Ninja Sword

The Japanese swords stand out as a premier weapon of power and legendary work of art in both appearance and fabrication; made by pattern wielding or folding. They have become a “must-have” for any weapon or sword enthusiast worldwide. There are many types of these swords. Among them, ninja sword is one of the most popular and well-known. In this article, you will get some quality information about it from the past to present era. So, don’t discontinue reading this masterpiece!

Description of Ninja Sword

Ninjato is the other name of the real ninja sword. It is a legendary weapon. It is a short straight-bladed sword with a square handguard and somehow, it is similar to the samurai sword which is also known as katana. However, it is shorter than the traditional samurai swords and it is straight unlike the majority of swords in Japan. Because of small size, it is more convenient to use in a quick fight. However, keep in mind that it requires great skills as compared to katana. Ninjas used these blades to spike enemies, unlike samurais who slashed opponents with their swords. Besides, ninja sword was used in different manners than the katana and was considered as a tool as opposed to a weapon of art.

Design of Real Ninja Sword

In general, it is typically defined as short sword having straight blade and square-shaped guard. The actual length of weapon is approximately less than 60 cm, whereas its remaining part is relatively thick, straight, and heavy.

When it comes to ninja’s history, there is no solid proof of using these real swords by the ninjas before 20th century. Hence, in spite of disputed historical presence of these weapons, some experts describe that their typical description was centered on the ninjas and their needs of manufacturing their swords and other weapons themselves.

Mostly ninjas used slabs of steel or iron with the groundbreaking being ground on a stone. They also developed their swords with straight blades as the process of creating such blades was quite easier than the curved and serrated blades of the Japanese tradition.

Another feasible reason for describing the ninja sword as a straight-bladed was that the ninjas were imitating one of the supporters of Buddhist deities of the ninja families, named Fudo Myo-oh. He described that the wielding of a straight-bladed small sword was similar to the Chokuto.

Later, a historian, Stephen Turnbull specialized in the Japanese military also described the ninja swords and other weapons. He listed that ninjato was one of the most crucial ninja weapons. Although it was the standard combat sword or katana, the ninjas would like to use a shorter and straighter blade rather than the usual one only for convenience.

History of Ninja Swords

As we have told you above that the presence of these swords in history is still uncertain. However, it is pretty sure that ninjas surely used them for their missions and combats as well. Though these blades don’t have any clear evidence during the earliest periods, the survival swords that could be considered as ninja swords were manufactured during the Edo period (16th – 19th century). Nevertheless, they were used during the Japanese war time before the Edo period have not been found.

However, their history could be found from 20th century onwards as some of the highlights are given below:

1956 – The first photo of a straight blade sword was displayed in a Japanese booklet named Ninjutsu written by Heishichiroo Okuse.

1964 – The Ninja Museum of Igaryu in Japan was built where the replicas of ancient Japanese swords were showcased.

1973 – Newly made and imported ninjato appeared in the Black Belt (an American Magazine).

1981 – The books written by Masaaki Hatsumi and Stephen K. Hayes were published and they included their references.

1983 – The first Hollywood Movie “Revenge of the Ninja” was released, which featured the ninjato.

1984 – The first American TV series “The Master” featured these swords.

The Functions of Ninja Sword

As defined above, it is shorter than the katana sword. This spec gave the ninjas easiness to use it in narrow space. However, the key purpose of using the real ninja sword was to stab enemies except to kill them. This was the reason why it did not have a curved-shaped blade, unlike the others. To use the blade effectively, ninjas used it more in a stabbing motion and it is quite a different technique as compared to the samurai sword’s function.

Moreover, it is also true that the function of a ninjato is not limited to just slaying a person. Ninjas utilized it for several other purposes such as climbing walls.

Modern Ninja Swords for Sale

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Final Words

Overall it is certainly a sword to impress. The straight blade with a square-shaped handguard, popular in the history and present era as well because of the depiction in movies that is a reminder of a wonderful work of art. These unique ninja weapons standout across the world and are now widely using as decorative and functional purposes. So, if you are willing to have one, check out the replicas of real swords for sale at Knife Import. You will definitely get a ninja sword that suits your needs and choices as well.

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