The nunchaku has gained enough popularity that one does not have to describe them to any person. Having different names such as the fighting or karate sticks, the Nunchucks actually originated with their use in Japanese and Okinawan martial arts. Interestingly, the weapon’s popularity is owed to, not any Japanese but, a Chinese martial artist and movie star.

Yes, it was indeed Bruce Lee nunchucks performances spread out his various action films that brought nunchaku into the limelight. No one that practices fighting with the weapon, or dreams of doing it, is unknown to the legend name Bruce Lee. We are sure you must have watched some of his cool nunchaku performances from the movies as well!

Anyhow, practicing with any weapon cannot become possible until unless you have one. So, today’s blog is basically a guide on how to buy the best nunchucks for sale through and then learn some basic techniques to begin your training towards becoming a grandmaster.

A warning in advance, it will not be easy to master even the basic nunchaku tricks. Always remember you will need to be patient. Now, if you already have some cool nunchucks to practice with, then you skip right to the topic where we discuss basic nunchaku techniques for first timers. Otherwise read about how you can buy different types of nunchucks for your training.

Nunchucks and Its Types - Which One Do I Need?

While starting out with this weapon, you will only require one of its types and that is the practice nunchucks. What’s so special about them? Nothing in particular other than the fact that such nunchaku sticks are covered with foam, in order to soften the blows during the practice. Given its foam covering the weapon, many people also call them by the name foam nunchucks.

You will come across various other types as well, therefore it’s important you have an idea which nunchucks are okay for you to buy and which is not!

• Wooden Nunchucks

The most common version of the weapon. Traditionally, martial artists used wooden nunchucks to practice their fighting skills. However it’s the 21st century, which means safety comes first in everything even martial arts. This has given rise to the use of foam ones for practice before advancing to the real nunchucks made with wood and other materials.

• Speed Nunchaku

A cool variation of the weapon as it’s much smaller than the usual nunchaku for sale out there. As they are smaller in size, speed chucks can be easily concealed and used to defend you against an attacker with quick strikes. Still, not an ideal type of nunchucks for practicing or beginners. Thus, use it only after you have some understanding of how to fight with nunchucks!

• Metal Nunchucks

As their name suggests, metal nunchucks for sale are made completely out of metal and thus not your run of the mill weapons. They are designed to carry out some serious punishment meaning you can only use them after becoming an advanced level nunchaku fighter. You won’t need this type of weapon anytime soon, so it’s best to not look for one now or even later in life!

• Acrylic Nunchaku Sticks

Made with transparent acrylic material, these nunchucks for sale are extremely cool looking when used in a light show. When any light passes through the acrylic, it gives the impression that someone’s waving around nunchaku sticks of that specific color. Similar to the previous types we discussed, you will love watching the acrylic nunchaku in action but not in your own hands. As they can be a tad bit difficult to handle for a beginner just like any other real nunchucks for sale available out there!

Buying the Best Nunchucks for Sale

Getting the best weapon doesn’t only mean it’s made out of top quality materials and will remain in good condition for a long while. You have got to be able to afford it as well. That’s why we have taken it upon ourselves to present you with some good nunchucks, which you can purchase at cheap wholesale prices using Knife Import.

To practice nunchaku techniques you should go for the best foam-padded weapon you get your hands on. So, we suggest you should take a look at the following:

• White Foam Padded Nunchaku

Nunchaku - Chained 12 Inch White Foam Padded nunchucks

The thing that makes it the best foam nunchaku is that it’s a high quality metal chained weapon, has securely padded foam with a cool dragon design each nunchaku stick, and, as a matter of fact, available at an extremely low wholesale rate. So, if you are thinking of practicing nunchucks for fun, or even learning martial arts formally, you need to buy it as soon as possible.

This 12-inch foam padded weapon will cost you no more than $4.99 through the best knife and martial arts weapons wholesaler Knife Import!

In case, you are already at an advanced level and have been practicing the weapon for a while, then you can consider other cool nunchucks for sale that are given below.

• Black Wooden Nunchaku

Black Wood Nunchaku for Sale

Martial artists often search for a traditional wooden nunchaku to use for practicing and fighting. But no one ever said that it should look exactly like a wood piece. Therefore, we give you the wooden nunchucks with a black finish. The overall length is the standard 12-inches. It comes fitted with a cast metal ball bearing chain. While the nunchaku sticks have grooves at the end that provides you a fine grip.

To buy this cool martial arts weapon, you don’t have to spend more than $5.49, but only if you know where to look (at Knife Import).

• Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchucks

Silver Aluminum Convertible Nunchucks

When we say metal nunchucks, this awesome item is what we mean! Basically it’s an 11-inch silver aluminum nunchaku that can be quickly converted into a 22-inch long police baton and back. So, this is a great two in one weapon choice for anyone that is learning to fight with nunchucks mostly for self defense.

Anyhow, being a convertible nunchaku it is not expensive. Actually it’s cheaper than you think as you can buy it for the wholesale price of $4.79 only!

• Transparent Acrylic Nunchucks

assets/images/Blogs/Clear Acrylic Nunchucks

This is the genuine article! You are going to love these clear acrylic nunchucks because nothing’s better than a smooth nunchaku with the ability to change color according to its surroundings. If you want, you can put up a great nunchucks performance for your friends and family to show off some cool nunchaku tricks.

Available at an affordable wholesale price of just $12.99, now you can finally buy it to impress everyone with your amazing skills.

How to Fight with Nunchucks?

Having formal training is the best way to go. However, learning to use nunchucks is an enjoyable activity to pass the time, so it’s not necessary to be deeply committed to it. Now, let’s go over the most basic nunchaku techniques and tips you will need to practice your skills as a beginner. Assuming you have already bought a good weapon among the various nunchucks for sale in the market, we want you to perform the following steps:

1. Wear comfortable clothing: so your clothes don’t get in the way of your practice.

2. Find an empty room: in order to avoid breaking things in your surroundings or hurting yourself with the nunchaku sticks after it hits and rebounds from another object.

3. Start slowly: and twirl the nunchucks carefully until you get the hang of it. Once you have enough control try making a figure 8 with the martial arts weapon and start passing it from one hand to the other.

4. Try learning a few basic moves: like making the figure 8, resting your nunchaku within your armpit, making left and right strikes, and stopping it by wrapping it around your waist. You can even get some books for learning more basic and advanced techniques after becoming good with the ones we mentioned.

5. You can try making strikes: by hitting the nunchucks against another object. Getting a mannequin or protective gear will help you in the long run as it enables you to learn how to attack pressure points accurately. To strike you need to:

  • Hold the weapon and put it under you arm
  • Then grab the end you are holding and flip it outwards in the direction of the target
  • You can try other ways to strike opponents as well

6. Keep practicing the basics and complex moves: because after a while you will have to learn advanced techniques anyway. You might just end up making a few new moves yourself, who knows!

7. Start using real nunchucks: made with wood, metal, acrylic, or other hard materials after you are well experienced handling the weapon. The sudden jump from one type of nunchaku to the other can be counter-productive. So, stick to one weapon until you are absolutely sure that you are ready to move to the next.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot after reading today’s blog on everything you need to know about buying the best nunchucks at wholesale price and using them for fighting, or defending yourself.

In case you find this piece helpful and informational, then you should always stop by Knife Import. For we keep adding new blogs, much like this one, on a daily basis. Looking forward to your next visit. But until then, we bid you farewell!

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