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Throwing stars, often called by their Japanese name shuriken, are one of the terrifying ninja weapons for sale available in stores. But we can assure you that they only look dangerous, and cool to many people, due to its varying number of sharp triangle-shaped blades with even sharper tips. When they are quite hard to use in order to inflict a fatal wound from a distance, for more information on the history of throwing stars in today’s world, read our previous blog(s) on the weapon.

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Ways Throwing Stars Were Used at the Time of Real Ninja

Their delusions have misled people into thinking that ninja stars were used to kill other people in wars and battles. When the truth is quite the opposite. The throwing weapon, shuriken, was supposed only to distract or slightly injure the opponent so that the one using it can make a quick escape.

As you may know, Real Ninja warriors only needed but a fraction of second to vanish from anyone’s sight. For they were trained since a young age to become one with the darkness and hide in the shadows (or that’s why Hollywood movies say about them).

In actuality, ninja star was just a tool for distraction and after using it the highly trained warriors, in the art of stealth, did their best to make a run for a safe place to take cover, and strategize a new way of attack.

Are Ninja Stars Lethal for You?

If you have carefully read the above paragraphs, you must already know that these ninja stars cannot be lethal to any person, as long as they are thrown from a distance. However, keep in mind that fatal accidents can happen even while using a non-lethal object. So, don’t think you can start throwing shuriken without any worries.

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Comparing Ninja Throwing Stars with Throwing Knives

People have started buying throwing knives for sale in stores near them, purely for recreational purposes. Same is the case with these well-known ninja throwing stars that are being bought in huge number to be used for playing games with, displaying and/or practising throwing weapons.

Differences Between How You Throw Throwing Stars and Knives

Most weapons that are flung towards an opponent do not differ from one another, only in ways where you can have a better grip. For example, the best way to hold throwing knives will never be the same as the proper way to hold a ninja star, because the weapon’s whole design is different.

However, the precautions remain the same for both real throwing stars and knives, which are as follows:

  • Find a secluded and safe place for practising with your throwing weapons.
  • Always wear hard toe shoes, so you don’t accidentally get stabbed in the foot.
  • Take a good look at your surroundings before throwing ninja stars, in order to avoid injuring a passerby who is clueless about your recreational activity.
  • Stand at least a reasonable distance of two steps from the ninja star throwing target, so in case the lightweight weapon does ricochet off the target and back into your direction then you can easily avoid getting hit with it
  • Keep checking if the tip(s) of the star is still sharp
  • Keep an eye out for any damage to the throwing stars for sale in stores near you, and which you can buy anytime online as well.

Did Only the Ninja Use Throwing Stars?

Contrary to popular belief, back in the feudal era of Japan, the shuriken was not only used by real ninja but samurai warriors as well. However, the first use of a similar weapon can be linked back to some time in over a millennium, way before the time of ninja or the samurai.

While both types of Japanese warriors used the throwing stars, yet the way they utilized it was completely different. Talking about the ninja, they used to this weapon silently, without being noticed, so their opponents felt like being cut by a bodiless entity. This could scare anyone; it’s not just us thinking like that right?

Anyhow the shuriken for sale, you can find in markets nowadays, were mainly used for surprising the enemy and only scaring them into thinking that these lightweight and small throwing weapons could kill. When in reality, they were unconventional for such use.

At the end of this blog, we hope that you understand that throwing stars are not lethal. It was just a mind trick played, or a rumour spread out, by the real ninja to scare and disorientate their enemies. Also, to read more informative and interesting blogs related to wholesale knives, swords and daggers, keep visiting our website on a regular basis. Thanks for visiting!

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