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There’s no such thing as perfect. Perhaps that is true, but first, you got to read this blog and then tell us, were you able to find some good pocket knives afterward or not! We want to talk about how you can find the perfect pocket knife for your everyday carry (EDC) for today's piece.

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Okay! Let’s come back to the main discussion and talk about how you can get the perfect folding knife for yourself that you can carry anywhere.

What to Look for in the Best Pocket Knives?

It would help if you always looked for the following traits in the best pocket knife:

1. Can Be Used as a Multipurpose Tool

In case you are not an outdoorsy type, you can skip a high-quality knife and get an EDC tool that comes with a simple blade. However, such tools do not care about giving the user the best pocket knife, so the blades can be made out of cheap steel that is highly prone to breaking apart. You can have a hard time using these knives as they don’t give you the excellent grip you need, while it may require both your hands to open and close the blade. We don’t think they are very comfortable to carry either. So, always a good idea to take a whole other pocket knife with you in addition to an EDC multi-tool on a keychain toolkit.

2. Can Be Carried with Ease and Comfort

It has to be an everyday carry item, so you must carry your cool pocket knife with the utmost ease. As you may know, a Swiss army knife can be bulky, heavy, and hard to carry as it doesn’t have a clip. If you go for one, you will have to carry it very carefully, keep it in a deep pocket or an outdoor survival kit or something. This is why you should always consider how you will carry your pocket knives, as most of them come with a clip.

Thus, know whether you want its tip to ride up or down? Also, how and where is the clip protruding from? Because in most SOG knives, the clip protrudes from the top of the handle, which allows a spring assisted pocket knife to sit comfortably in your pocket while being completely concealed.

Another thing is that you should be able to carry the blade securely and discreetly. You don’t want to carry folding pocket knives that have blades popping right through your pocket and telling everyone that you have got one or more on you. So, when you look at it now, you are searching for a knife that you can carry comfortably, discreetly, and securely, for it shouldn’t open or close unexpectedly!

3. Whether the Pocket Knife Should Lock or Not?

You would want your blade to be locked. But there are some cases where a non-locking blade works fine as well. How come?

If you are a beginner, you may not know that most big folding knives come with locks as they prevent the blade from folding back, on the fingers or hand, while users try to carry out hard tasks with their pocket knives. Thus, if you are looking for a blade that may be used for cutting up hard material and endure other similar punishments, then you are looking for a quality pocket knife with a great locking mechanism. 

You will find that manufacturers are boasting of their various locking mechanisms, e.g., axis lock, arc lock, compression or frame lock, etc. But if you have no idea, all you can do is read up knife reviews for the blade you want to buy.

On the other hand, you can opt for a non-locking blade—In case you are only going to use your cheap pocket knife for something like slicing cheese or spreading butter on your toast.

4. The Blade Size is Important

Usually, everyone would want a long enough blade that can quickly and easily do the job. However, the authorities are always on the lookout for illegal pocket knives. So, you must never ignore your state laws regarding EDC pocket knives for sale or personal use. As some states only allow you to carry blades 2.5-inches long, so always be careful what kind of blade you can have upon those cool pocket knives you want to get!

5. Blade Style Also Matters

Having a sharp and point blade is not enough because every blade style comes with its unique strengths and weaknesses. So, you should choose one of the blade styles that suits your requirements best. For your consideration, some pocket knife blade styles are as follows:

  • Clip point (good for slicing and penetrating)
  • Drop Point (easy and perfect slicing)
  • Spear Point (designed for penetration purposes)
  • Tanto Point (blade-style inspired from Japanese samurai swords)
  • Straight Back (as the name implies)
  • Hawkbill (blade used in karambit knives)
  • Trailing Point (skinning knife that has a weak tip)
  • Wharncliffe (easy to sharpen and good for wood carving)
  • Pen Knife (used to sharpen quills—a rather ordinary blade)
  • Spey Point (mostly used by hunters, designed for spying animals)
  • Sheep’s foot (has a blunt tip, so a good pocket knife when you need to cut off seat belts without stabbing the people wrapped in them)

6. Can be Opened Singlehandedly

If you are looking for assisted opening knives to carry around, they should open using only one hand. Switchblades are another option when it comes to popping out your blade with a single push of a button or lever. However, manual-folding pocket knives for sale offer you much secure opening, closing, and operating mechanisms than any folding blade with springs. Adding a spring mechanism in a pocket knife can make it less durable and more prone to failures while opened, closed, or used in general.

7. Made from Good Type of Steel

As you may know, most pocket and kitchen knives are made from stainless steel, and there is a good reason behind it. But if you’re trying to get the best survival knife, you must go for a carbon steel blade as it can be sharpened and maintained easily compared to stainless steel blades. Therefore, whenever out to get the perfect pocket knives, you must not fall into the traps of cheap knife manufacturers telling you to buy their surgical-grade blades while not revealing the name and qualities of the steel/alloy used for making the pocket knife for sale.

That’s all we have got for you in this blog! Please keep visiting our website for more similar blogs to get all the information you need for buying quality knives for sale, either pocket or fixed blades. Thanks for reading!

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