In the current times, nothing is guaranteed, one such thing is your safety. Considering you are reading this blog, then you must be interested in self defense weapons such as brass knuckles or what many people know as knuckle dusters, thanks to Hollywood movies and TV series.

As you search for weapons to protect yourself, there are tons of choices. However, real brass knuckles are the most effective, given their deadly offense. Firstly, let’s discuss what makes this self defense weapon so dangerous for any opponent (or thug) you might encounter.

  • It is made out of reliable and tough alloys such as Brass and Aluminum etc.
  • Spiked brass knuckles are made with an extra feature that contains spikes at the tip of the knuckles that is obvious from its name.
  • The inward end of the weapon is usually curved in such a way that it protects the palm, and the outer end covers the four fingers that provide extra force to your punch.

By now, you must have gotten some understanding as to why you should be looking for Brass Knuckles for Sale on wholesale prices. But in case, if you are still not convinced that this is the best option for you, then keep reading as we explain the five reasons that make knuckle duster the best self defense weapon.

1. Easily Conceivable

Most individuals might not know, but the best strategy when it comes to defending oneself is to do the unexpected, and so enters the easily conceivable knuckle duster that can be worn readily and used to beat your attacker within few seconds. Once your opponent finds out that you are equipped with such a deadly and dangerous weapon to defend yourself, it will be difficult to stand against you, and it might force the attacker to run away instantly.

2. Low Chances of Giving Fatal Blows

When it comes to stopping your attackers without doing long term damage or giving them fatal blows, there is no better weapon than a pair of brass knuckles. Like guns, knives and daggers might look convenient at first sight, but they come along with a huge risk of injuring the opposing person beyond the point of recovery. It is one of the most obvious reasons that whenever a brawl breaks out somewhere, brass knuckle dusters always make an appearance.

3. Hard to Pry Away

Another excellent reason why anyone who wants to protect themselves should choose this weapon is that it’s not exactly easy to pry away from you. As the weapon allows you to firmly grip it by inserting your fingers into the given positions, it becomes a part of your hand. To put it simply, it cannot be used as a weapon against you as your attacker will have to overpower you first to take it away from you.

4. Cannot Be Used to Threaten You Back

Let’s assume that for some reason, you drop this deadly weapon against a mugger; they will not be able to threaten you because all you have to do is run away from them. However, if you drop a knife or a gun, then the mugger’s reach extends, and that can prove to be lethal for you or any loved one you are accompanying.

5. Can Be Used as an Accessory

Thanks to the entertainment industry, gold brass knuckles have become more of a stylish accessory than a weapon for self defense. Still, it does not mean that it becomes any less destructive when it comes to jabbing an opponent. Therefore, even if you carry them around for the purpose of looking cool, it will be good for you in an off chance a perilous situation does occur, and you have to defend yourself from a random attacker.

The reasons given above are more than enough to motivate anyone to start buying cheap knuckle duster as soon as possible. You have nothing to worry about as a variety of real brass knuckles are available right here on Knife Import. That’s why all you have to do is peruse our online inventory to get high-quality cat brass knuckles at wholesale prices and avoiding the trouble of googling where to purchase them on fetching prices.

Let’s hope that you will make the right choice and buy the best self defense weapon in the market without thinking any further!

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