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We always come to you with new and interesting articles on cool pocket knives. Today will be no different as we are going to show and tell you all about five cool, impressive and effective Elk Ridge Knives for outdoorsmen or hunters.

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A Little Peak into History of Elk Ridge Knives

For experienced hunters and outdoorsmen, this manufacturer’s hunting blades have become a must-have item for their trips into the wild. As elk ridge knives are specifically designed for real adventurers, so it’s a given that it performs well under the harsh conditions out there in the wilderness. No matter if you have elk ridge pocket knives on you or fixed blades, they will never let you down. Because no other hunting tools are as perfect for exploring the unknown in mountainous terrain, forests, and jungles.

Elk Ridge offers different types of cool folding and fixed blade knives, among which we have selected only five fixed blades that are just perfect for any outdoorsman. So, should we take a look?

5 Elk Ridge Fixed Blade Knives for True Outdoorsmen

So, without further ado, let’s jump into the following sea of blades (on second thought: let’s check them out as swimming through blades seems too painful).

1. Elk Ridge (ER 129) Fixed Hunting Blade for Outdoors

Elk Ridge (ER 129)

This blade has topped many lists for being the perfect hunting knife in the previous year. The main reason for its success is that it gives a traditional and classic yet trendy look, all thanks to the wooden handle it comes attached to and the sheath provided with the elk ridge knife.

Basic features:

  • Stainless steel blade
  • Length of 8.66” approximately.
  • V-shaped gut hook best for skinning game and going through deep meat.
  • Lightweight weighing only about 0.25 kg (8.8 oz)


  • Not as expensive in comparison to its various qualities (so very affordable)
  • The fixed blade knife is quite sharp, so no real effort is required to cut through the meat.
  • Comes with a great hook that allows you to carry out various tasks while on a hunting trip
  • Its wooden handle provides you with an enhanced grip for your palms.
  • Excellent quality and highly durable leather sheath


  • Even though it’s good for carrying around, it makes it too small to hunt big game.

2. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Set (with ER 252 Gut Hook Blade)

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife Set ER 252

A 3 piece set of hunting knives by the famous manufacturer we are discussing in this blog. So, you get three different tools a dagger-like blade, a gut hook knife, and a teethed saw, with good quality handles made out of hard, durable plastic. The holster or pouch that comes with it allows you to carry the cheap knives set with extreme ease.


  • 3-piece hunting knife set
  • 7” dagger knife
  • 9” gut hook blade
  • 8.25” Saw
  • Blades of stainless steel
  • Comes with Nylon Pouch


  • Affordable cheap knives hunting set with three tools for multi-purposes
  • Efficient blades that help you reduce your workload while preparing a game for meals or storing
  • The ergonomic handle on the Saw allows smooth cutting.
  • All you need for your hunting trip—no more blades are required if you have this knife set.


  • Teeth of the Saw will be rendered useless in no time (if used on hard surfaces repeatedly)
  • Small tools for hunting bigger game

3. Elk Ridge (ER 054) Twin Hunting Knife

Elk Ridge (ER 054)

As mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, it’s best to take a pair of fixed blade and spring assisted knives on hunting trips. So, for that very reason, these twin hunting blades are just right! The beautiful blades have the following features:

  • One is a fixed blade with a gut hook (V-shaped) measuring 8.66” in length.
  • Other is a folding knife with a length of 5.11.”
  • Both are made of 440 stainless steel.
  • The thickness of the fixed blade (4 mm) while the folding pocket knife has a thickness of (3mm)


  • Saves you money as you can buy two cool knives for a lower price
  • It has strong, sturdy blades that are sharp and strong, allowing you to cut meat effortlessly.
  • The blades are beautiful, so that they will make an excellent novelty gift for hunters and outdoorsmen.


  • The hunting knives themselves are perfect; it’s just the sheath that does not fit well because its belt for attachment is too big.

4. Elk Ridge (ER 059) Hunting Knife Series

Elk Ridge Knife (ER 059)

One of the most beautiful blades in today’s list, which looks like a work of art due to its wooden maple handle with a lanyard end and beautiful finish. It comes with a brown leather sheath that only adds to its beauty.

Blade Features:

  • 420 stainless steel blade
  • Light as a feather, for it, weighs just 0.017 kg (or 0.6 Oz)
  • 2.75” blade with a total length of 7.”


  • Extremely lightweight so that this elk ridge knife is quite well balanced
  • A sharp blade helps you skin animals easily and quickly.
  • Total work of art as the manufacturer crafts the blade beautifully.
  • The sheath makes it safe for you to carry the blade around comfortably.


  • Too beautiful to take your eyes away from it!

5. Elk Ridge Hunting Knife (2-Piece Set with ABS Handles)

Elk Ridge Hunting Knife (2-Piece Set)

Last but not least, these two cool and effective hunting knives are a great choice to add to your hunting tools kit while packing for an outdoor adventure. The cool knives have green ABS synthetic polymer handles that give you an excellent grip even if your hands are wet and slimy.

Awesome Features:

  • A 6.5” gut hook knife with a finger hole for perfect control
  • Another 7” fixed blade knife for skinning
  • Dual black nylon case
  • Set of stainless steel knives


  • Elk Ridge skinning knife is sharp and performs well for its purpose.
  • Controlling the blade with a finger hole becomes ever easy.
  • Perfect grip so you do not have to fear slipping them out of your hands even when they are wet.
  • Safe to carry due to its great quality nylon case


  • The hook blade has a smaller handle than required for better use.

Final Words!

Coming towards the end of today’s article, we want to say that above we have listed the top 5 wholesale elk ridge knives available in markets near you. You can now use this knowledge to add new blades to your hunting kit or buy elk ridge knives for a friend of yours who is a true outdoorsman and will love to have one or more of these quality wholesale knives.

For more informational blogs, could you keep visiting our website regularly? Thank you!

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