Butterfly Knife

You want to keep a knife in your bag as a defensive tool, balisong or butterfly knife is the best option to choose. It is sharp and light in weight which can cut the things quickly. Nowadays, there are various cool knives for sale available in the market but butterfly knives are well known among customers due to their great quality. They have a great quality of flip and you can perform the movements with them very easily.

The history of butterfly knife is controversial as there is confusion between its first uses. These types of knives were used in the 50s in the Philippines and with the immigrants made their way in the world. The French also claimed that they have invented and designed the first real butterfly knife but it is still a fact to be proved. The Spanish sailors used them in the 18th to 19th century. The actual production of cool butterfly knives was started in 1905.

The meaning of balisong is also not known. Some say that this word has no meanings. Some people believe that this knife was designed first time in the city of “Balisong” in the Philippines now known as Barrio, and it was named after the city. The Barrio is famous for making these types of knives. The most common meaning of this word from the language used at that time “Tagalog”, its meaning is a knife with the two handles which rotates around a tang.

It can be used as self defense after the training of martial arts. You can get the training to learn how to use a balisong and which movements can take a few seconds to protect yourself by using it? There are several schools available in different countries to teach you about using a butterfly knife. If you are never carried it before and never know to use it, no need to worry. In these institutions, you can learn the basics as they train the new beginners and the people with advanced training who have the basic knowledge as well.

The Best Features of a Butterfly Knife

These cool knives have various features that are discussed below:

1. Fast Opening

If you are feeling any danger in your surroundings or someone attacked you suddenly, no need to worry. By having a balisong knife in your bag, you can easily protect yourself. You can open it very fast. You do not need to put force on it to open it. You can simply open it by one hand in a single movement.

2. Locked When Open

When you open it, it is flawlessly locked. You do not need to hold it, again and again, to restrict it from closing. It has the best locking system that locked it perfectly once it is opened to use.

3. Locked When Close

The lock system of the butterfly knife is very effective. When you close it you can place it anywhere without thinking that it will be opened and can cause any harm. It locked safely in its case when you close it and will only open when you will open it.

4. Useful Tool

It is very useful and the best choice to keep in your knife collection. It is sharp and can cut anything in the first attempt very impressively. You can use it to cut a different kind of stuff both soft and hard. Butterfly knife trainer also served as a non-lethal and blunt impactful tool.

5. Sharp Blade

It has a sharp and very well defined blade. The blade is designed according to the international standards to cut the stuff in a refined shape and without using any force.

6. Aggressive Look

The balisong knife looks very aggressive if we talk about its looks. You want to warn or scare someone to protect yourself. These knives are designed in a way that makes them very aggressive and dangerous.

7. Easier to Conceal

It is very easy to conceal or hide. It is slim and smart and can be placed anywhere to hide it. You can conceal it in your bag or can hide it in your shoes or in the pocket of pant. You can also stuff it in your socks.

8. Best EDC Knife

The butterfly knife is a type of blade which you can carry every day with your other belongings. As it never takes much place, light in weight and can be hidden easily. You can carry it with yourself every time and anywhere.

9. No Need to Sharp

It is designed for the self defense purpose, so its blade is already very sharp. You do not need to sharpen it again and again to improve its quality.

10. Decorative Designs

Cool butterfly knives are designed very beautifully. You can purchase them with beautiful designs. Their prices are varied according to the quality and designs. Hence, you can find cheap knives at Knife Import and get your desired one at a pocket-friendly price.

11. No Springs to Worry

The blade of the balisong knife is not connected with any springs. So, it must not be your concern. It has only a few moving parts and normally has a simple latch and you can rely on this.

How to Use a Butterfly Knife Correctly?

To use it more efficiently, you should understand all butterfly knife tricks. So, it is very important to take the training of its usage. You need to take out time and need to do practice to get the command over its perfect use. As these knives are designed in a way that will help you to protect yourself from any enemy within seconds but the only condition is that you must know the movements. Its blade is very fine and sharp which has a long life. You do not need to buy it after every 6 months and you do not need to even worry about sharpening its blade like other knives.

Butterfly Knife for Sale - Be Careful While Purchasing

If you are buying it for self defense purposes, you must know the difference between butterfly knife trainer and the real one. The trainers with fade blades are intentionally designed for the beginners, or the persons who are at the initial stage of using it and taking the training. While the cool butterfly knives have sharp blades for your protection purposes. This is the most important thing you need to look at while buy a butterfly knife for sale.

Moreover, it is also recommended that you should search for a reliable place if you are planning to purchase these knives. KnifeImport.com is a trustworthy dealer that serves every customer in the best manner. Our large collection of butterfly knives for sale is available at very cheap prices. So, you can simply choose your favorite and buy now! However, if you are a businessman and interested in bulk buying, you can look at the wholesale knives available for sale here. You will surely earn the maximum profits by reselling these cheap knives.

Bottom Line

Cool butterfly knives are very famous even nowadays. You can see them in the Hollywood, Bollywood movies and in video games using as a tool of self defense, especially used by a hero to protect himself or other people from the enemies.

The balisong is used as self defense purposes due to its excellent features. Its importance can’t be compromised or ignored. You can easily carry a butterfly knife with yourself anytime and anywhere. It can serve you as your bodyguard but you must know the laws of your country regarding it.

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