Bo Staff

Unlike many short-range martial arts weapons such as knives, swords, nunchucks, and sai, Bo Staff is a long-range weapon with superior reach. It enables the users to attack and defend from a distance, which can be frustrating for an opponent who has a short-range weapon. In the blog, we have some important questions that usually come to people’s minds while they want to have these weapons. So, continue reading and get the answers to all your desired questions about a martial arts staff.

1. What is Bo Staff?

It is a long and thick stick or a stick-shaped object that is typically made of oak wood. It is commonly used in several martial arts as a combat weapon. It resembles a pole. The overall length of a traditional staff weapon is 6 feet. Nevertheless, nowadays, different materials are used to create, such as steel and aluminum, etc. It also comes in different variations. There are heavy staff considered more traditional, and the lighter ones are tapered at both ends. Moreover, there are multi-sided staffs, but they are not so common compared to the usual round and circular versions.

2. What Martial Arts Use Bo Staff?

Originated in Okinawa, bo staff is basically a Japanese martial arts weapon used in Bojutsu. Today, it is usually the prime weapon taught at karate schools and is the most common weapon that can be seen at tournaments. Apart from this, Chinese Kung Fu styles also utilize the long bow staff; hence there are some differences in techniques compared to Japanese karate styles. Chinese staffs have more circular and swinging techniques than in Japanese karate martial arts.

Several other martial arts offer you staff training, including Aikido, Ninjutsu, and Bujutsu, etc. As well, it is used in numerous weapon katas and forms. Like Japanese and Chinese, the Koreans, Filipinos, and East Indians also prefer the staff to be fighting weapons. Even the English people have their own versions of the bo staff, such as a quarterstaff that is an eight-foot-long piece of wood that is generally used for defensive purposes.

3. Is Martial Arts Staff Good Weapon?

Of course, it is! Martial arts staff is a very effective yet non-lethal weapon for self-protection. So, have one and start learning this weapon. It will improve your martial arts empty hand techniques, and when you use it for self defense, it will increase your chances of surviving in an attack on the street.

For example, if you get involved in a street fight and then need to ensure stay safe, you can use a bow staff as a fighting weapon. No matter whether your opponent throws a punch or a kick at you, you can use it to block virtually any strike. Moreover, if you are unfortunate enough to get caught in a hold, you can even use it to break out of it and keep yourself safe.

4. How Long a Bo Staff Would Be Best for You?

Formerly, the bo staff was always about 6 feet long. Hence, modern martial artists have generally found many kinds of longer and shorter staffs that work best for them. When deciding on the length, consider that a longer one extends your reach while a shorter one is easier to manage. Moreover, you can opt for an extendable bo staff that can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

5. How Wide a Bo Staff Would Be Best for You?

While using a staff weapon, you should be able to close your fist around its center. Though tapering has some benefits, it should not have a great effect on its width you select. Keep in mind that wider staffs are heavier than the equivalent narrow ones.

6. Which Staff Weapon is Right for You?

For Demos:

If you are looking for a staff weapon only for demonstrations, you should pick up a lighter bo that will let you greater speed and easier direction changes. Many brands make the lightest staff and even specially design Demonstration Bo Staff which are flashy and very glossy. However, if your demonstration involves ground strikes, a sturdier one may be ideal.

For Strength and Stamina Training:

A heavier bow staff will help you improve your strength and speed, offering you an edge during future use. You can search online for heavy-weight staff. Try to find the quality one at an affordable price because it may break during training.

For Combat Training:

If you learn to use a bo staff for combat training, you need to understand that accidental combats during martial arts training may hurt you. Unintentionally, hard strikes can cause broken ribs and some other serious injuries. Therefore, you should try to choose a wooden staff for training purposes.

For Self Defense:

However, if you are interested in using a bow staff for self-defense, you can go for a collapsible bo staff. It is also known as an extendable or retractable bo staff. This is the best fighting staff as it is easy to use because it is adjustable according to your needs.

7. How Much Does a Bo Staff Cost?

If you visit the market and look at the extensive variety of bo staff for sale, you will find it affordable. Even though the prices vary with each material and style, it is up to you how much you want to spend on it. Once you decide on the budget, you can search for the one that will be the best in quality and suit your pocket at the same time.

However, if you choose an online option, make sure the platform you have chosen is reliable and authentic. One more thing, make sure that they deliver the same product of the same quality they are receiving your hard-earned money.

8. Where to Buy a Good-Quality Martial Arts Staff?

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Final Words

We have probably answered all your questions, and now you have a clear understanding of this martial arts weapon. However, it would help if you practiced on your own or get some professional training to learn a bo staff's proper usage. It will surely help you to keep survive in critical circumstances.

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