Ninja Throwing Stars

If you are anything like me, you grew up watching Ninja movies and fell in love with famous weapons such as throwing stars, hand claws, shuriken, nunchucks, and swords. The Ninja’s are known as remarkably skilled warriors and their tactics are highly respected, particularly in the Martial Arts. It’s not hard to think of why so many people are fond of the Ninja. So, if you are into martial art training or simply has an interest in Battle weapons of the Ninja, we can certainly help you. This article will let you know about Ninja stars and other weapons in details.

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Ninja Weapons- They Are Must-Haves for Ninjutsu Style Martial Art

Although numerous other forms of martial arts are practiced across the world like judo karate, and tae kwon do, etc., the Ninjutsu style is the most popular art that people love a lot. Look at the back, it was developed from a distinctive culture. It typically belonged to the eastern region of the Japanese main island of Honshou, primarily in the Kyoto/koga area, known as Ninja Country, in which warriors had aimed to became favorites in clandestine activities in the region.

The Ninja had used a large range of weapons in their activities. These weapons allowed the ninja to take advantage in combat situations with their opponents. Moreover, Ninjutus and its weapons also got fame with several movies and TV shows that showcased ninjas and the art of Ninjutsu. Many of these weapons are still used these days, not only for self-defense or training equipment in different games but also as novelty items.

Top 5 Effective Weapons Used in Ninjutsu

When one thinks of ninja weapons, the images that usually come to mind are those of ancient swords and heavy shuriken. Of course, advancement in weapons has allowed for the evolution of many ninja weapons. Many of the items on this list are traditional pieces of ninja’s weaponry with an updated make-over, hence others are considered to be fairly new additions to the ninja tool-kit.

Below are some examples of these weapons. Take a look at these!

1. Ninja Throwing Stars

The ninja star is undoubtedly the most noticeable weapon of the ninja arsenal. No other weapons have been as widely portrayed, glorified, or improved upon as this small yet simple piece of sharpened metal. In reality, it means a spike or spiked wheel blade, or a small, hand-held knife.

Ninja Throwing stars are popular weapons featured in several hit movies such as ‘Mortal Kombat’ and ‘Ninja Assassin’. These weapons are also the inspiration of many who have a dream of becoming a ninja themselves. The real throwing stars are also commonly referred to as Shuriken (meaning: sword hidden in the hand). The interesting thing about ninja stars is that they have been composed of in various different shapes, not just stars.

These well-known weapons come in a variety of different designs, shapes, sizes, and styles. In addition, from 3 to 8 pointed, pronged and curved blade, these modern weapons are not deadly.

Stealth and Range- Shuriken Benefits

The key benefits of using throwing ninja stars are noticeably stealth and range. You can easily conceal a ninja star on the body and use it to target your close opponent. As well, it can offer a range advantage in hand-to-hand fight or it can be used a fiery arrow as a flammable device. Lastly, they also work as silent weapons that you can use without any warning or alerting others.

How Do Ninja Stars Work?

Though these weapons work in a simple way, you need to be pro. Therefore, it is advised that you should use your throwing stars again and again until you will hit the target correctly. Well, here’s what you need to do to operate a ninja star:

Grasp the Star: Initially, you should conceal the star in the palm of your hand. Just hold it tightly, so you could not drop it and also it does not hurt your hand. Then, you need to slip it from the palm so that it can be fitted between forefingers and thumb. Most often, these two fingers are used for grasping the tilt in order to a throw.

Throw the Star: Though there are many ways to throw a star, the most common one is that Shuriken is thrown by the overhand, underhand, and the sidearm.

Measure the Distance: Last but not least, you should get yourself trained by throwing a star at different distances. Slowly but surely, you will be able to gauge the distance which is a significant aspect of using a throwing star.

Is It legal to Carry Shuriken in the US?

Yes, in various states, throwing stars are legal to own, use and sale as well, except in New York, California, and Indiana. So, if you want to get them, search for ‘ninja stars for sale’ online.

2. The Ninja Sword

Another ninja’s popular weapon that has been used since the beginning. In the past, the ninja swords were constructed of steel with straight or curved blade design. But now, they are evolved and most of the modern day versions of ninja sword are made up from steel alloys, with the finest blades typically made from carbon steel and silicon mix.

Moreover, one of the deadliest ninja swords is the Katana Sword. Made of layered steel, it is a single razor-sharp blade sword that generally has a curved blade.

3. Ninja Blowgun

The blowgun is one of the most silent and deadly ninja weapons. When you run the blowgun, it shots the metal needles which could be painful and sometimes they are poisoned.

Originally, these guns were manufactured from a thick reed, however, modern versions are constructed from a variety of materials such as ultra-lightweight aluminum alloys and hi-tech fiberglass polymers.

4. The Sai

The Sai usually comes in the pairs of 2 knows, called as Sai’s. On both sides, they are rounded with hooks and mostly used to protect the user from getting their hand sliced off from a sword.

Originally made up from steel, Sai’s are heavy. So, if you hit with only one Sai, it will really hurt the opponent, even it can also break bones.

5. Nunchucks

Nunchucks are typically made up of two pieces of firm wood joined together by a chain. If you take a deep look at these, you will find that some of them are connected with solid nylon cord too.

When you practice the Nunchakus, you should be careful. If you are not cautious, you can give yourself a nice knot on the head. Generally, a Martial Artist holds one piece in his hand and use the other to swing at his desired target.

You can use nunchucks so fast to injure your opponent during a fight. However, to do this, you will be able to use it correctly. So, do practice as much as you can. Keep in mind this battle weapon works the great during close combat.

Final Thoughts

Ninja weapons are often used for Ninjutsu Style Martial Art. Above we have talked about five top weapons such as ninja throwing stars, blowgun, and sword, etc. If you want to buy a ninja star, you should look for ninja stars for sale online.

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