Karambit knives

The inwardly-curved blade, more popularly known as the karambit knife, is an astonishing blade that allows you to use it efficiently, precisely and safely. Its most prominent feature is its curved or hook blade that is attached to an extremely ergonomic handle with at least one safety ring.

Karambit knives have said to be originated in 11th century Indonesia but only as farming or utility tool. Soon after, its use was spread over Southeast Asia especially in the Philippines and Malaysia. No matter where you come across karambit knives for sale, you will see that they have inwardly curved blades.

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Top Fixed Blade Karambit Knives

History tells us that the karambit was mainly used to carry out mundane day-to-day tasks. So, before it became a cool weapon, it was just everyday carry or edc knife. However, currently you can found a large variety of these knives in the market for various uses. Mostly, you see cool tactical karambit knives being used in action sequences in different movies.

Anyhow, we have chosen the following fixed blade karambit knives for our list. While to know about the folding ones, you just need to keep reading until the end.

• MTech Fixed Blade Karambit Neck Knife

Karambit neck knife

You might not have come across this coolest and cheapest curved knife, but this rare masterpiece can be found for only $5.29 at wholesale rate. The 7-inch long fixed blade karambit knife has a number of finger holes along with a big safety ring at its pommel, which gives the user great control over the neck knife.

It has a 3” razor sharp curved blade and made with high quality 440 stainless steel. While, you can easily hang it around your neck because it comes with a safe and durable sheath. So, what do you say—you want to get this one?

• MTech Fixed Blade Karambit Knife with Thumb Ring

Karambit with Thumb Ring

When you talk about a plain and classic blade, this is what you talk about. This MTech knife is the smoothest of all due to its simple looking 3.5-inch long inwardly curved blade and 5-inch polished pakkawood handle.

However, it has a strong 3cr13 stainless steel construction. While, the blade is tinite coated so that only adds to the beauty of this fixed blade karambit knife. In case, you are in the retailing business then this product can help you to gain big profits by buying it at the cheap wholesale prices of $18.99 only from Knife Import.

• MTech USA Xtreme Fixed Blade Karambit Knife

Fixed Blade Karambit Knife

Even though you might not see any other cool karambit knife in stores similar to this one. But it only costs you $17.99 at wholesale rate. So, if you are considering of getting a good curved knife that looks amazing, then you have to get it!

For the 4-inch long stainless steel blade is coated in Matte Green titanium, and its G-10 handle has a beautiful design colored in a mixture of black and brown. Also, you will be getting a quality 1680D nylon sheath in the promised price. The deal’s not bad, right?

Best Karambit Pocket Knives for Sale

Folding blades are always helpful when you need to carry them around in your pockets. Even though, it’s best to use fixed blade knives when it comes to this category. However, that’s not the only option and so we have prepared the following list of top folding karambit knives for your convenience:

• Tac Force Karambit Style Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

Karambit Style Blue Flaming Skull

No one can deny the fact that tactical knives are best manufactured by tac force, while this cool karambit pocket knife is no exception. The blue flaming skull design on the handle was enough to make it look awesome. But the manufacturer went one step ahead and gave the karambit a two toned blade.

Its carious cool features include 3mm thick blade made with stainless steel. While the satin and black two tone blade measures 3.25-inches in length. Lastly, the handle has a finely placed finger hole and has a pocket clip that allows you to carry the curved blade with ease.

What’s more is that you can get this awesome folding karambit knife for just $7.16 in the wholesale market!

• Dark Side Blades Karambit Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

Karambit Spring Assisted Folding Knife

When you get a product from the catalog of dark side blades, you know it’s all about style. These pocket knives not just give you a curved blade to carry but also a mesmerizing design, which you simply cannot get with any other manufacturer’s karambit.

The 5.25-inch handle has an awesome embossed printing of a tiger. While this cool knife has a 2.5-inches long blade constructed using 3cr13 stainless steel. Pocket clip is provided for carrying it comfortably without any chance of losing it.

Surprisingly, you can get this karambit folding knife for a price of $6.32 through wholesalers!

• Tac Force Karambit Style Folding Pocket Knife

Karambit Style Spring Assisted Knife

Famous among enthusiasts as the jaguar claw karambit, you can see that the blade is merely 2.75” long. While its anodized aluminum handle is about 5.75” in length, which makes most of its overall length of 8.5”. Still the curved blade with 3cr13 stainless steel construction is being bought at the affordable price of $9.48 on wholesale rate.

So, don’t you think that this karambit pocket knife is worth your money?

Well, we have come to the end of our blog, while discussing about various cool fixed blade and folding karambit pocket knives one can find in online stores. Now, hopefully, you can easily pick the right option for yourself and get the best karambit knife without any headache.

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