All the Information You Need on Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles are turning out to be a hot-selling weapon. The weapons are also known by cool names as knucks, knuckle dusters, and knuckle busters. The weapon has become an important weapon in recent times due to the increase in street crimes. The crime rates going up day by day, it is important for you to keep yourself equipped with the right type of weapon at all times, and one such weapon that fulfills this purpose is the real brass knuckles.

The knuckles also have an amazing history as they have been used by militaries around the world for close combat situations. The knuckles have also been used as a dual weapon in the form of a brass knuckle knife.

With a touch of modernity, you get to find many cool designs of the weapon. The designs differ in the buildup of the product, the additional features, and the cool colors and patterns they come with. Not only that, but the weapon does not only cater to your self defense needs, instead, but it is also good for a variety of other things that are less known. This guide will give you a comprehensive idea of the types and uses of the knuckle duster.

Types of Cool Brass Knuckles

When you plan to buy brass knuckles, it is important that you get the right knowledge about the different products that fall under its category. The following is a list of some cool brass knuckles that you will come across while looking for one.

  • Zombie Knuckle

The zombie's knuckle is a product that is being offered by the Z-hunter brand. The brand is famous for making fantasy-based products. Most of their products feature cool zombie patterns. The knuckles have four finger holes that are easy on every size.

  • AK 47 Knuckles

The AK 47 knuckle is a weapon that has an AK 47 gun designed on top of it. Along with keeping you protected, it turns out to be a cool item to show off in your friend circle. The golden color of the product makes it worth buying.

  • Five Skull Knuckles

Another fantasy weapon that we have on the list is the five skull knuckle duster. The product is made up of pure aluminum, which gives users an upper hand in their fights, and the knuckles feature cool skull designs that people love to look for in weapons.

  • Skull Wing Knuckles

The skull wing knuckles also belong to the family of the skull knuckles. They are made up of aluminum, which makes them effective in fighting, and they have a cool skull wing design, which adds color to your game. The weapon is ideal for showing off to your friends as it has an element of class in it. The weapon is available in black and golden colors.

  • Steel Knuckles

The steel knuckles are heavier than all other weapons that you will find in this category. The heavyweight of the weapon makes them the best when it comes to knocking out the danger. The knuckles come with packing and are available in black and white sand color.

  • Dragon Knuckles

The dragon knuckles are cool knuckles that have a green color and feature a dragon design. Along with being your protectors in hand times, they tend to be eye-catching weapons for your friends. These brass knuckles for sale are turning out to be one top-selling item due to the cool look they have.

  • Grenade Knuckles

The grenade knuckles are knuckles that are designed like a grenade. This is the best part as attackers will stay a mile away when they see a grenade in your hand. If you get into a close fight, they may work as knuckles and will give you an upper hand in your fight.

  • Cat Knuckles

The cat knucks are the best brass knuckles that one can buy. They suit everyone. However, the product is the best for females. Instead of four finger holes, they have two finger holes, and they come with a pouch. The small size and lightweight of these knuckles makes them ideal for being carried anywhere with ease.

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How to Use Brass Knuckles?

The use of brass knuckles is very easy. Simply put your fingers in the finger holes and wear it around your hand. Once you have them around your knuckles, you should not be punching in a straight direction, always use a flat rounded punch. Punching straight can cause you injury.

All the Information You Need on Brass Knuckles

Is it Against the Law to have Brass Knuckles?

Although the weapon is deemed to be dangerous as it results in serious injuries, however, having one for your self-defense is not a problem.

Uses of the Knuckle Duster

The knuckles are not only limited to self-defense, instead, but there are also a variety of other less known uses of the knuckles. The knuckles are good for self defense as it is one of the primary uses of the knuckles. The lightweight and small size features make them ideal for being carried with you at all times for your safety.

The weapon is also ideal for gifting purposes. Having your loved one's name engraved on top of them and gifting them to a loved one will surely make their day. As the knuckles have a historical connection, they also tend to be great weapons to collect for weapon collectors.

Last but not least, knuckle duster is also great for your work station. The knuckles can act as a paperweight and can be placed on top of your papers so that they don't fly away. If you are in an office working person or are gifting this to an office going person, you surely will have made the right choice.

Buy Cheap Brass Knuckles

Now that you know all about the knuckles, you may be wondering where to buy brass knuckles from and what prices they are being offered at. Don't worry; we got you covered on this as well. The knuckles can be bought easily from any weapon store, or you can buy them online as well. Each place has its own price and has its own amazing deals.

The knuckles are offered at extremely low prices so that everyone gets to buy them for their safety. You can buy the cheap brass knuckles for yourself, or you can buy them in bulk to make a profit out of them by selling them ahead at a higher price. Buying in bulk leads you to even more discounted prices. Check out the collection of brass knuckles available and place your order today.

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