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Fantasy swords

Fantasy swords are very charming and stylish swords. Blade is manufactured using sharp and edgy stainless steel. Handle depicts various designs and shapes. Kirito sword also comes in huge diversity and range. Fantasy swords for sale are present on and they can be sold to the market at high prices.

Medieval swords

As the name suggests, medieval swords have a very conventional and traditional touch. Replica for William Wallace sword is also available at Knife Import. Medieval swords carry with themselves the history and serenity of medieval ages and therefore there is a huge demand for these swords and customer are willing to pay top dollar. Medieval swords for sale are available at at very economical wholesale prices.

Ninja sword

Our top selling ninja swords are the fastest sellers on the market. These ninja swords for sale are the real deal. Stainless steel is used in ninja swords. Blade has sharp razor edge. Ninja swords are the cool swords which could be used for various purposes like for chopping and slashing of fruits, for paper box and other objects. Real ninja sword comes in a black nylon sheath which makes is easy to carry around and for safety and to protect the blade to last as long as possible. Titanium swords hold a special attention of customers because of the metallic nature. Checkout all the ninja swords for sale at Knife Import.

Samurai swords

Samurai swords are best for the purpose of sword fighting, practicing, and displaying as a decoration item in your house or office. These swords are made up of fine quality materials and have a beautiful textures and designs. Durability of samurai swords cannot be questioned. Katana sword is no exception in this regard. Samurai swords for sale at low prices are available on Market holds a lot of value for samurai swords. You can make large profits and make lots of money buying samurai swords at wholesale rates from Knife Import.

Sword cane

Sword cane is the most artistic of all the swords and the reason is attributed to its designing and texture. Sword canes come in different designs and shapes. Walking cane sword are also available. The cane carries a hidden sword inside and therefore appears to be classy and makes it a perfect self defense weapon as well. These real swords are available at Knife Import and there is a huge demand for them as they are sold out as soon as they arrive.

Foam swords

Foam swords are perfectly fit and secure for kids. Heavy durable foam is used to manufacture it. Foam blade is used and it is painted in such a way that the shine appears to be that of a real steel blade. LARP swords are also available which are made up of finger foam material. Foam weapons can also be used for cosplay events and halloween. Knife Import has foam swords for sale at very cheap prices.

Wooden swords

Wooden swords, as depicted by name, are cool swords which are made up of very fine quality of wood and is durable and sturdy at the same time. Wooden swords can also be used as practice swords or training swords for the people who, initially, are hesitant of using real blade swords. These swords also come in handy in Halloween parties. Due to vast range of uses, wooden swords are very fast selling swords.

Anime swords

Based on famous anime, these anime swords are designed for different usage purposes. They attract all age groups and children in particular. Anime swords are real swords which could also be used for the purpose of decoration. Solid steel is used in its blade and slightly edgy shape is given which enhances the beauty of anime swords. Anime swords for sale are available at wholesale sword price.

Rapier sword

Rapier sword for sale is available at Rapier sword and scabbard are best for the purpose of displaying at home and also cater your fencing needs. Stainless steel is used for its manufacturing. Scabbard has a full deep color with amazing designs. Beautifully designed handle has a cord wrapped design handle. Both, rapier and scabbard have handsome market worth which means that rapier sword will make a lot of profit.

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