Best Self Defense Weapons to Buy in 2020

Self defense weapons have become of great importance over the past few years. The weapons are the best when it comes to protecting you while outdoors and even while at home. With the weapons, you can ensure your safety and the safety of your loved ones.

Crime rates are increasing day by day, and it is important that individuals stay vigilant and well equipped so as to defend themselves in hard times. The weapons listed in this guide are some of the best weapons for self defense.

You get to find a variety of weapons that you get to choose from. Each weapon is unique of its kind and is meant for a special purpose. You also get to benefit from the weapons in a variety of ways. This guide will give you all the knowledge you need on the Self Defense Weapons and how to use them.

Self Defense Weapons for Sale and Their Usage

Protecting or defending yourself from trouble is a thing that has been going on for ages. Earlier, people protected themselves with fistfights or brawls. Later, they invented weapons that assisted them in their combats.

As time passed, modern weapons replaced the traditional weapons, and that is why you get to find a variety of self defense weapons for sale today. The variety being offered makes it easy for people to choose their favorite weapon. Listed below are some weapons that you should consider buying.

  • Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are weapons that are made up of solid metal and are worn on the hand. The weapon replaces your hand and is used for delivering hard punches to the enemy resulting in knocking them out instantly. The brass knuckles self defense have a couple of cool names as well; they are known as a knuckle duster, knuckle buster, and even knucks.

While punching, you should not punch with a straight strike as it might hurt your knuckles. Instead, you must deliver rounded punches with the real brass knuckles as they tend to be more effective. You get to find a variety of brass knuckles for sale.

Some weapons come in plain colors such as gold or silver knuckles. Whereas some weapons that you will come across come in a variety of cool designs. You get to find weapons with cool engravings, and you even get to find weapons that are customized in a cool way, such as the bullet knuckle that has a bullet on top or the AK 47 knuckle that features the gun on top.

  • Stun Gun

The stun gun is another amazing weapon that you should consider buying for your safety. It is a gun that does not fire real bullets or pellets; rather, it delivers high voltage current upon being triggered. The current it delivers does not cause serious harm; it just knocks out your enemy for a couple of minutes, giving you a chance to escape or getting them caught.

The stun gun for sale that you will come across in the weapon stores comes in a variety of different styles. You get to buy the keychain gun that can keep your rings safe, and when needed, it can be used as a gun to protect you. The lipstick gun and the cell phone gun are great products when you do not want to reveal to people that you have a weapon with you.

The flashlight gun is the best stun gun that one can buy. It is a dual-purpose weapon that has a bright LED light that can help you spot enemies from a distance. Once spotted, you can knock your enemies out with the electric gun they have.

Security officials usually carry the weapon for safety purposes. You can carry it as well as it does not look like a weapon. Apart from these weapons, there are a variety of cheap stun guns that you can choose from. If safety is your concern, you should not miss out on buying these weapons.

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  • Pepper Spray

The pepper spray is another safe and amazing weapon that you can buy for your safety. It is a spray that has ingredients of capsicum and pepper that make the eyes of the person sprayed on very itchy. The weapon does not cause serious harm as it only causes temporary blindness giving you the chance to escape or getting the trouble maker caught.

There is a variety of pepper spray that you will come across while looking for one for yourself. The weapon is small in size and is easy to carry. People of all ages and genders can use the weapon for their safety. You can also keep the weapon at home for the safety of your loved ones, The use of the spray is easy as you just need to spray it directly onto the eyes or face of your opponent at an arms distance.

The products that you will come across include a pouch that prevents accidental discharge. You also get a key ring attached to the weapon that makes it the best stun gun. Along with keeping yourself safe, you can keep your belongings safe at the same place. The weapon is recommended for office going people and for people who commute a lot at night. You can buy pepper spray from any weapon store, or you can even purchase it online.

  • Hidden Weapons

The hidden weapons are the best weapons to go for if you do not want to reveal to anyone that you are carrying one. The weapons can be hidden in items of daily use, and that is why they tend to be the best for self defense purposes. The use of the weapon is simple, you just need to remove the top in most cases, and you can help save the situation.

The weapons, just like any other weapon, comes in a variety of shapes and forms. No one can guess if you are carrying a weapon on you while you might be keeping yourself and people around you safe. You get to buy the hidden belt knife, which is a knife that is hidden in the buckle of your belt. While wearing the belt, no one may guess if you have a weapon, and when needed, you can quickly get into the action with the belt buckle knife.

Other products that fall under the category of hidden weapons include the pen knife, which can be used as a pen and when needed, can be used as a knife. The comb knife is another dual feature product that does the same.

The boot knife can be hidden in your boots, and you can pull it out just the way it is depicted in many movies. The neck knife is another cool weapon that you will find, which features a cool necklace design that can be worn, and when needed, it can be turned into a weapon.

  • Baton and Kubotan

The baton and the kubotan are weapons that are almost similar in purpose, but they have a slight difference. The baton for sale that you will come across is a weapon that is mainly used by the police for blocking large crowds of people and protestors.

