Bowie knife created in Arkansas USA by master knife craftsman James Black for Jim Bowie. It was made famous by Jim Bowie in the 19th century for his use of this knife in duel known as the Sandbar fight. Also known as Jim Bowie knife people started carrying around bowie knives because of its large size and double-edge razor sharp blade.

Bowie knife has been developed into different designs and sizes according to its use. There are hundreds of knife makers which manufacture original bowie knife with a lot of improvisations. This knife is highly appropriate for performing all kinds of tasks. Bowie knife main purpose is personal combat knife but it is liked by professional hunters because of the large size, sharp double-edged blade and easy to handle. It is often used by hunters as a skinning knife for large animals. Best bowie knife has a diverse nature making it a best-selling weapon. With all its best features and functions, tactical bowie knife is very famous among knife lovers.

It was initially designed to be used as a wearable, efficient, feasible and a close combat weapon. It used to be shorter in length than saber but had a quite heavy and sharp bowie blade. It was sturdy enough to withstand a rough attack. Cut and thrust fighting techniques and strategy lay perfect with bowie knife. Later on, due to its versatile nature, tactical bowie knife was manufactured into different sizes, designs and forms.

Optimum blade is its real strength. First glance at the bowie knife for sale, the spine of bowie knife appears to be straight and flat but when looked upon keenly, it is actually rounded at both edges. This ensures a perfect grip. Fingers easily fall on the spine of bowie knife. When grip is comfortable and strong, the impact of bowie knife becomes more powerful. Grip or spine is sometimes made up of soft metals like brass or copper which provides support. Back made of brass shows modern manufacturing. As these were often made up from old saws and scythe blades as well so original bowie knives could easily qualify for being short swords.

Most important thing lies with the usage of bowie knives. If you are a hunter then you will definitely find bowie knife pleasing. As over a long period of time, this knife has consistently been used for hunting purposes. Tasks necessary in hunting are most feasibly performed with the help of bowie hunting knife. So, if you are going for hunting and you are carrying bowie hunting knife with yourself then you are going to have a best hunting adventure which is full of thrill and perfection.

Another important factor which makes it valuable is its helping hand in self defense. During the manufacture of tactical bowie knives, practicality is kept in mind. This very factor, practicality, is the key thing which is required when the hour of self defense arrives. It means that you do not need to be a knife expert in order to use bowie knife. These bowie knives have such a diverse and versatile nature that they can easily be brought into use in different situations and scenarios. This is what makes it a best weapon to be used for self defense.

Large bowie knife is very famous among outdoor camping and adventurers because of the sheer size it’s used as a survival bowie knife in the outdoors. This knife is actually an all in one knife. The length is long enough to be used like a machete or sword for chopping woods or cutting tall grass and the blade is razor sharp. Width of bowie blade makes it very strong to be used for any purpose.

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