Brief history of nunchaku

Remember, nunchucks were being used by Bruce Lee in his movies during a fight? That should ring a bell! Many weapons that are widely used today come with a unique and fascinating history. Their history not only indicates the significance of these weapons but also leave us in awe of smart solutions that ancient people came up with. However, nunchaku which is an amazing weapon used in martial arts and for self defense has an inspiring story behind too.

Nunchaku was earlier (almost near 9-10th century) used by Chinese farmers for agriculture. Originally, the nunchucks were 2 wooden sticks tied with horse hair. Farmers used it for cutting soy, rice, and wheat. In the middle of the 10th century, the first emperor of the Chinese Sung dynasty named as Jiu Hong Jun stayed with his army in a village to prepare for a battle to beat the Mongolians. While on Jiu’s stay, his soldiers helped the farmers as the army, general and emperor were an occupant on their nearby territory for a short while (few months). When the emperor paid a visit to the soldiers to see if they were working well, he noticed farmers using nunchucks, he thought of using them in the battle against Mongolians.

The emperor borrowed the nunchucks and settled in his tent, after a few days he showed up with 18 unique techniques of usage. He commanded the army to use the knowledge of those techniques in the battle, and guess what? They won the battle by beating the Mongolians and occupying their land. The nunchaku then became popular among the people for the purpose of self defense and is widely used even now. also offers an astounding collection of real nunchucks that you would love to be acquainted with if you love martial arts or want to learn it. Here you will find nunchucks for both professionals and beginners. Pretty much similar to Bruce Lee nunchucks, which the famous actor and martial artist used in his performances, are also available for sale. Let’s see what’s in store for you!

1. Nunchaku - Chained 12 Inch White Foam Padded

Foam padded nunchucks

Performing martial arts with nunchaku isn’t as easy as it seems in movies. You need a lot of practice and proper training before handling professional steel or wooden nunchucks. For practice, foam nunchucks (which are padded all over other than chains) are the best. Knife Import offers these for individuals or kids who are at the learning stage of martial arts. It’s easy and lightweight to handle. The pads on the nunchaku sticks are beautifully printed with black on vibrant white color. Now you can practice martial arts for as long as you want to and not hurt yourself or anyone else at all!

2. 12-Inch Lacquered Wooden Nunchaku with Carved Dragon

Wooden nunchaku

You cannot find a more classic piece of nunchaku than this one! It is beautifully carved with dragon design that depicts the true tradition of ancient Chinese. It is also another equipment for martial arts training. The best qualities of wooden nunchucks are that they bear shock (more resistant) and less often break. As it is made with natural wood and not filled with any material like tube etc. It is chained with reliable steel and also is lightweight to carry around. Best and most durable for self defense, once you buy this you won’t need to buy another pair any sooner!

3. Shinobi Arts Hidden Dagger Convertible Nunchaku

Dagger coverted nunchaku

The most potential set of metal nunchucks in the whole collection is this hidden dagger convertible nunchaku. Why? The steel constructed tubes that are painted with stealthy black color are lightweight and efficient. And not only it has that, but also removing one side of the handle exposes hidden dagger blade. The chain connects with a bearing type bolster on the Kontoh (top). With thread and hidden dagger, this nunchaku is the most ultimate weapon for self defense, offering the user to choose the kind of best self defense weapon depending on the need of the situation. It is surely the best thing a martial artist can have.

4. 12-Inch Black Round Nunchaku with Chrome Studs

Black Round Nunchaku

Want something extra-ordinary for your self defense? Well, then look no further than this cool nunchaku that consists of chrome studs around both the tubes. The nunchaku itself is wood constructed but surrounded with chrome studs that give a harder hit.

With these amazing, handpicked supreme nunchucks, self defense becomes much easier once you learn how to use it. As a matter of fact, it’s important to note that using professional nunchaku without any practice can hurt the user. It is recommendable to practice and receive training with foam nunchucks first. Learn martial arts with any of the foam padded product offered by Knife Import! Not only the nunchucks, here you can buy cool knives and swords along with various other self defense and martial arts weapons and all these are available for sale on cheap wholesale rates. So, buy now and visit frequently for more interesting and informational articles.

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