Survival Knife for Sale

Planning to spend some time in the wilderness? If yes, a survival knife is one of the most essential tools that you should carry when you go for an outdoor activity such as hunting, hiking, or camping, etc. Having a knife is vital since it can be used in countless ways. For instance, you can it for preparing meals, cutting materials for your shelter, or even for your protection. In this article, we are going to discuss the 4 key purposes you can use survival knives for. So, continue reading this!

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Defining the Survival Knives

The survival knife is the best considered your partner who accompanies you wherever you go or whatever you do. It is the most important survival tool you must have to perform whatever survival task there is. Though you can especially rely on this knife cutting stone or bone materials, it’s nothing compared to the durability, usefulness, and versatility of the fixed blade survival knives.

With these knives, you become able to do so many things during your outdoor trip. Typically, survival knives have that power to force things. But, the problem is that not each knife is manufactured to perform well in all typical survival situations. Before buying one, you need to know about their features first. Understand the specifications that make a great knife for survival. In that way, you will be able to find the one that is suitable for your survival needs. Prefer to choose the one that is high in quality, dependable, durable, and that has a high level of utility.

What to Have in a Survival Knife?

If you are thinking of buying a survival knife, the most important thing to look for is what to choose. Simply go for the one that best suits your preferences. It must be something that brings comfort and convenience for you whenever you use it during your outdoor activities.

Besides this, there are three main things that make survival knives perfect. This is why you should know about them.

• Fixed blade

Even though there are so many new folding knife designs in markets nowadays typically created for survival purposes, the fixed blade knives remain to be the ideal knife that can perform its functions with strength and reliability. Such kinds of survival knives are a much better tool than a folding knife for cutting and chopping.

• Full Tang

This is the thing that describes the real power of the survival knives. The tang means the extension of the blade (also called the knife handle) that is covered with some material so that the user can hold it with comfort. Today, many good survival knives have an exposed tang at the end of the knife for hammering.

• Good Steel

Keep in mind that not all steel materials are composed of same process and this is what makes the knives cheap and good. It matters because the steel quality has an impact on the blade's strength and robustness.

Nowadays, stainless steel material is widely used in the composition of survival knives. It is very hard, keeps an excellent edge, and lasts a lifetime. In addition, you should know that stainless steel knives are quite expensive than others. Well, you can try to find the cheap knives for sale online to avail of a discount.

The Best 4 Uses of a Survival Knife

After knowing the best features of these knives, it’s time to get to know where and how you can use them for your survival. One point to note that proper training is a must when it comes to using a survival knife. So, it is advised you should pick up a knife with the kit while buying the one. The survival knife kit will guide you on how to use it correctly and safely.

Now, let’s have a look at the best 4 Uses of these cool knives!

1. Hunting

Survival knives can be used for hunting because of their effective razor-sharp fixed blades. You can use them in order to create hunting weapons such as arrows, spears, or even fish hooks to catch fish with.

By making snares or traps with the help of a fixed blade knife, you can easily capture your food. And of course, you want to have a knife to skin and clean your catch in order to prepare it for eating.

Further, if you are not so good at hunting, you can use your knife to gather edible plants.

2. Self Defense

The fixed blade survival knives are perfect to carry for self-defense whether you go hunting, hiking, or even for any other outdoor activity. For instance, if you are hunting, with these knives, you can create traps or weapons that help keep distance between you and whatever is striving to put hunting on you.

And don’t forget that a survival knife can cause some damage to its user. Therefore, training is as important as ever when it comes to using a knife in self defense.

3. Build a Fire

If you are fond of hunting, you should be able to create fire on your own because you need to cook the animal or fish you bravely hunted. You can use your fixed blade survival knife to cut branches for firewood or to gather kindling or make shavings to use as firewood.

4. Construct a Shelter

If you go for an outdoor, constructing a shelter is also essential for so many reasons. A unique shelter can give you protection from unwanted guests, thefts, or lethal animals, etc. Having one of the best survival knives with you, you can make this process much easier as you need to cut the rope, branches, and any other materials to build a survival shelter.

How Do You Take Care of a Survival Knife?

Although survival knives are stronger and durable, they need some care to last a long time. Below are a few tips to follow, which will help make sure that your knife will have a prolonged life:

  • Use your knife continuously- Don't misuse it!
  • Keep your knife clean and dry- The entire knife, including the blade, handle, and case.
  • Put some oil on your knife to keep it rust-free.
  • Keep your knife’s blade sharp to get effective results.


As long as a survival knife can be used for the above needs, it is a must-have for outdoorsmen. Hence, if you are interested in getting one, you should consider the above-mentioned things. Such as, simply look at its key features and pick up the best fixed blade survival knife. Try to find out cheap knives to save more! And last but not least, when you have the one, keep it clean and sharp enough to meet your needs.

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