Self Defense Weapons

How much is your life worth? What could you do if you are under threat? The most recommended way to defend yourself is to use self defense weapons when you are in real danger. They are a group of non-lethal tools or products that are used to let a victim some time to escape or get help in the face of danger. In general speaking, defensive products can be anything that falls in that category. Here in this article, we will describe some authentic reasons why you should own them for your safety and security purposes. This is not enough! We will also provide you with some more quality information about buying them so that you can make a purchase without any hassle.

Important Note to Consider

You should be very much clear that making use of any personal defense weapon should only for your protection and it does not mean that you should harm your enemy deeply in order to get escape from that situation. Be smart enough to make use of the suitable weapon depending upon the situation you are in and also make sure that you are well within your limits even though you are using it only for your protection. It will keep you away from getting involved in any criminal act.

Popularity of Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons

The prime utilization of self defense tools into the mainstream of society starts with the military and police agencies that have been using these products for over 50 years. They are the true professionals who know what they are doing. They don’t use something that doesn’t work. Hence, it is just within 20-25 years in which defensive products have been evolved into civilian use and become commonly accepted. Nowadays, the world has become an uncertain place to live and in case of a life-to-death situation, you can’t rely on the police department or someone else to help you. So, you need to take the bull by the horns and must have a non-lethal weapon and also learn some self defense techniques.

Best Self Defense Weapons for Sale

There are so many products that are commonly used by people for their defense nowadays. Let’s take a look at them and pick up the best self defense weapon that suits you!

  • Baton
  • Stun gun
  • Pepper spray
  • Self defense keychain
  • Self defense knives
  • Brass knuckles
  • Handcuffs and many more.

Things to be Noted Before Buying Self Defense Weapons

Before you go out and purchase a non-lethal weapon for your protection, you should take some of the following points into considerations:

Which One is Best for You?

Study and learn about the above-mentioned weapons as much as you can. See what weapon is going to be suitable for you both on a physical and mental level. For this, one important factor is to think if it is convenient for you to carry daily. There are different types, designs, styles of self defense products that you can choose from and it is up to you which one is convenient and comfortable to use.

Furthermore, price is another thing you need to consider. All defensive products differ from the prices. High voltage stun gun is expensive and you should have a particular budget when it comes to this. However, if you are looking for some cost-effective options, you can simply go for self defense keychain, knives and brass knuckles etc.

Learn How to Use It

Having the best self defense weapon is not enough until you don’t know how to use it accurately. If you don’t know how to use your weapon, it can injure you as easily as it can hurt your attacker. Therefore, once you select a personal defense product, ask for proper instructions on how to use it, or join a course or simply watch videos on YouTube for using it properly. Then, practice using it until you become a pro. You also need to be prepared to use the weapon aggressively on an assailant, to protect yourself. So, if you are not an expert to use it decisively, don’t carry it.

Know the Legal Status of Your Owned Weapon

There are so many laws about self defense weapons such as baton, stun gun, pepper spray, knives, and brass knuckles etc. Mostly having to do with when these weapons may be used and under what conditions.

So, if you don’t want to face any embarrassment by local law enforcement, you should know the laws about self defense weapons in your area. Every state/country has different legal matters regarding them. In many US states, they are legal to own, while some have a ban on them. In addition, some states require permits or other permission before you can carry them around in public. Thus, when learning to use your defensive tool, don’t forget to learn the laws regarding it.

Don't Over Carrying

If brass knuckles are going to give you the jump you need to protect yourself against an assailant, there is really no need to carry a stun gun or pepper spray. When the time comes to use your weapon, there can’t be any indecision as to which to use.

Reasons for Using Self Defense Products

The self defense weapons that we have mentioned above are the primary non-lethal tools used by both men and women around the globe for personal safety and security. They have been proven time and time again to be effective against an assault in just about any situation.

Ease of Use:

All the above-described products are easy to use and carry as well.


All these are small in sizes, thus, you can conceal them easily without knowing anyone.

Available in Different Designs:

All these personal defense weapons come in hundreds of designs and styles. Therefore, they can meet everyone’s needs and likings as well. Check out an exclusive collection of self defense weapons for sale at Knife Import and grab your favorite ones!

Non-Lethal Yet Effective:

As the name suggests, their key purpose is to ensure self defense not killing someone. Therefore, they are safe to use and keep you away from committing a criminal act. When you use any of these tools, it will make the attacker disabled or give some temporary injury so that you can run away from the situation to defend yourself.

Affordable Prices:

These products are not so expensive as we told above. They are available at very cheap prices on Knife Import.

Final Words

We are sure that we have provided you enough information about personal defense weapons and you are now ready to pick up the one for you. So, always carry your best self defense weapon wherever you go and in particular when you are going alone late in the night. When you are in such a situation where you need to make use of it, be smart enough to use it and protect yourself from the assailant. Stay safe and alive!

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