The weapon has many types as you get to find collapsible and extendable batons that can be increased or decreased in length. The weapon is ideal for blocking people, and it can also help in preventing attacks. You can also use the weapon to hit people with it.

The kubotan stick, on the other hand, is a historical weapon that was used by the Asians. It is a stick that can do the same thing as the police weapon; however, there a few exceptional weapons that feature pointed needles on top of them. Alongside the uses mentioned above, you can use the weapon to punch people by pointing the sharp pointed edges towards them.

The weapon is also amazing as you get a keychain along in most of them. The kubotan keychain can keep your keys safe, along with keeping you safe. You can buy the weapon for collection purposes as they have a historical connection, and you can also buy the weapon if you are concerned about your safety.

  • Billy Club and Slappers

The billy club is a weapon that is identical to the weapon that the police carry on their belts. It is a long stick that is meant for blocking large crowds and for blocking attacks. The use of the weapon has been depicted in many cartoons and movies.

There is a variety of billy clubs that you can choose from. The variety of weapons available out there makes it easier for people to make a choice on buying one. You can buy the weapon for collection purposes, and you can even buy it for self defense.

The slappers, on the other hand, as the name suggests, are weapons that have a long handle and have a palm on top that is used for slapping. The weapon is ideal for self defense as you can carry it anywhere, and it does not cause severe harm or injury.

The slapper weapon can be carried with you out for a walk, or you can keep it at home for your safety. The weapon comes in a variety of styles and colors, giving you an opportunity of making an easy choice.

  • Self Defense Keychain and Handcuffs

The self defense keychain is another easy to carry a weapon that you will come across that has a dual purpose. The weapon can ring your keys with the keychain it comes with, and it can keep you safe as it has a two-fingered knuckle in it, which can be used for punching.

The cat self defense keychain is one of the best weapons that fall under this category of weapons. It is shaped like a cat, has two finger holes, and is extremely light in weight. The weapon is ideal for females due to its less weight and dual feature.

Handcuffs, on the other hand, are weapons that are carried by the police for tying up criminals. The weapon has gained a great deal of popularity as it leaves no chance for the trouble maker to escape. If you ever get hold of a trouble maker, it is recommended that you use the real handcuffs to prevent them from escaping. There is a variety of handcuffs for sale in the weapon stores that you can buy with ease.

Best Self Defense Weapons to Buy in 2020

Uses of the Self Defense Weapons for Sale

By now, you must be fully aware of the uses of the self defense weapons for sale. But the best part is yet to come. The weapons are not good for self defense only, but there are a couple of other ways you can use and benefit from the weapons.

Self defense is one of the primary uses of the weapon. As the weapons are small in size and light in weight, they tend to be the best to carry outdoors or to keep at home for safety purposes. The other great thing about the weapons is that they are not harmful at all. They are only meant for causing temporary injury to the one attached so that you get to escape, or you get a chance of getting the criminal caught.

The weapon is also ideal for collection purposes as you get to find weapons that come in cool styles and designs. Some of the weapons also have historical connections that make them ideal for collecting. There are people out there that love collecting weapons and antiques, and if you are one of them, you should add the weapons to your collection.

You can display them in your living room or offices and can amaze people. The weapons are also ideal for gifting purposes, and you can gift them to people who love collecting weapons. The weapons will make their day, and they will also have a weapon that keeps you in their thoughts.

The weapons are also ideal for cosplay events and movie shoots. If you are dressed like someone that requires a weapon, these are the weapons that you need to go for as they are easy on the pocket and give a real feel. You can also use the weapon as movie props. As compared to real weapons, they are economical and give the feel you need to add to your shot.

Benefits of the Weapons over Other Weapons

Now that you are also aware of the different ways the weapon can be used, let us discuss the benefits they have over other weapons. Most of the weapons listed above are small in size and light in weight; this makes them easy to carry, especially for females. On the other hand, guns and swords are weapons that are bigger and cannot be carried outdoors with ease.

The other benefit that lies with most of the weapons is that they are good for dual purposes. Most of them come with a keychain that you can ring your keys to. The dual-purpose feature makes the weapon even hotter selling as you get to accomplish two tasks at a time.

The best benefit of the weapons is that they are entirely safe. You will not end up killing anyone with weapons, as you may with the swords and the guns. These weapons are safe and are intended to give you a chance to escape or giving you the opportunity of getting the criminal caught and being rewarded.

Buy Cool Self Defense Weapons

Reading this guide may have brought you the point of buying the weapon. You are now well aware of the uses, types, and benefits of the cool self defense weapons. Pricing is one part where many people step back, but you will be surprised to learn that the weapons are available at very low prices.

You can buy the weapons for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk if you intend to make money out of them, either case it will be you who will be benefitting from the jaw-dropping prices. Making money with weapons is an easy job as you get to buy the weapons at low prices, and you can then sell them ahead for higher.

There also may be people out there that may be concerned about where to buy the weapon from. The weapon can be easily bought from weapon stores around you, or if you want, you can order them online and can have them delivered to your doorsteps. With the knowledge given in this guide, it is likely that you will have the best weapon in hand. Check out the collection of weapons available and buy yours today.

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