In some part of your life, you might have come across a situation when you were entangled in a life threatening situation but due to unapproachable self defense weapons, things went really wrong and the only thing that saved you was “luck”. But why do you take risk of putting yourself in such dangerous situations?

Well, there is a smart solution to tackle any such situation. Self defense keychain is one of the best and cheap self defense tools which you can carry all the time and can use in any kind of dangerous situation. Now, you would be wondering that what is self defense keychain?

Self defense keychains consist of small covert weapons that are tiny enough to become part of a keychain. They look like pretty decoration but they are actually the smartly designed weapons. Self-defense key chains are very useful in dangerous circumstances when taking a quick action against any one. With the best self defense weapon attached to a keychain, you can easily save yourself by attacking the opponent right at the exact moment. Either the weapon is attached to the car keys or your home keys, in both cases, it’s equally useful.

To have such important self defense weapons, you must have a know how about some best self defense keychains which are mentioned below:

Cat Self Defense Keychain

Are you fond of small cute stuff that clings to your bag or keychain? If you do so, then cat self defense keychain is perfect for you. A cute little cat is made in such a way that its ears can be used as a self defense weapon. Its ears’ tips are sharp edged that give a painful punch to the person who tries to cause you to harm in any way. The cat’s eyes have such big holes to be enough spatial that you can enter your fingers, firmer the grip and then retaliate against the attacker.

This keychain is approximately 3.14-inch in size. Its stainless aluminum finished is surely a reliable material. It also comes with a key ring for attaching your keys within. When you would know that you are safe with this brass knuckle keychain, you will automatically be at mental peace!

Ninja Keychain Kubotan

Now let’s talk about some really efficient and clever stuff. As vast individuality is important, so does the usage of the self defense weapons. Many people come across threatening situations where just distracting the opponent is not the solution, instead, the attacker must be disarmed properly or maimed. This ninja keychain kubotan is the best self defense weapon one can be equipped with. Length about 6-inch, this keychain is made with heavy metal. Not only the tip is pointed but also it has 2 spikes at the side and a key ring attached for keys.

Black Kubotan with Key Ring

This kubotan is a different one but extremely effective and painful for the attacker too! Black kubotan with key ring is straight from the front (means no sharp tipped). The self defense keychain is constructed with black aluminum. The kubotan is very handy for the user, as well as extremely durable. It’s even safe to keep in your bag or pocket as no sharp edges are carved. Not much of a big weapon to handle, just 5.5 inched. It also includes a key ring with it, once you know how to use this self defense weapon, you will always be at ease in public or whenever you alone.

Bullet Design Folding Knife with Key Chain

For the lovers of the class who are extremely keen on their safety, Knife Import offers one of the best keychain with bullet design folding knife. A small 1.7-inch blade is encapsulated in a bullet shaped holder. The exterior of the bullet is so prettily designed that nobody would guess about the deadly weapon inside. It’s all over constructed with stainless steel - the blade as well as the body of the bullet, making it very durable. It does not only serve as the best self defense weapon but is also good for cutting ropes, plastic and other things of a similar nature.

Master USA 7 Inch Overall Kubaton with Stain Blade

As kubatons are extremely useful self defense weapons. This fine weapon comes with an exception, that is the engraved blade on its tip. The kubaton is made up with stainless steel for durability. As soon as you disclose its tip, a sharp stainless steel blade will be exposed. Now going out alone even at night won’t be dangerous. You can attack the assailant with this smart keychain weapon without any hindrance. The overall length of this weapon is 7-inch. It includes a key ring to attach the keys within. This keychain is safe to carry in the purse or pocket as long as the tip stays closed, only open when needed!

Why are you worried about dangerous circumstances when you are equipped with one of the best keychains above? The self defense keychains vary in designs, shapes, and sizes to match your taste accordingly. Cool designs for young adults and teenagers, sober and classic designs for adults, seems like Knife Import have got everyone’s safety covered! Here, you can buy different kinds of self defense weapons at cheap prices, as we are the wholesale distributors of self defense products. You can get additional discounts if you buy these products in bulk. This also provides you the best money making opportunity that you can buy things at cheap wholesale price and sell them out at higher rates. So, don’t waste your time and place the order for your best self defense weapon.

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