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There are a few weapons and tools that can contest the multi-purpose action of knives. Whether it is used within the house or in the wilderness, a good knife is a life essential that you just have to have. But it's not enough to have any knife; every situation and setting requires a different blade. There are various uses of knives like kitchen chef activities that require small and big knives. Then a different kind of knife is used for camping and outdoor uses like hunting that are hardier and more for rough use.

It may sound surprising but knives are still a big part of sports and fighting techniques as well; there are ancient martial arts techniques that use a special knife for throwing and tricks that also require specific knives. With such diverse uses, there have to be real tools that can accommodate them all, and there is an entire array of Cheap Knives available in the market and online. But more than their affordability, there are a few handy tools you can find that are as diverse as knives. So let’s start with the basics.

The Regular and the Badass - Types of Knives and Their Uses

One of the most well-known knives in the world that are small and reliable, are pocket knives. Originally popularized by the military, these tiny knives were made as customized tools for soldiers who had to travel long and pack light. They are handy to carry and are equipped with other small tools like screwdrivers and filers that make them multi-purpose. You can literally find a thousand different variations of pocket knives for sale, not just in good weapon stores, but also online.

They are quite popular as weapons as well as carry around fashion statements, travel and house tools. If you’re looking for a good pocket knife, one of the most common best-selling items you will find is the Elk Ridge 3 Blade Stockman Knife. Available in fun colors and multiple blade options, these are the quintessential go-to knives when looking for one.

Moving on from the real household-based tools, a knife is still a handy thing to have onboard when you’re on the move. Even for tasks as simple as cutting packages, ropes, wires, to tweaking locks and cutting food, a good knife works well outdoors and is also easy to carry. The first thing you should for is the best folding knife you can find; they are a step above pocket knives because they have a bigger blade, which is foldable that makes it easy to carry and safe to use. This is also a popular category of knives, so finding good designs is not a problem.

Find a Quality Spring Loaded Knife

One of the combinations you want to go for is the folding spring assisted knives, because they are very safe and handy to have around the house and to keep for outdoor use. You can find a quality spring loaded knife like the Tac Force Spring Assisted Opening Folder Pocket Knife with a Pakka Wood Handle this has a hidden blade that can be kept concealed until needed. It also has a ridged and sharp pointed blade that can be used with different things.

The next best thing to a folding knife is fixed blade knives; they have a stronger blade and are bigger in size that makes them ideal for outdoor use. Essentially any knife that has a blade that can’t be folded and is embedded is a good fixed blade knife. Given that their blade allows for better cutting and slicing, these knives are normally used in the kitchen as well as a hunting knife. You can find a plethora of designs in this particular knife category as they are widely used in different activities which make them quite handy.

If you are into hunting and adventurous camping trips, then something like the 2-piece Elk Ridge Gut is a hunter’s dream. Whether it is simple fishing trips or a daring solo trip into the wilderness, this is the best survival knife you can find for all these adventures.

When it comes to survival knives, you need something that is sturdy and that can be used both for hunting and for cutting down and chopping wood, hunting animals, and foraging; a popular choice in that area is the machete knife. It is a large fixed blade knife that is popular in tropical countries and is primarily used for heavy work.

It is also native to South America and is used for cutting tough foods like coconuts, tree bark, and bamboo shoots, so they also make great household tools as well. If you don’t have the option of getting a specific ridged edged knife for separate hunting experiences, then a machete will serve well as an all-rounder knife that can pretty much take care of any survival task in the wild.

Lethal Weapons – Knives to Eliminate Danger

Another very important use of knives is obviously as self-defense weapons. This is the not-so-safe and friendly section of knives you might want to only go in with experience and ability. Given that a blade of any sort would make a good personal protection tool, you can find knives that are perfect for quick getaways and combat.

People usually prefer to use assisted opening knives that are quick to open and smaller in size so they can be carried everywhere even in a social gathering and also provide you the protection you need, should you get attacked. Speaking of self-defense; it is a tricky road to understanding what you can handle as a weapon to carry around when looking for a good tool.

When it comes to defense, one spectrum is your regular pepper sprays and Tasers that work great and are made for people who can’t fight to defend themselves. The other side of the spectrum is dangerous and should be pursued with caution; using harmful weapons like guns or karambit knives. These are curved blade knives that usually have finger holes for better grip, but they are mostly illegal due to their lethal nature.

They have pointed blades that are quite sharp and can be used to kill someone. Right up the ally of these dangerous knives is the stiletto knife; primarily used for assassination or killing, this knife is no longer legal and is only purchasable with a license for things like hunting. These are edgeless, sharp thrusting knives that could be alternately useful as hunting knives but should be steered clear of if one doesn’t know how to use them properly.

Similarly, the practice butterfly knife is another lethal blade one shouldn’t be handling with carelessness. These are dual blade knives that close in the middle and can be swung around to swish the blade when using it. While there are skilled people that can do awesome tricks with these knives, they can really cut and slice you if you don’t know how to use them properly.

Speaking of tricks, throwing knives are seldom used as fighting weapons, but they are also party tricks that are quite impressive and still in use. The ancient martial arts fighters do use them as part of their fighting techniques, and there is a proper sport of target throwing that involves these knives but it a novice sport.

Self Defense Knives for Sale

As mentioned earlier, self-defense is one of the main reasons people buy weapons, other than collection. There are some handy little knives that make for great self-defense tools. Pocket knives are obviously one good option, but there are certain knives that are made specifically to harm and arm against. Some easily available and cheap knives you can find is the hidden belt knife and brass knuckle knife.

They are both wearable weapons that are great for self-defense; whether you are out on a social night or traveling alone, something like the Silver Cat Knuckle and the Hidden Belt Buckle Knife with Belt works awesomely as stealthy self defense weapons. They don’t draw suspicion and they look great which is an added bonus.

Novelty Weapons – Collectible Knives for Sale

Now, leaving the violent profile of knives behind, one of the greatest fascinations people have with knives is their history and their make. The more craft that goes into a knife, the more valuable it becomes to a knife enthusiast who marvels at its design and texture. These are also the types of knives that are incredibly popular and easily available. Though all these knives like the dagger or engraved knives are functioning weapons, collectors are interested in how they look and their lethal qualities are secondary.

If you are a collector, you can get affordable knives like the Rainbow Cleaver Blade Sornf Assisted Knife with Pakka Wood Handle which is a top quality collectible rainbow knife perfect for a knife collection showcase. You will find the most sophisticated collectible knives online like the Elk Ridge Closed Gold Gentlemen’s Knife which is great n quality as well as looks.

Knives are one of the most versatile tools you will find, both in design and purpose, and they are all waiting to be bought by knife enthusiasts like you, so go ahead and choose a knife of your liking that fits your bill and your fancy.

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