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Streets are not safe for anyone, anymore! You can always expect threat from any stranger that comes in a disguise but turns out to be a robber, looter, kidnaper or any other person who tends to do you harm. The police is not always around the corner. People may or may not be present at the scene. In such circumstances, you need to protect yourself. Self defense is the most important thing in this regards and everybody must be aware of it. Keeping contemporary situation in view, Knife Import provides you the best self defense weapons that you can always keep with you and can bring in use when needed. There is a lot of demand for reasonable priced self defense weapons and this allows you to profit from it.

Brass Knuckles:

A gold colored brass knuckle has bug finger holes for the proper adjustment of fingers and firm grip of hand. At the front, it has a rectangular design on all four edges, which will leave a long lasting impression on the face of your enemy. It could also be converted into a buckle when screwed in a buckle pin. Quality and features ensure high price in market. Such fine brass knuckles for sale are available at Knife Import at very low wholesale price. Check out the top selling knuckle duster in our collection. Do not miss the opportunity until stock is sold out.

Stun Guns:

Stun gun is a tool for self-defense which blocks the signals being sent to voluntary muscles by the brain. A strike from stun gun has enough voltage to make your attacker unconscious for approximately five to ten minutes. It does not cause any harmful effect or injury rather just stops the opponent for excelling in his/her bad intentions. They are available in a variety such as we have the pink taser, the lipstick taser, the flashlight taser and many more. These best stun guns for sale are present in cheap prices and come in handy at times of chaos. Small stun guns can be attached to car key chain or ladies hand bag.

Pepper Spray:

You can also invest your money in buying these amazing pepper sprays at a very less cost from It is small in size and compact in nature, very feasible to fit in your hand bag. Pepper spray has been tested from laboratory and has a fine quality. It comes in a beautiful holster with a key chain. Easy opening makes it possible to use the pepper spray quickly when needed. You can buy at wholesale price and quickly sell out and make large profits.


The baton is a defensive item and is used to block, to strike, to thrust and to coerce the attacker. Have a look at the expandable self-defense baton for sale at Knife Import that come in very reasonable prices. Selling them to retailers or in huge markets can save you a lot of time and energy. These batons are made with high quality steel and last long.


Police Handcuffs:

Police Handcuffs for sale are exactly the ones police uses. These are available at Knife Import and you have access to buy them at discounted wholesale price. You can sale them to your targeted buyers and can make as much profit as you like. These real police handcuffs are manufactured using stainless steel and are made to last. Durability cannot be challenged at all.

Self defense Keychain:

These keychains are the best self defense tools by far. At a regular glance, these appear to be some really beautiful keychains having shapes of cat face, dog or skull. But when attacked by someone, this self defense keychain come to action and take the form of a knuckle. The eyes of cat become finger holes and its ear become the sharp edges ready to mess up you attackers face. All the process happens in the span of a second. These are available at low prices and in different colors on online store. Grab your stock of self-defense keychain and make easy money out of our wholesale prices.


Slappers for sale are made up of an excellent quality of leather. The outer thick skin is sewn by a steel handle. One strong strike is enough to tackle the attacker. These, too, are present in cheap prices. Investing your money in buying self-defense weapons is definitely a wise decision.

Kubotan Stick:

Kubotan stick is of high value as it is highly helpful in the counterattacks via painful locks and pressure point strikes. It is also called the “instrument of judgement”. When used, the opponent will find hard to stand by its effectivity hence it can be taken as an important self defense weapon. Knife Import also offers you special discount on Kubotan sticks and allows you to buy them in with a small sum of money. Selling to individuals further in high price will give you huge profit in minimum time.

Self Defense Knives:

Self defense knives for sale are very handy on They come in a fine texture. The blade is very clean and strictly sharp and pointed at edges. Always ready to tear things apart. Some of the self defense knives come as fixed blade knives and some are available as folding knives. Whatever item you go for they surely will prove best in the hour of need. Everybody can keep such item in their pocket all the time. Therefore. Investing in self defense knives can earn a handsome fortune.  


In a nutshell, Knife Import is the best online store for purchasing best self defense weapons in bulk and then selling them out to individuals at high prices. In this way, your profit is ensured and saved. Knife Import is a wholesale company so you can be assured of getting the best lowest price deal. Take advantage of this opportunity and start making money asap!