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You know we always keep coming up with new blogs on cool swords and knives so that you can get the best bladed products from the market. This blog is going to be no exception because today, we plan to talk about a few Japanese Swords for Sale available on the internet. So, get ready to observe some of the coolest cheap swords you will ever lay your eye upon.

Even though we want to show you all the cool swords for sale right away, but we think it’s only appropriate to do that after telling you how you can buy the best decorative and real swords through Knife Import at extremely low rates. All you have to do is peruse our inventory of wholesale swords after which choose whichever item you like the best and place your order to get it at your given address within the next 24 hours. Simple, isn’t it?

Check Out the Best Swords for Sale Online

You might be wondering, “When are we going to list the top Japanese swords?”

Well don’t you worry, because we are starting right away with some of the best, coolest yet cheapest swords for sale available in stores online:

1. Ten Ryu Real Samurai Katana Sword (42-inch)

Steel Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

We guarantee that you haven’t seen such a beautiful real katana sword given away at such a low wholesale price. Why do we keep saying it’s a real sword? Because its blade is forged from carbon steel and thus with a little sharpening and some maintenance, it’s always battle-ready. Do you feel like buying it already? Why not read its full features first? They are as follows:

  • Overall length 42.”
  • Real handmade sword
  • 30” 1045 carbon steel blade
  • 7mm thick blade with blood groove
  • Comes sharpened and battle-ready
  • 12” handle wrapped with white cord
  • Wooden scabbard (painted in black color)
  • Artificial ray skin wrapping on the handle

Can you imagine how cheap this sword is? It’s only being offered at $31.49!

2. Ten Ryu Handmade Katana Samurai Sword (42-inch)

Carbon Steel Handmade Samurai Katana Sword

Once again, the real sword manufacturer makes an appearance in our list and with yet another cool samurai sword for sale at a really low price. It doesn’t differ much from its last product we talked about previously. However, most of its exterior is black and makes it look fantastic to any enthusiast. Its qualities are listed below:

  • Handmade authentic sword
  • Total length measures up to 42.”
  • 4mm thick blade (most significant difference from last product)
  • 30” sharpened blade, with blood groove, made out of 1045 carbon steel
  • Black cord-wrapped handle measuring 12” with artificial ray skin
  • Wood holder in black color included with the katana sword for sale

You will not believe that this beautiful piece of art is available for just $29.99 at Knife Import!

3. Samurai Sword Set with Red Cord Handle and Stylish Scabbards

Samurai Sword Set White Designs Scabbard

Even though all the blades in this sword set are made from carbon steel, but they have been left with dull edges. So they make the best decorative sword set as they have beautiful designs on their white scabbard and eye-grabbing red cord-wrapped handles. Are you ready to know more about them? Here we go:

  • 40” long sword
  • 31.5” wakizashi
  • 21.5” tanto blade
  • Dull edged blades
  • Handle with the red cord wrapped around it and zinc alloy fittings
  • Beautiful white scabbards with random black designs
  • Wood stand included

Try making a guess how much all these samurai swords for sale cost? Only $29.99! Yes, that’s three different blades for the price of one cheap samurai sword!

4. Samurai Champloo Sword (Full Tang Anime Fantasy Katana)

Samurai Champloo Full Tang Anime Manga Katana

If you are an enthusiast of both anime and samurai katana swords, then this is the blade for you. It is the replica sword of character Mugen, one of the main protagonists of the anime Samurai Champloo. If you want to buy this anime sword, then you will avail the following features:

  • Mugen’s typhoon swell sword
  • Blade length measures 29.”
  • While full length is about 42.”
  • Made using Stainless steel (make it a decorative sword)
  • Creme color cord wrapped handle.
  • Hardwood scabbard with the exact design
  • Identical sword bag also included

How much do you think all of this will take out of your bank? Care to make a guess! Well, the decorative anime sword is being sold at only $24.99!

5. Dragon Samurai Katana Sword with Pair of Throwing Knives

Dragon Samurai Katana Sword

Wondering why did this blade make a place in our list of cool and cheap swords for sale? The reason is quite simple. It was added because it’s being sold along with two cool throwing knives. Even though the Japanese sword is more than capable of winning the hearts of enthusiasts all by itself, it’s still being given away with two throwing knives that are attached or placed in its nice-looking scabbard. To know more read all its qualities that are given below:

  • Dragon sword design (on the scabbard, hilt, and pommel)
  • 43” full-length katana sword
  • Stainless steel blade (not for battle or fighting)
  • Includes 2 throwing knives placed or attached with scabbard

Can you venture a guess for its price? We don’t think you will get it right, but still, make one! This samurai sword with a pair of knives is available for sale at only $22.99 on Knife Import. So how close was your guess? Did you get it, right?

It doesn’t matter if you were able to guess the correct prices of these cool swords or not. Because you can still get them at their low prices even sometime after you are done reading this blog, and all the other interesting blogs on cool swords for sale we have posted on our platform.

Finally, we hope you will keep visiting Knife Import in the future as well. If you want to give your suggestions about this blog, then reach us anytime. We assure you that we will be back with another amazing piece of the article soon—until then—we wish you the very best!

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