Best Nunchucks for Self Defense in 2020

Having yourself equipped with the Best Nunchucks for safety is a dream of every individual. The weapon is a historical weapon that was used by the ninjas for the protection of themselves, their loved ones, and their belongings. Ninjas were a group of warriors based out of a village in modern-day China. They acquired special skills with and without the weapons to protect their communities.

The weapons the ninjas used included the bo staff, ninja star, ninja sword, sai, and the real nunchucks. All weapons are incredible on their own as they are meant for a specific reason; however, the nunchaku stands out from all due to its incredible features. The weapon consists of two sticks that are joined together with the help of a thick chain. You can hit your enemies with the stick by holding one stick, or you can strangle them using the chain the weapon has.

Today, you get to find a variety of types of weapons. The range of options makes it easier for people to make a quick choice while deciding on buying one. Similarly, the weapon has many other uses apart from self defense that very few people know of. This guide will give you all the knowledge you need on the weapons, their types, and uses.

Types of Real Nunchucks for Sale

As mentioned above, you get to find a variety of real nunchucks for sale when looking for one in the markets. The weapons are excellent in quality and differ in terms of styles and usage. Let us learn about the weapons in detail.

  • Wooden Nunchucks

The wooden nunchucks are weapons that are made up of wood. The ninjas used them for practicing the use of real weapons. The reason behind using the wooden weapons was to make sure no one gets hurt while learning how to use them. You can do the same and can practice your skills with the wooden weapon. You can also use them for self-defense if you ever get into trouble.

  • Foam Nunchucks

Another easy to go weapon under this category are the foam nunchucks. They are weapons that are made up of foam and are meant for children. Many children out there love playing with weapons, but handing them over a real weapon will be costly and dangerous. This is where the foam made weapons come in as they are cheap and are not dangerous at all. You can have your kids playing with them without worrying about anyone getting harmed.

  • Metal Nunchucks

Metal nunchucks are the weapons that were used by the ninjas for serious business. They are weapons that are made up of solid metal and cause serious harm to the person hit by them. The weapons were one of the best martial arts weapons to be used during that period. Learning the art of using the weapon was hard, but once learned, you could get your target down in a matter of seconds.

  • Professional Nunchucks

The professional nunchucks, as the name suggests, are weapons that are used by professionals. They are weapons that are made up of the finest metal out there. The weapons are used by martial artists, and they resemble the ones that the ninjas used. It is always advised that you practice with the wooden weapon before you get your hands on the professional ones.

The weapons mentioned above give a general idea of the types of the weapon you will come across; however, the weapons also vary in terms of colors and designs as you get to find plain colored weapons and weapons that feature cool designs on top. The many types of weapons available make it easy to make a quick choice.

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Uses of the Ninja Nunchucks

The ninja nunchucks have many uses that are not limited to self defense. Most of the uses are uses that you even may not be familiar of. The fact of the matter is that the weapon can be used in a variety of ways.

Self defense is one of the primary uses of the weapon. It is the use the weapon was made for. You can defend yourself by blocking attacks by holding the weapon right in front of you, or you can hit the enemy with one stick by holding the other. You can also strangle or choke your enemies with the help of the thick chain the weapon has. The weapon can be carried anywhere in your bags, or you can keep it at home for your safety.

The other great use of the nunchucks for sale is that of collection. There are many people out there that love collecting weapons. If you are one of them, you should be adding the weapon to your collection as they are unique and have a historical connection. The weapon will add colors to your collection and will amaze people across them. You can also gift the weapon to people who love collecting weapons or who love history.

The weapon can also be used to show off your cool skills. You can watch movies and tutorials that depict the use of the weapon. You can then practice your skills with the wooden weapons and can then record yourself while doing the same with real weapons. After recording, you can upload your video to YouTube. Many martial arts movies and cartoons, such as ninja turtles, have depicted the use of the weapon.

The weapon is also ideal for kids as you get to buy foam weapons of similar kinds. Foam weapons are safe and do not cause any sorts of injury or harm. If your kids insist on buying weapons, it is recommended that you buy them these to play with as you will not have to worry when they play with them. The weapon also tends to be great for cosplay and movie shooting purposes.

If you are dressed like a ninja, you can give yourself a complete look by equipping yourself with the weapon. Similarly, if you are shooting a movie scene that requires ninja weapons, you can use this weapon and complete your shot. The weapons are economical and give a real feel, and that is why it is recommended that you buy these over real ones that may be dangerous and expensive.

The weapon can be used in a variety of ways, just as mentioned above. It is up to you to decide which one to go for based on your needs. The variety of options available makes it easier for you to decide which one to go for.

Best Nunchucks for Self Defense in 2020

Benefits of the Nunchucks Over Other Weapons

Now that you have good knowledge about the weapon, let us get you some understanding of what makes them the best from all other weapons. The ninja star is a weapon that can get lost when thrown or can even get damaged. The swords, bo staff, and the sai weapon cannot be carried outdoors. Whereas on the other hand, the nunchucks can easily be carried, and they do not even get damaged.

Guns and crossbows, on the other hand, are weapons that can prove to be dangerous as you may cause serious injury or may even kill the person you attack. The knives and daggers are weapons that require you to come close to your target to attack them.

The nunchuck is ideal and wins over all other weapons because you do not need to get close to your target, you can hit anyone from a distance, and when required, you can strangle them. Secondly, the weapons are safe, and you may not end up killing anyone; instead, you can use the weapon to make an escape. The weapon does not get damaged and can be carried anywhere with ease. These qualities make it the best weapon to go for.

Buy the Best Weapons at Discounted Rates

Now that you have all the information you need on this special ninja weapon, its uses, types, and advantages over other weapons, let us now get you familiar with the price they are being offered and where to buy them from.

You will be surprised, but the fact of the matter is that these incredible weapons of history are available at very low prices. You can buy the weapons for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk if you intend to make money out of them. Buying in bulk proves beneficial as you get to buy the weapons at even more low rates, and you can then sell them ahead for higher prices.

The weapons can be easily bought from weapon stores around you, or if you want, you can have them delivered to your home by ordering them online. With the knowledge provided above, it is a guarantee that you will have the best weapon in hand. Check the collection of the best nunchucks available out there and keep yourself safe by buying your favorite ones today.

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