In this day and age, there are more weapons being invented every day. But as they say, old is gold, and classics are always good no matter how long it’s been. That is also the case with hidden blades, especially ones that have been modernized. One of these amazing old inventions is a buckle knife that can now be found embedded into a belt buckle. Earlier on, these knives used to be hidden in arm gauntlets and other non-descript objects. If you are wondering, are belt buckle knives legal, you need to know what they are used for and how. All hidden weapons are said to be first and foremost used as self defense weapons. Even for seasoned warriors, a hidden blade can be the difference between life or death. That case is still the same and that’s why for civilians it's legal to carry a belt buckle knife.

When you are debating issues of legality around any weapon, context is key to observe. If you are using something like a discreet blade, there are some basic rules that would apply to them. In most states, if you are carrying a knife, it has to be smaller than 3.5 inches in length. If you have a hidden blade that’s smaller than that you can carry it in public. Secondly, a hidden knife belt buckle is meant for self-defense. In that case, any weapon you use to protect yourself in life-threatening situations is considered legal by federal law. If you use these weapons to commit a crime you can be charged with possession of a weapon and intend to break public peace.

Features And Evolution Of A Belt Knife

Historically, hidden weapons have been around for literal centuries. They were part of different cultures from Europe to China and multiple versions were invented. One of the most well-documented instances of them being used by ninja warriors in Japan. They were guerilla warfighters who charged against an oppressive regime and needed to be as stealthy as possible. Hidden weapons became quite common for them as they needed nifty devices to help them tackle powerful enemies. The belt buckle knife was also something they indulged in, depending on when they were fighting.

There are also several accounts of Romans and Englishmen using them as noblemen in their quests. Belt knives were considered to be secret weapons that would protect them in an unexpected attack. They were used in all sorts of confrontations and were quite helpful to all fighters. It is also noted in many places that guards who protected royal families and politicians also carried hidden knives.

Coming to the belt buckle knife, in particular, it is a relatively newer invention. The way that they were created earlier was a simpler and rougher imagining of the weapon. Nowadays, they are made to be the most impressive and discreet hidden weapons you can make. The best ones out of them all are belt buckle knives that are now created within modern buckles. Many people like to wear belt buckles with their belts to spruce up their outfits. A number of these belts come with flashy buckles that are considered a bold fashion choice. These knives are very small but incredibly sharp and easy to conceal and go unnoticed. If you want self defense weapons on you, there is nothing smarter than a belt buckle knife to carry around.

How To Use A Small Self Defense Knife

Despite the invention of heavy-duty weapons like guns, many people still stick to the simple stuff. There is nothing that can replace the swiftness and threat of a knife. The only thing better than a regular knife is the one that no one expects to be drawn. That is where small knives greatly overpower carrying guns and other weapons. The best thing is that these knives cannot be identified very easily and hence your cover remains intact. If you are well-versed in using knives then a self-defense knife is your go-to weapon.

You can carry a self-defense knife on you with ease because it is small and easy to hide. If you ever face a threat, you can keep one hand on it and whip it out to stab your opponent. The other great use of a small knife is when you’re taking public transportation. If someone creeps up against you, you can stick the knife to their jaw and scare them off. If you are in a cab, and the driver does something to scare you, stick the knife in their neck forcing them to stop the car. Always keep your dominant hand on your knife when you are going somewhere alone to avoid sudden tackles.

There is no question about the fact that self-defense knives for women work better than anything else. Women are often non-confrontational and don’t prefer to get physically entangled with their attackers. Unfortunately, women are also the most vulnerable members of our society when it comes to violence. In such a case, knives that help protect their honor and dignity are ideal weapons. Small knives should be part of every woman’s daily bulk of accessories.

The Best Defense Knife You Can Find

Knives are one of the most common tools and weapons used around the world. You can bank on the fact that if you are looking for a self defense knife, you will find them in abundance. But what should you be looking for to protect yourself with? There are a bunch of new hidden knives in the market that are ideal for self-defense.

The best defense knife you can get is a small push dagger neck knife. It is a tiny, sharp blade disguised as a necklace with a chain. You can wear it around your neck, undetected, and tackle any trouble coming your way. For the best neck knife and other hidden blades, check out the Knife Import online store. You will not only get a large variety of blades but they will be your money's worth as well.