best EDC Spring Assisted Knives

It’s never easy to carry around sheath blades, not even Pocket Knives, when they are too big to fit in your pockets. What can you do in such a situation? Most probably look for everyday carry knives that can help you anytime. To provide a good answer to all the people searching for the best EDC spring assisted knives, we decided to write today’s blog.

We are going to mention the top 5 blades that you can carry every day. Just make sure you read the piece until the end so that you can walk away with some good Spring Assisted Knives up for sale in the market right now.

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5 Spring Assisted Knives for Everyday Carry

You must be wondering, “How did we pick out the blades for our list?” Well, there’s no secret to it. We chose all the EDC pocket knives that had:

  • Assisted opening mechanisms
  • Low prices
  • Cool aesthetics

So, you ready to read about some really cool spring assisted pocket knives? Because we are starting right away:

1. Master USA Best Spring Assisted EDC Knife

Best EDC Knife Spring Assisted Knife Black Stainless Steel Plain Blade

What can we say about this blade? There’s nothing but the facts, which tell us that this is a perfect assisted opening pocket knife for everyday carry. Because:

  • Its opening mechanism works great.
  • It’s cheap (it only costs you $3.47 at wholesale price).
  • Plain and really cool looking black blade and abs handle.

We know you will also fall in love with this spring assisted knife in no time. As it offers you a good and strong clip point stainless steel blade measuring 3.25”. While its injection-molded abs handle is 4.25” long. Giving you a cool pocket knife with an overall length of 7.5”.

So why don’t you try buying one of the coolest and cheapest everyday carry spring assisted knives for sale right now? Please don’t deny it; we know you want to!

2. Tac Force EDC Spring Assisted Pocket Knife

EDC Pocket Knife For Sale Spring Assisted Knife Black Blue Handle

You want to carry a blade but with style? Then look no more as you are looking for assisted opening knives by Tac-Force, especially this particular one we have picked for our list. It would help if you went for this blade as it is a/an:

  • Great spring loaded knife
  • Affordable blade with a wholesale price of $6.85
  • Cool looking tactical knife with a two-toned handle

Even though it’s about 8.5” in total length, still it’s very easy to carry around. While you also get a fine blade measuring around 3.5”, making its two-toned anodized aluminum handle a total of 5” long. It offers a lot to be not included in the list of best spring assisted knives for everyday carry, don’t you agree?

3. MTech Spring Loaded Knife with Bottle Opener and Carabiner

Spring Assisted EDC Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Carabiner Blue

As you can already notice in its given image, the blade comes with several utilities such as a bottle opener and carabiner hook. That clearly deems this MTech pocket knife worthy of gaining a spot in today’s list. As it offers:

  • A nicely functioning assisted opening mechanism.
  • All its cool features at the lowest wholesale rate of $6.95 only.
  • Awesome aesthetics, along with many added features.

We recommend these convenient and useful spring assisted knives to everyone who needs a good blade for everyday tasks. Because the cool knife is only 7” long when fully opened, it has a 3” stainless steel blade and a 4” two-toned anodized aluminum handle. So, get one of these cool EDC spring assisted knives as soon as possible!

4. Tac Force Assisted Opening Pocket Knife with Wharncliffe Blade

EDC Pocket Knife Spring Assisted Opening Knife Black Gray Handle

Not many EDC knives out there offer you a Wharncliffe blade. But this one does! So, you must definitely check out this unique assisted opening pocket knife because it has:

  • A good spring loaded Wharncliffe blade.
  • A cheap price of $7.16 when bought at the wholesale rate.
  • Extremely cool looking blade design and exterior.

This is definitely one of the best quality knives available at such a low cost. Because it provides you a strong blade with a cool Wharncliffe design measuring 3.35” in length. While its two-toned aluminum handle is around 4.5” long. So, you should try to get your hands on as many of these spring assisted knives as you possibly can!

5. MTech EDC Spring Assisted Pocket Knife with Bottle Opener

Mtech Bottle Opener Handle Spring Assisted Pocket Knife Black

We think this last blade needs to be included because it’s:

  • Quite small in size.
  • Very cheap and affordable.
  • A cool EDC knife.

Its total length only reaches 5.25”. Because with its 2” stainless steel blade and 3” handle, it offers you a bottle opener and an extended pommel that can be inserted into a keyring. So, don’t think for too long and but it already if you need a functional but small spring assisted pocket knife for everyday carry.

Lastly, we want you to know that we could have added a few more cool knives to the list. But we knew that you would have a lot of trouble picking one assisted opening knife from these five choices. Adding more options will only make it harder for you to decide which spring assisted knives or knife you want to buy for your collection.

We hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog. If you want, you can check out our large inventory of cheap wholesale knives to pick a new blade for your everyday needs. At the same time, you can keep frequenting because new blogs and cool knives for sale are presented on the platform regularly.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, goodbye!

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