In the current pace of life, we all look for ways of making quick money through as many sources as possible. Buying wholesale knives and selling them to retailers on profited price is also one of the smart ways.

Buying wholesale knives comes with many benefits such as reduced costs, increased profit, and has many cool knives for sale. If you buy these knives on the wholesale price you will not only save your money through buying on low cost in bulk and selling them with an increased price to sole retailers, but you will also save your time by avoiding the mess of replenishing your stocks that comes with when making small quantity purchases.

By purchasing from the main party directly you don’t have to worry about the problems that comes along while dealing with the second or third party - you can easily focus on your business and proper distribution along with increasing savings and profits! Sounds like a good deal.

However, let’s focus more on the best pocket knives offered by Knife Import. You would be glad to know that they have some of the finest pocket knives and fixed blade knives available that you can buy on wholesale price.

Fixed Blade Knives by Knife Import

Are you an adventure lover who likes to spend time in the outdoors? Well if you want an exceptional experience with one of our cool knives collection, then you must try fixed blade knives stand out from the rest! With superb grip and razor sharp blade it can cut almost anything, no matter how hard it is. While being out in the wild, your utmost concern is to be equipped with the right tools for survival, right? Just so you know, fixed blade knives have some amazing qualities that you would like to know:

1-Ideal Design for Tactical Tasks

It has the perfect design that is required for tactical tasks. If the dagger is not well designed, it cannot provide good performance and eventually it is not of any use. However, this fixed blade knife is ideal for survival and hunting. You don’t need to worry about starvation or security when you are equipped with such an exceptional tool.


The fixed blade knives are manufactured by high quality stainless steel that promises reliability and good performance as well. No matter how harsh the conditions might be, the strong dagger knife is the best companion you can have on you wild adventure!

3-Sharp Edge Design:

The fixed blade knives have sharp cutting edge and also a strong thick tip. So when you strike hard on any surface the knife will cut through without missing the shot. These cool knives also act as throwing knives.

Cool Pocket Knives at

Another safety tool that is highly significant to carry when you are out in the woods and by its potentials, it is the best pocket knife you can have. Pocket knives at have some qualities that will make you add them on the shopping list and keep them with you for self-defense as well as for other survival purposes. Let’s acquaint with its specifications:

1-Multipurpose Pocket Knives

They have many functions to offer. Like you can cut ropes, tags, cartons, defend yourself when you are being attacked, stabbing your prey that is life threatening etc. The folding quality of the knives make them easy to carry at the same time safe enough as well.

2-Easy Folding and Safe to Carry

The pocket knives are very easily carried as the sharp blade is covered and it’s only exposed when you want to use it. You can either keep it in your pocket, purse or leg/waist band, whatever suits you according to the nature of the event. They are even reliable for heavy duty purposes and you don’t have to worry about any threats when you are equipped with the best pocket knives.

3-Firm Grip

The pocket knives have a firm grip which is a must for any good knife. They won’t wobble after being opened for usage as they are manufactured by great quality material. Either you are out for an adventure or occupied with maintenance tasks at home, these knives are the best among your tools.

As mentioned above, has awesomely designed daggers, pocket knives and fixed blade knives that you purchase on wholesale price. Even other than that they have swords, hidden blades, spring assisted knives etc. that can be purchased at low wholesale price. Everything that has the quality to assists you either on your adventure or involvement in a risky life threatening situation.

Why Consider Knife Import for Wholesale Knives?

Knife Import offers its customers a pleasant and reliable experience as well as affordable prices that are not hard on the budget. If you are a business person, you have the perk of buying wholesale knives in bulk. As a result, it will benefit you monetarily.

Not only different types of knives, but Knife Import also has different types of guns, a variety of swords (ninja swords, medieval swords, wooden swords), pepper spray, brass knuckles, airsoft guns, stun guns, and other diversity of self defense weapons that equip you enough to protect yourself from any unwanted and dangerous situations. Where else would you find all kinds of self defense weapons at one spot with such low prices and bulk amount?


Knife Import offers a variety of weapons that are handy and easy to carry. After all, for every individual self-protection is very important. The risky situation always comes uncalled for, and to be prepared one should be armed with self defense weapons. That is why keeping safety the utmost priority Knife Import offers a wide range of weapons to choose from. The best news is that weapons can be bought in bulk by businessmen and easily distributed to retailers while keeping the profit margin. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the adventurous trip, hunting and chasing the wild bravely after purchasing the best knives among the variety that has no end!