Ninja Star

The Ninja Star also known as the shuriken was a famous weapon used by the samurais of Japan and ninjas of China. The weapon was a heavy metal star which was used by throwing it at enemies directly, resulting in ripping them apart. Although all ninja weapons are cool on their own but what makes the ninja stars special is their ability of being thrown at enemies from a safe distance and their being easy to carry. The types of stars used back then included the Bo-shuriken and the Hira-shuriken.

Usage of the Shuriken

Although, the shuriken was not a very popular weapon back then, yet, it is believed to be quite effective today for several reasons. Following are some uses of the stars:-

  • Self Defense and Hunting

One popular use of these stars is that of self defense. When you are out in the wilds and see a wild animal approaching you, you can simply knock it out by throwing the star at it from a distance. On the other hand if you want to hunt down an animal from a distance, again, the stars can be thrown from a safe distance with the right precision. All these incredible uses make it very popular amongst hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Movie Props and Decoration Items

The stars are also ideal for using them in your movie scenes. You must have watched teenage mutant ninja turtles and must have seen one of the turtles throwing the stars at enemies. They look cool, don’t they? Similarly you can add the stars to your collection and can display them in your living room. Being pieces of history, everyone will love having a look at them.

  • Entertainment Purpose

One popular game that is played with friends and families is the throwing knives game. Similarly you can enjoy the throwing stars game in your backyard with your friends and families. Just buy a hard board and start playing and practicing with these amazing metal ninja star.

  • Various Types of Throwing Stars

Now that you know about the history and uses of the throwing stars, let us look into some of the famous types of these stars available around town. Some stars that you will come across are plain color whereas some are colored like the rainbow ones. Some stars have simple traditional blade styles whereas some have blades with modern finishes.

You also will come across a few rubber stars which are ideal for kids. One unique star that everyone dreams of having is the card styled one. The throwing cards are similar to the stars, except the fact that you will be throwing cards instead of stars. Let us look into the top products that you should be looking for when you set out to buy these stars.

Ninja Throwing Star

Top Products to Look For

We have compiled a list of a few top products that you should have in mind while going out to purchase these amazing stars.

  • American Flag Ninja Stars

The American flag stars are for those of you who are patriotic. Having these stars give you a feel that you truly love your country. These real ninja stars come in sets of four stars so that you never miss out on a chance of getting hold of your enemy or hunt even if you have lost one or two stars. These stars also come with a nylon sheath so that you remain safe while carrying them.

  • Black Dragon Throwing Star

The black dragon throwing star is magnificent as it has a historic feel to it. With six sharp points, there are Chinese words engraved on top of it in red color which makes it look more of a star from the old times. The star comes with a nylon pouch and a clam shell pack to keep you safe along the way. Showing off this piece will always be a good idea.

  • Plain and Rainbow Colored Stars

These stars have their sense of attraction. The plain stars give you a feel of what the ninjas and samurais used back then whereas the rainbow colored stars have a touch of modernity. The modern touch and the rainbow color make these stars great for all females. They both come with nylon pouches and so they can be carried anywhere, safely.

  • Diamond Ninja Throwing Star

The diamond ninja star also gives you a historic feel but the difference is that it has four sharp points and is shaped like a diamond. The diamond shape and shiny color makes the appearance of this worth it. It comes with a pouch as well.

Ninja Rainbow Throwing Star

  • Rubber Throwing Star

Kids should never be left out when you go out shopping with them and just so you will come across various rubber stars that are meant for them. Being made of rubber makes them completely harmless and fun to play with. You can even practice the art of using real ninja star with the rubber stars.

  • 4 Piece Steel Assorted Throwing Stars

This set of stars is a favorite of many and there is a strong reason behind it. These stars come in sets of four stars that are completely different from one another. All stars have different number of sharp points and different styles of blades. This gives users an option of choosing whatever style they want when outside. These stars come with a nylon pouch to keep you safe at all times.

Ninja Throwing Cards

  • Throwing Cards

Throwing cards are a unique product because you may have heard of throwing knives and stars but this might be something new to you. These cards are the cards you play poker with. But, these are not for playing, they are meant for throwing. They come with their casing so that they can be kept safely. You can also use them as decoration pieces.

  • Titanium Coated Star

Coated with titanium this star gives a true royal feel. It has 5 points, is black and comes with a pouch to keep you protected at all times.

  • Silver Coated Star

Contrary to the above mentioned star, this star is coated in silver which gives it a shiny appearance. The star has six sharp points which can easily rip of your enemies and hunt down. It also comes with a pouch to be easily carried anywhere. Apart from the above mentioned cool ninja stars there are other fantasy stars such as the zombie hunter collection, the dragon stars and many more. Similarly some are made up of titanium, metal, rubber and so on. All products are superior in quality and will not let your guard down, no matter what the situation tends to be.

Ninja Stars for Sale at Ground Breaking Prices

Now that you are well equipped with the knowledge of the ninja stars for sale, let us look into the ground breaking prices these are being offered at. It does not matter if you decide on buying the throwing star set or the real throwing stars, either case you will get the price that you have always wished for. Additionally, if you buy these stars in bulk you also get entitled to different discounted prices. You can easily profit of these products by buying in bulk and selling them ahead at your desired price. Check out our collection of these throwing stars for sale and place your order for ninja star to show off to the world.

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