Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

It’s not easy to find Assisted Opening Knives that are small in size and still have high-quality blades. So for this very reason, we dedicate the current blog to let you all know about some good spring assisted pocket knives for sale in the market. Fair warning, you might want to buy them all!

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Now, you must be waiting for us to get to the main topic. Therefore, without wasting any more time— shall we start?

5 Best Small EDC Assisted Opening Knives

Yes! Let’s have a heart to heart about some of the coolest and most affordable small pocket knives you can find in stores near you and/or online. Knife enthusiasts and users are always up for buying unique blades, and we think our list contains all assisted opening knives for sale that will entice them.

Please let us know if you have more blades that you want to see in our following list of really cool and small spring assisted knives:

1. Tac Force Assisted Opening Knife

Tac-Force Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

We are starting with one of the smallest, coolest, and cheapest blades in our selected knives. Manufactured by Tac Force, you can expect great things from it. As it’s only 4-inches when closed so the total length can measure up to 6.25 inches, which means that it’s the half jagged blade is only 2.25 inches long.

Even its silver aluminum handle exudes brilliance and awesomeness. But wait, there’s more! You also get features like an excellent pocket clip and glass breaker attached to the cool small pocket knife's handle. While there’s a shark teeth reverse blade on its spine, that only makes the EDC knife more and more desirable.

Do you even want to know the price, or are you ready to buy it all cost? We don’t think you have anything to worry about, as the small assisted opening pocket knife will only cost you around $4.50 at wholesale price!

2. MTech Spring Assisted Knife with Bottle Opener

Spring Assisted Knife Black Handle

This plain-looking folding blade is highly recommended for its small size. This MTech pocket knife only measures 5.25” when fully opened.

How is that even possible? But it is!

You see, its 3cr13 stainless steel two-tone blade is just 2 inches long, which makes its anodized aluminum handle super small—measuring around 3.25-inches. If we talk some more about its handle, you will find out that you are getting a small pocket knife with a bottle opener around the pommel and a pocket clip at the back.

While you can buy this tiny drop point folding blade at the wholesale rate of $5.79 only, given its small size and excellent quality blade, we think it’s a great bargain! Don’t you agree?

3. Master USA Carabiner Spring Loaded Pocket Knife

Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Black

This knife brand never disappoints its customer when it comes to providing cheap knives for sale. In case you wanted a blade that costs you nothing but still has cool features, then you must get this EDC pocket knife with an excellent ABS handle, giving it an overall length of 6.75 inches.

The beautiful assisted opening knife has a 2.75-inches long blade made with 3cr13 steel. You can also get it in four different colors, which is a good thing for many enthusiasts. There’s even a carabiner and pocket clip included in its awesome design.

If you plan to get this cool pocket knife, please know that you can only get it for a low wholesale cost of $3.85. Like, is there a cheaper blade around or what?

4. MTech Bottle Opener Spring Assisted Knife

Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Blue

You cannot ask for a better EDC knife than this one—it's small, has a sharp blade, a good spring assisted mechanism for flawless and quick opening, and even a bottle opener handle. This cool knife has all the features you can ask for!

It’s tiny as, once again, MTech gives you a small knife with a bottle opener that is only 5.25-inches in length when the blade is completely out of its handle. This indicates that the 2” stainless steel blade comes with a 3.25” long adonized aluminum handle (in at least 2 different colors).

So, stop looking for other pocket knives for sale and buy this one for just $5.79 at the wholesale price!

5. MTech USA Assisted Opening Knife with Pakkawood Handle

Mtech Knife Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

You need to understand that we keep adding this manufacturer’s products, over and over in our list, only because MTech knives deserve the attention as you are getting yet another small EDC knife that measures up to 6.55” when opened completely.

So, do check out this excellent looking 2.5-inch stainless steel blade with bead blast finish. It can fold into a small size of merely 4,” and so we recommend this cool small pocket knife to everyone. The handle has a pakkawood overlay while it's even tinite coated, which makes it look awesome!

You must get this cool knife if you are into EDC blades with a pakkawood handle and frame lock. While it's available at a wholesale price of $8.43 only, so, take your pick soon enough.

That’s the end of our list of cool and cheap small assisted opening knives that you can use for everyday carry. Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading this blog, and perhaps it will encourage you to keep on visiting our platform for more interesting pieces.

Lastly, we wish you get the best pocket knife for yourself after going through our current blog. Until your next visit—farewell!

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