We reckon most people will think about baton twirling, used in gymnastics and aerobics, when someone mentions the word ‘baton’. However, we mean to discuss the metal sticks that law enforcement, security personnel, military and other such forces usually carry.

Everybody is worried for their safety after constantly hearing about terrorist attacks and horrible crimes occurring all over the world, and people in the US are no exception. So, it’s best to be equipped with a self defense weapon that can provide you with protection in similar situations.

For this very reason, Knife Import is providing top quality self defense weapons to its customers on wholesale prices. Expandable baton, pepper spray, stun gun and brass knuckles are our major products in this category.

Currently, if you think that a stick made of steel cannot help you like other weapons such as knives and guns, then perhaps you will change your mind after reading the following reasons as to why you should own an extendable baton to defend yourself.

Reasons to Keep a Police Baton by Your Side

Without wasting any more words, let’s share the main advantages of having a compact metal stick in your pocket somewhere.

1. No Legality Issues

The biggest problem while carrying most self defense weapons is that you cannot go everywhere with them. Guns need a permit and even with one many areas are off limit to people equipped with a gun. While knives are banned in various states altogether.

However, if you keep a collapsible baton for protection then it can be taken to different places where the other weapons cannot even be mentioned. This in turn means, you will be safe to go to any place as your baton will never leave your side.

2. Compact Design for Everyday Carry

What makes any weapon for self defense worth having is its compactness and level of concealment. If you cannot carry a weapon in the first place, just because it’s too heavy or big, then it is completely useless. But, a telescoping baton is perfect as a means of protection because it can be easily hidden and carried within one of your pocket or sleeve.

3. Instant Baton Expansion

As it’s an extending metal stick, people might worry what if doesn’t open in time? But that is the thing an expandable baton is made for the purpose of retracting and extending instantly. No matter how many times you get it to open and close, it will work just fine. So, the next time you feel the need to defend yourself, keep an expandable police baton with you and never fear as it will extend within a fraction of moment.

4. No Practice Required for Use

This is another good reason for owning a steel baton because why would anyone feel the need to learn or practice how to use a stick as a weapon, will you? Obviously no!

Knowing efficient ways to attack an opponent is a good thing but that is completely different topic and one not up for discussion right now. But still if you do want other choices amongst the best self defense weapons then you can look up brass knuckles, which is quite similar to the item in question when it comes to no training required for its usage.

Knives and especially guns are somewhat difficult to get the hand of and even quite lethal options when discussing self defense. So, it’s better to stick with the metal stick (pun intended) as it is non-lethal.

5. No Maintenance Required

Most weapons in the world needs to be maintained, either cleaned or sharpened with the passage of time, to keep them effective. But most batons for sale, available in the market, do not require any maintenance and extra care to keep them in useful state.

6. Highly Effective Weapon

In ancient times, all people ever needed was a hard wooden stick to fend off most attackers (human or animal) and now you have its latest and highly effective version that is a tactical baton. Many a times, just waving around the thick metal stick is enough to scare an assailant but if things escalate, a hard blow with the expandable baton will do the trick and bring the attacker down.

7. Keeps Automatic Sliding Doors from Closing

At one time or another, we have faced or seen a situation where the elevator doors keep on closing while someone is desperately trying to keep them ajar. What do you think will be helpful for them? A metal baton that can keep the doors from closing, this can even save lives under emergency situation where the elevator doors should remain open to let the people escape from an elevator shaft.

There you have it! If you have gone through all the reasons to have an expandable police baton stated on this page, you must know that it can lead you on to becoming a hero in many people’s eyes. If you are not interested in being famous then saving someone’s life, along with your own, is above anything else in the world so that is a reward in itself. Now, wouldn’t you want that? If you ask us, we won’t let such a chance go by at attaining glory and neither should you.

By chance if you do get your hands on a telescopic baton then try it out and check to see what else can be approved in this blog, and perhaps get back to us to spread the new knowledge and experiences you have gained. If you still think that batons won’t be as good as knives or guns then we implore you to go through this blog once more, and you just might find our reasoning to be agreeable. Thanks for spending your time to read the purpose behind using a baton for self defense, and we hope this has helped you.

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