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The reason behind writing this blog is as clear as day. We want our readers to know all basic things about a Stiletto Knife, its various types and uses. Now, we can’t say we have included each and every thing about the stiletto knives because we know it will be hard to cover all minute details. So, keep reading until the end to know mostly everything you need to know about various stiletto knives for sale in stores nowadays.

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Do You Know What is a Stiletto Knife?

Anyone who have heard of the long slender blade with a needle-like tip, namely stiletto knife, knows that it was initially used as a stabbing weapon. The narrow blade tip of the Italian stiletto allows almost no friction at the time of the blade’s entry in the body while stabbing an opponent.

Due to such a reason, many people assume that a stiletto is just another type of dagger. However, the weapon is only a thrusting weapon that cannot be used for the slashing or cutting, even when they come with a double-edged design.

These days all out-the-front switchblades or automatic knives that come with a narrow tip are being called a stiletto. If you are a girl or anyone related to the fashion industry then you must know that a long, thin, high heel on a certain women’s shoes and boots are also called stilettos.

History of the Needle-Pointed Italian Stiletto

You many have heard the dagger like weapon is often called an Italian stiletto and of course that’s because it originated somewhere in Italy, around late 15th century. Initially, a stiletto was a fixed blade knife made with a single piece of metal, which was turned into its handle. Even though it was a thrusting weapon, sometimes it had cutting edges on both slanting sides. Otherwise, the stiletto knife was just a plain dense rod without any sharp edges as it was hammer-forged with a narrow triangular cross-section.

In the late Middle Ages, stiletto made its way into the hands of knights as their secondary weapon. It was actually designed to be used as an offensive weapon, but as time passed it was used to deliver a peaceful death to a heavily injured or wounded opponent. The stiletto knives were narrow enough to pass through the eye slits in a helmet and the chain mail of a knight. So, it also became known as the misericorde for being used for bestowing the “mercy strike” to a fatally wounded enemy.

Types of Stiletto Knives and Their Uses Over Time

We will be differentiating its different types below and starting with what we have already explained before in this blog,

  • A stiletto was basically a fixed blade knife with a narrow blade and needle pointed tip. So, the initial use for these deadly but cool knives was purely offensive as they were intended for stabbing other people during battles.
  • Currently, all knives for sale that have needle like tips or double edges are labeled as a stiletto knife. For this very reason, we have more of its type to share with you!
  • If you know about the term automatic knives, then you should know that some of them also fall under the category of stiletto knives for sale in the market. Within the these automatic, mechanical or switchblades, we have further two types:

  1. Out-the-front (or otf knives) that can open manually, spring out the front of the handle or make use of gravity to unleash its blade right from the front, parallel to the slider, with a push of a button.
  2. While the other blades, under this class, are the spring loaded knives that mechanically open from the side but have a pointy blade that is now regarded as a stiletto.

Both of these types of automatic knives are used when people know they will not be able to use more than one hand to open their blade. So, all they have to is push a button, lever, or switch to unleash the knife. This is the main reason why such versions of the stiletto knife are being called switchblades. However, it doesn’t mean that of knives for sale with drop point blades are not available in stores, because they are—you just need to take a good look!

Legality of Switchblade Stiletto Knives in the US

Back in 1950, an article appeared in a women’s magazine to spark and light everything on fire. The article’s writer alerted moms, of that time, against the killer toys (switchblade knives) their children were carrying around as a novelty. That the cool pocket knives, which allowed their blades to pop right out by pushing a button, were the one and only reason for teenage delinquency in the states.

After just 8 years of this article being published, the Federal Switchblade Act surfaced in the senate. Congress enacted upon the public laws on August 12 1958 according to this act, which banned transportation and sales of such stiletto automatic knives, while completely imposing a ban on them in some parts or areas throughout the nation.

Therefore, it’s best to always research what types of pocket knives you can purchase, possess or sell in your area! Also, we hope that you learned lots about the wholesale stiletto knives after reading this blog and that you will keep visiting our platform as much as you possibly can. That will be all for now! So, until we come to you with a new blog—goodbye!

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