lethal weapons so that you can get one for yourself without any worries. Still, it will be in your best interest to know your state laws regarding a specific self defense weapon that you want to buy!

Following are some of the best self defense weapons for your safety that you will find in stores for low prices:

• Taser or Stun Gun

Stun Gun

You must have seen an online video of someone being shocked by a taser gun at one or another. But if you have not, then for your information, these stun guns or tasers are no joke! Mostly it's the police and other law enforcement officers that carry high voltage police taser. Still, there is no problem for an average civilian to carry a simple stun gun for him/herself.

The self-defense taser or stun gun doesn't shoot any actual bullets, but two electrodes that get attached to the person's clothes or body. While each electrode is connected with the taser or stun gun with the help of a wire. Once the trigger is pressed, a high voltage current passes from the gun's battery towards the electrodes and result in subduing the person who was shot by the taser gun.

Now, using the taser or stun gun can be both hard and comfortable at the same time as some of them can only be shot after having direct contact with your assailant, while other police tasers can be fired from a distance. You will be glad to know that you can find some cheap stun guns for sale starting around $10 and above on wholesale rates!

• Pepper Spray or Mace

Pepper Spray

We don't think there anyone in the US that doesn't know about the pepper spray, which is supposed to chemically burn anything that it comes into contact with on the human body. Usually, the pepper spray is sprayed into the face, specifically eyes, to give an extreme sense of pain to the attackers and, at the same time, making them unable to see—temporarily.

We want to share that a pepper spray gun can have up to 3.2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units). This means that its heat intensity is about 300 times more than a jalapeno pepper. So, better to be careful while using it. You don't want the pepper spray to be pointing anywhere close to you. Otherwise, you can be in some hot water yourself!

If you are considering to get this self defense weapon, then you should know that it's available in two forms. You can either buy pepper spray keychain, which will cost you anywhere between $3 to $9 and will be easy to carry around, or you can go for bigger pepper spray canisters that may cost over $10 at a wholesaling store.

• Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckle gold

You are regarded by many as the best self defense weapon on the planet, as you can always rely on the brass knuckles to help you out whenever you are in a pinch. But various US states have very strict laws against buying, carrying, and using knuckle duster, perhaps due to its brutal history. However, brass knuckles for sale are still available in states that don't deem them illegal, so if you live in one, then you must get one for enforcing your personal defenses.

It's's effective, can be easily concealed and very hard to snatch away from you. So, it will be best you learn and train to fight with brass knuckles once you have got your hands on them. It won't be long before; your punch will carry a devastating effect. So, please go easy on your attacker, if you can!

Just like our last self defense item, you will come across a cat brass knuckle keychain that is quite famous and will cost you only $2. However, if you want to carry one of the real brass knuckles for sale out there, then you can get them for about $4 and above in the wholesale market.

• Collapsible Baton

Collapsible Baton

You might have already seen a cop walking around with his police baton in real life, or at least in movies. But you should know that they carry it around for a good reason. The modern time variation of the billy club is helping everyone out. How?

The answer is quite simple; you can carry your expandable police baton with the utmost ease. It can be easily hidden within your clothing. So, if you want to keep it in your pants pocket, then that's feasible too. As telescopic batons open and close much like a telescope. Thus, they can be extended before use and then collapsed back on themselves, after you have neutralized your assailant.

You can find a collapsible baton with and without a keyring in the market while it will only take around $8 from your pocket to get yourself one of the best self defense weapons, around the world, at such a low price!

In a Nut Shell

We have discussed all the top items available for your safety out there! Now it's your turn to pick whichever self defense weapon you want for yourself and/or the people you care about. While, keep visiting Knife Import as much as possible to read more informative blogs on martial arts, ninja, and self defense weapons that are available for sale at cheap wholesale price!

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