Benefits of Cheap Brass Knuckle Over other Weapons

Cheap brass knuckles are becoming the new cool, and many reasons make them the best. The weapon is also known as knucks, Knuckle Duster, and knuckle buster. It is a weapon that you wear around your knuckles, and it is used for delivering hard punches.

With crime rates increasing at a very fast speed, it is important that you stay vigilant and well equipped at all times to defend yourself. One such weapon that proves to be the best in this regard is the real brass knuckles. They are the best as they are easy to carry. You can easily fit them into your pockets.

When using the knuckles, it is advised not to hit them directly from the front as that might injure you. You must always deliver a rounded punch as it delivers an effective blow. The weapon has many other uses that are not limited to self defense only. You also get to find a variety of brass knuckles cheap that come in cool styles that you can make the best choice for yourself. This guide will get you familiar with the different types of the weapon and their less known uses.

Types of Brass Knuckles for Sale

When looking for the weapon, you will come across a variety of brass knuckles for sale. The knuckles differ from one another in terms of weight, styles, and finger holes. The designed weapons are weapons that come with cool designs on top of them. You will find the AK 47 knuckle, which has an AK 47 rifle designed on top of it. It is gold plated, which gives the weapon a cool look.

The five skull weapon is a cool weapon that has a skull engraved on it. It is a four-fingered knuckle that easily fits all sizes. It features a zinc make and is black. This weapon is ideal for people who love fantasy weapons because of the engraving it has on top.

The skull wing knuckles are another set of cool knuckles that are meant for people who love fantasy weapons. They have a skull wing design and are made up of aluminum. The weapon is available in silver and golden colors that shine brightly in the daylight.

The green dragon knuckles also belong to the family of fantasy, but they are a step ahead. The weapon is entirely designed as a dragon and has a green color which makes it look like a real dragon. The weapon is made up of aluminum and has four finger holes that easily fit all sizes.

The grenade knuckle is another designed knuckle that you will find. It is designed as a real grenade, which is good for giving people a scare. The weapon is aluminum made, has a black and silver color, and has four finger holes.

One of the best brass knuckles that one can buy is the cat knuckles. The weapon is shaped like a cat and has two finger holes. The small size of the weapon makes it a pocket-friendly weapon. The weapon is ideal for females as it is less in weight and has a stylish look. Some of the brass knuckles also come with key rings. Along with keeping yourself safe, you can keep your belongings safe with them. The knuckles also can be engraved as you like. You can have letters of your name engraved on them.

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Uses of the Knuckle Weapon

Just like the so many cool types of the weapon, you also get to use the weapon in a variety of ways. Let us learn the different ways the knuckles can be used.

Benefits of Cheap Brass Knuckle Over other Weapons

  • Self Defense

Self defense has become an important thing in today's world. Whether you are home, in-office, or in the street, you need to have the skills to protect yourself from danger. This can be quickly done by learning how to fight and defend or by learning how to use weapons. The knuckles turn out to be a great weapon in this regard as they easily fit in your pockets and can be carried anywhere. Whenever you get into trouble, wear them and knock out your enemies with the hardcore punches.

  • Outdoor Use

Other than self defense, the weapon can be used outdoors for several different reasons. You can use it to break locks and doors by punching directly at them, or if you are out in the wilds and encounter a wild animal, you can protect yourself y attacking the animal with them.

  • Paperweight and Decor Item

Since most of the weapons under this category are made up of different metals, they are heavy. You can use them as a paperweight by keeping them on top of papers in your home or office, which will make sure your documents do not fly away. Similarly, the cool designs of the knuckles make them a great decor item. You can place them on your office table, or you can place them in your living rooms, and they will give a cool look to the environment.

  • Collection and Gifting

There are many people out there that love collecting stamps and coins. Just like them, there are people out there who love collecting weapons and antiques. If you are one of them, you should not miss out on these fantastic weapons, and you should add them to your collection. You can also gift the weapon to your friends you know that love collecting weapons. You can also gift them by having their names engraved on top. Not only will the weapon keep them safe, but it will always remind them of you.

  • Movie Props and Cosplay

The weapon is also ideal to be used as a movie prop or cosplay item. Buying a real weapon could prove to be a costly option, and just, so these weapons are ideal as they are economical and give the feel of a real weapon. Moreover, the weapon has been used in various movie scenes, music videos, and you even may have seen John Cena, the famous wrestler wearing the knuckles.

  • Advantage Over Other Weapons

The weapon is not only good because of its various types and uses, but it also has the upper hand over other weapons. The weapons are useful because they are the safest amongst all self defense weapons. With knives, you may end up killing someone or may cause them serious harm, which could get you into trouble. Similarly, the guns are also lethal weapons that may end up killing someone. Other weapons such as swords, axes, and ninja weapons are hard to carry because of their sizes.

On the other hand, the knuckles win out from all other weapons as they are small in size and can be fit in your pockets. They are also safer as compared to other weapons as they do not inflict serious injuries, nor do they end up killing anybody. This aspect makes the knuckles the best weapons to be used for self-defense.

Where Can I Buy Brass Knuckles From?

This has been one of the most asking questions as to where to buy brass knuckles from. You can be buying brass knuckles from any weapon stores around you, or if you want, It can be delivered to your home by ordering them online. With the knowledge given above, it is a guarantee that you will be getting the right weapon for yourself.

What Are The Best Brass Knuckles?

Another question that is frequently asked is as to what are some of the best knuckles to look for. Although all knuckles are amazing on their own, there are a few that stand out from the pack. The following are a few of the best knuckles to look for.

  • Cat Knuckles 
  • Designed Knuckles 
  • Engraved Knuckles

Buy Wholesale Brass Knuckles Today

Now that you know all about the knuckles, their types, uses, and benefits, let us get you acquainted with the phenomenal prices the wholesale brass knuckles are being offered at. That may come to you as a surprise, but the fact of the matter is that all weapons are being offered at extremely low rates.

You can buy the knuckles for yourself, or you can buy the brass knuckles wholesale in bulk if you intend to make a good profit out of them. You can do this because when you buy in bulk, you get to buy them at even more discounted prices, and you can then sell them ahead at higher prices.

The weapon is easily available in weapon stores around you, or you can even buy it online and can have it delivered to your home. With the knowledge you have gained reading through the article, it is likely that you will not miss out on buying the best weapon for yourself. Check out the collection of cheap brass knuckles available and buy your favorite one today to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

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