When you are weighing the use of different tools and weapons, objectivity is needed. For the most part, each one will serve its purpose, but preference might change what you want. Weapons that are handheld and require personal strength are different than ones that do the job for you. In that case, batons are one of the more common weapons, surprisingly not many people talk about. They are frequently seen being used by conductors and most prominently by police officers. It is fair to assume are telescoping batons effective? If the use of them in police activity is any evidence, yes they are. They are made to be retrieved when you need them and then you can collapse them into a small stick. In terms of convenience and carrying ability, they are quite effective.

The subjective part is that batons are handheld weapons and rely on your ability to hit. In that regard, they may be less effective for someone who is not into physical altercations. If you have the regular baton, it is definitely very impactful as a weapon. A telescoping baton is powerful as well as incredibly handy to take with you everywhere.

Difference Between Collapsible Batons And Nightstick

While both are used abundantly in fighting crime, both batons have distinct purposes. They are made for pretty much the same purpose but they have different functionalities. You can use them both for poking, hitting, blocking weapons, and knocking someone out.

A nightstick is the more common of the two used outside of police forces as well. These are tools used by watchmen, guards, and other security personnel. They are usually a little thicker and longer than usual and are used for patrolling and scaring away perpetrators. Nightsticks are used by police officers, as well, but they are a little harder to use on a daily basis. You will have to carry them with you wherever you go and that can be a little cumbersome. They are thicker and tend to have a small handle as well. They look like the outline of a gun without the width.

On the other hand, something like a collapsible baton is much more convenient. For starters, it has a different shape. It is thicker from the bottom and thinner from the hitting end, which makes it swifter and faster to use. It is also lighter in weight so it is easier to handle at all times, but the best thing is easy-carry. A collapsible baton closes into a small stick, and can be snapped open into a full-length stick. It can become a small easy to carry a stick that you can add to your uniform belt.

Use Of The Self Defense Baton

If you are looking into something more exclusively weapon-like, batons are a good option. They look seemingly harmless but they are actually quite useful for protecting yourself. Since they don’t draw attention to them, it is easier to carry them everywhere. And they also fit in a number of places so they can be sneaked off in cars, pockets, bags, and even in your hands. The best thing is that until they are not used a certain way, they are not a threat to anyone. You can easily turn them into a useful weapon when you need to but they are low maintenance.

As for using batons as actual weapons, it is so much better to train with them. In any situation, the striking and blocking techniques you will learn with them will come in handy afterward. The baton allows you to strengthen your upper body muscles and your core. If you are using a baton for self defense, you can keep these tricks in mind.

  • To train for a baton, you should learn how to snap it open if it is collapsible. If not, you should try swinging it around so you get comfortable with the length.
  • When you are learning the technique, a baton is best for swinging and striking. You should learn to swing it backward and forward, and upward and downwards. There are some basic ways to make sure you get that down, firm your grip on the handle, and hit forward.
  • It is a good idea to practice on a punching bag or dummies so you don’t hurt anyone or yourself. It can also be used under the supervision of someone who knows self defense training.
  • If you want to use a baton against someone using a more dangerous weapon, learn to block with it. You can position your baton in a way to block a knife attack. It can also be used to disarm someone who is carrying a gun and pointing it at you. A baton move can help you develop reflexes that will also be an added skill for you.

Types Of Batons You Can Get

They might seem like simple sticks but batons are actually quite handy. Especially if you are someone who works in security or riot control, they are the best tools to have. Depending on the severity of your use, the material of the baton is also important. You will find a plastic one, a silicone, and a metal baton in the market. While the former ones are used more in training and patrol duty, metal batons are for self defense. These are only to be used in cire circumstances and when prompted so you don’t hurt anyone undeserving.

If you are looking for something durable and impactful, get the Telescopic Night Watchman Steel Baton. It has a sturdy and hefty structure and will serve you for a long time thanks to the powerful metal. This will be the best police baton to keep on you at all times and whip it out at the first sign of trouble.

For someone who wants to use a baton for self defense and not police duty, you need an easy carry tool. The 12" Expandable Baton With Key Ring Black Finish is the ideal weapon to have on you. It has a key ring so you can attach it to your bag, keys, or belt. It is also of a medium length so it is not cumbersome to lug around all the time.

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