Gauging any particular weapon for use is determined by your strength and nature of use. Where each weapon is supposed to provide defense, some are hardier than others. For some people, technical weapons work better like guns. In other cases, something simpler like knives and knuckles are more suitable. Though it is worth wondering, are brass knuckles better than a knife in self defense? You have to ask yourself what kind of protection you need and what you can handle. Knives may be sharper and more threatening than knuckles, but they are not necessarily the better option. A lot of people face paralyzing fear or nerves when confronted with a safety issue. Knuckles are easier to manage as they cannot inflict as much harm on yourself. Someone can turn your knife on you and seriously injure you. A knuckle is harder to block, turn against and revert to the person using it and has a heavier impact on the attacker.

In self-defense, a tool is more useful with a little presence of mind. You need to know what kind of weapon you can handle and to the best of your abilities to counter the danger. With technical weapons like guns, the effect is instant but also permanent, so is the knife. With knuckles, you can still control the impact of your weapon without endangering anyone innocent or yourself. Many people do still believe in the sheer simplicity and workability of knuckles. You will still find a plethora of brass knuckles for sale in the market, though in different forms and purposes.

The Reigning Power Of Self Defense Brass Knuckles

To many people, the idea of using a clunky hand contraption seems like a sham. But there are some tools that are classic for a reason, knuckles being one of them. They have been around since the early 12th Century where they were found across the world. They were used in South Asia where they were called lion claws. They were also found in Rome where gladiators and high-ranking soldiers and warriors used them in battle and scheduled flights. They have been war weapons for as long as people fought with traditional weapons face to face.

Long after that, the brass knuckles returned as improved self defense knuckles as trench knives. In the first World War, the American soldiers were equipped with a knuckle that had a knife embedded in the tool. It allowed soldiers to defend themselves in direct combat against the enemies in the trenches. These brass knuckle knives also survived after the war as potent but deadly weapons.

Nowadays, despite the invention of hundreds of new weapons, these old weapons have stood the test of time. They are still one of the most impressive and simplistic tools that rely on personal strength. If someone is confident in their ability to fight back, brass knuckles are low maintenance and ideal weapons. In self defense, using something deadly can often result in irreversible consequences. On the other hand, brass knuckles can be useful without being fatal or lethal to anyone in the long run.

How Are Brass Knuckles For Women Feasible?

In the most vulnerable of positions, women find themselves wishing for a good tool to help them. Brass knuckles may not seem ideal but they definitely can be a good deterrent. They are heavy and clunky and can really help you counter someone twice your size. Women can train themselves to punch, hit or knock someone out with a knuckle. Thanks to modern innovation, knuckle weapons have evolved from merely being heavy hitters. There is actually a surge of newly invented knuckles that are designed specifically for women.

These are known as cat ear brass knuckles as they emulate the pointed shape of brass knuckles. They are lighter and fit the shape of your index and middle finger. They are made in a way that they look like jewelry or accessories but are used as a weapon. The sharp ends of the knuckle can stab, slash, scratch, and gouge out someone’s eyes. It is the perfect tool for a night out, a large gathering or a morning walk so you can wear your weapon on you. It is easy to keep it on when you’re travelling alone and defend yourself against unwanted advances or more.

The Hypes Of Cool Brass Knuckles

There are few weapons that have crossed the barrier into fun collectibles or accessories like knuckles. They were once regarded as solid tools of defense, but they continue to evolve in modern culture. You can now see multiple uses of brass knuckles that are far away from protection or fighting. The unique shape of brass knuckles has changed the way we use them.

You will find a large variety of fashion items that use brass knuckles as motifs. They are used as belt buckles, badges, boot buckles, rings, and even purse handles in high fashion. They are utilized as hood ornaments and decorative pieces for bikes and fancy cars. Even in home décor and interior design, brass knuckles are manufactured as paperweights and decoration pieces. They are completely reversed from their role as weapons and seen as fashion symbols and paraphernalia. Many people like to collect shiny, flashy, and bizarre collectible brass knuckles inspired by bloody apocalyptical video games. These are limited edition weapons that are meant for show and display.

Looking For The Best Brass Knuckles In Town

Thanks to their continued popularity and their prevalent use, brass knuckles are nowhere near rare to find. There are multiple kinds of knuckles you will find at belt buckle stores. You can also locate quite a lot of them in weapon shops and souvenir stores. But for the most extensive collection of fighting and decorative brass knuckles try online stores.

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