Best Survival Knife

A survival knife has all the features required to help you survive out there in the wilderness. It is a must have item for any trip you are planning into places faraway from hustling bustling cities. Our main goal for today’s blog is to tell you about some of the best survival knives available for sale online in 2019.

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Top 7 Survival Knives for Sale

You will definitely be needing the perfect knife in case you plan to go on a trekking trip of any kind. Even if you are not the adventurous type, you should still look upon the following survival knives—can’t hurt you, can it?

1. Survival Bowie Knife with Saw Back Blade

1.Survival Bowie Knife

bowie knife After taking a look at this cool knife one cannot just stay away. How can you? It’s impossible! We think most people are sold right after taking note of its beautiful bowie knife style two-toned blade. There’s even a saw blade at the back of this best survival knife, manufactured by Survivor brand, which can help you carry out various tasks related to cutting and sawing. While its rubber handle is injection molded and provides you a fine ergonomic grip. It can definitely take you out of a pinch!

Find out all its features mentioned below:

  • Fixed blade with bowie knife design
  • Overall length is 11.25”
  • 3cr13 stainless steel blade measuring 6” in length
  • Injection molded rubber handle 5.25” long
  • Nylon Sheath provided along with this cheap survival knife costing only $7.79 (at wholesale price)

2. Survivor Jungle Camo Combat Survival Knife

2.Survivor Jungle knife

You will find many bowie style survival knives for sale in this list. However, they all have their unique features and this blade is no exception. Completely shrouded in camo design, the Survivor combat survival knife in question will sweep you off your feet. It offers:

  • A good stainless steel camo blade that has a number of saw teeth on its spine
  • Camo handle with handguard
  • Extended blunt metal surface on pommel for hammering purposes

All of these awesome features should make this 10.5-inch long bowie survival knife quite expensive, right? However, it’s totally not. You can get it at the low wholesale rate of $5.99 only. Which is why, you shouldn’t sit there with your mouth wide open and try to buy it already!

3. “First Recon” - MTech Survival Knife with Tanto Blade

3. MTech Survival Knife

Ah! Just look at that mesmerizing black tanto blade. It looks sharp. MTech is famous for making cool pocket knives but with this fixed blade, the manufacturer has shown that it can produce all types of knives that look awesome—without any problem. Equipped with a fine reverse saw blade, you can get this MTech survival knife for the wholesale price of $9.99 only.

We would buy it right away! However, following are all its offered features that you consider before making up your mind:

  • Tactical Fixed Blade Survival Knife
  • “First Recon” along with skull and knives printed across black tanto blade
  • Reverse saw blade on spine
  • Full length is about 12”
  • Black handle with handguard and lanyard
  • Comes with a custom sheath

4. Survivor Tanto Style Survival Hunting Knife

4. Survival Hunting Knife

This is perhaps the cheapest survival knife in our current list. But that doesn’t mean it’s not functional because you can use this one of the tanto style fixed blade knives to cut and saw away on things with ease and almost no effort. Yes! This survivor knife offers a saw blade on its back. While its handle comes wrapped in black cord, long enough to be used as lanyard.

You can get this cheap fixed blade survival knife at lowest wholesale rate of $3.99 only. While it offers various features and add-ons that are listed below:

  • Survival knife with tanto blade
  • 7” total length
  • 3mm thick and 3.5” long black stainless steel blade
  • 3” long handle wrapped in black cord
  • Fire starter kit and nylon sheath included

5. Jungle Master Survival Knife with Black Finish

5. Jungle Master Survival Knife

This blade is one of the best survival knives out there in the market. Jungle Master knife brand has made this blade look really unique by adding a reverse double serration to it along with its already peculiar shape like a stiletto knife, even though when it’s not one. The black finish of the blade only adds to its awesomeness, while its metal handle with stripped grip is completely back as well.

We think you should get this as your next survival knife because it offers:

  • 5.75” black stainless steel blade
  • Overall length measuring 11.25”
  • Double reverse serrated blade on back
  • Black metal handle with stripped grip and lanyard
  • Survival kit and sheath provided with the blade at $7.99 wholesale rate

6. Survivor Big Fixed Blade Survival Bowie Knife

6Survival Bowie Knife

You are observing that a certain knife manufacturer is popping up in the list a lot. Well, it’s not a coincidence because most survivor knives for sale provide all qualities that people expect to find in a best survival knife. Especially this jumbo sized fixed blade that you might be mistaking for a machete, but we think it’s almost as good.

Read its following qualities and then decide whether you should buy it for the cheap wholesale price of $13.99 or not:

  • Jumbo Bowie survival knife with total length of 15”
  • Full tang 3cr13 stainless steel blade measuring 9.5”
  • Pakkawood handle about 5.5” long
  • Nylon sheath included

7. Survivor Camo Fixed Blade with Survival Knife Kit

7.Survivor Survival Knife

Last item on the list of best survival knives 2019 is yet another blade from Survivor brand. They are that good, what can we do? Just look over at its awesome camo design on its blade and handle with stripped grip. Doesn’t it seem like cool knife?

So, you should be trying to get this best fixed blade knife with 9.5” overall length within your grasp. As it has an awesome stainless steel camo blade along with a zinc aluminum handle having the same camo design. It comes with a nylon sheath and survival knife kit that includes:

  • Compass
  • Matches
  • Fishing line

While you can buy this best survival knife at the wholesale rate of $8.79.

With that we have reached the end of today’s blog on the best survival knives for sale in the online market these days. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it and got enough information to buy the perfect survival knife.

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