Brass knuckles, deadly self defense weapon as suggested by its name, are made up of a metal called brass. Brass adds an extreme power to the punch because of its sturdiness and firmness making them a great self defense weapon to carry. Real Brass knuckles are highly durable and long lasting as they do not corrode. Brass knuckles for sale are available at very low prices.

As contemporary world is full of danger. You never know when you can get attacked by a bunch of thugs trying to snatch your mobile or by some thief trying to rob you off your possessions. Police is not always present around the corner and sometimes there is no one to help you. For such situations, you need to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. Self defense brass knuckles are one important strategy in this regard. Cheap brass knuckles for sale are available which will help you to protect yourself against all possible dangers. Best brass knuckles will provide you safety everywhere and always. Therefore, do not miss the chance of buying real brass knuckles in different varieties and shapes. Let's check out the brass knuckles we have for you.

Knuckle duster

Knuckle duster is a piece of metal which is specifically designed for the purpose of self-defense. The bottom of knuckle dusters is sometimes made up of leather. Knuckle dusters are worn on back of person’s hand and when they hit somebody, there is a heavy chance of the opponent getting hurt badly. Knuckle duster, therefore, is mandatory if someone is concerned about his/her protection.

Spiked brass knuckle

Spiked brass knuckles have an additional feature which is that they possess spikes at the extreme end. Brass knuckle is a dangerous weapon but with spikes, it becomes a deadly self-defense weapon. Big spikes emerging from knuckles will make the enemy think twice before attacking you.

Power of punches is further reinforced through the use of brass in the manufacturing of spiked brass knuckles. Brass is also long lasting and durable. There is no fear of the knuckles breakage.  In this way, you will have an edge in a fight. Spiked brass knuckles are compact in size and can easily fit into your pocket. These self defense weapons are really amazing to carry.

Cat brass knuckle

When looked upon for the first time, cat brass knuckle appears to be a harmless piece shaped like a cat. But with a little ponder on effect, it can turn out to be a deadly self-defense weapon. Cat brass knuckles are comparatively more popular among women as it is a little girlish. Females are common to be seen with items having doll faces, dog faces, cat faces etc. Therefore, if they carry this with them, no one will doubt it for anything more than a mere girlish item. In case of any kind of attack, same harmless looking cat item will become a highly modern self-defense weapon.

Material used in the making up of cat brass knuckle is pure brass. A punch from metallic weapon will definitely make the attacker regret his decision. These knuckles are very sharp and can easily penetrate skin. One should, surely, buy these amazingly transforming cat brass knuckle.

Brass knuckle keychain

Brass knuckle keychains serve as two things. You can use them as keychains on regular basis keeping in them either with the home keys, office keys of the car keys. In this way, brass knuckle keychain will always be with you. You do not need to carry any extra weapon for the purpose of security. Whenever danger of any sort arrives, your keychain will be converted into a very brilliant and dangerous self-defense weapon that will knock down the enemy in few moves. It is easy to carry and swift to stimulate whenever needed.

Brass metal used in the manufacture of brass knuckle keychain makes it compact in nature and solid in its grasp. Body, as well as the frame, are all metallic made and do not face erosion. It looks harmless at the first site and this feature makes it a great item of sale for self-defense purposes. It is an ideal weapon for both, men and women. People who want to be safe round the clock will not let go the chance of buying the amazing brass knuckle keychain.